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Once you've been playing Shadowdale for a while it can't escape your notice that it's a pretty big place. After a short while of playing the original Shadowdale I started to make maps of the MUD so that I could remember where I'd been. I put these on the web and found that there were a great number of other people that found them useful too.

  Zones that have been mapped

As I map new areas I'll add links to them here, I'll also add a note in my Shadowdale diary to say what I've added so you might want to check back there every now and again. The maps below are grouped into one of six groups: Home Towns, Connecting Areas, Newbie and Chump Zones, Medium and Expert Zones, Adept Zones, and Zones for all. Druids can use their tree walking spell to jump from zone to zone if they know the tree names of the trees in those zones.

Home Towns
Home towns are safe havens the races that start there. All have an inn to rent out in and usually have a safe room where you can rest if being chased by a tracking mob.

Connecting Areas
Connecting areas do what their name suggests: They connect Shadowdale together. Whilst most are safe for even the weakest of Newbies some contain Expert level monsters. Beware. Newbie and Chump Zones
All these zones are aimed at lower level characters. I'd read the notes on each before going there. Tougher newbies (well equipped half-giants) may want to start out on the zones for Chumps. Medium and Expert Zones
These levels differ the most in difficulty level. Some are easy enough to be completed by a level 21 player on their own, whilst some may need a group of Experts. Use 'help zones' to get an idea and read the notes before setting out. Adept Zones
Whilst the hardest zones on the MUD, some may be completed and cleared out by groups of experienced Experts. Some require a group of well equipped Adepts. Don't mess around in here. Zones with content for all levels
Generally these levels have some content for Newbies but as you explore the zone the mobs get tougher and tougher. Be careful running around in here as a level 10 player could end up facing a level 50 mob!

I'll be happy to add ZMud maps as I did before but I don't have any, nor do I have the time to make ZMud maps at the same time as the ASCII ones. If anyone wants to volunteer I'll be very grateful.

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