The Tunnels under Shadowdale

The Tunnels are a low-level zone, designed for Newbies. They';re mainly very easy with a few mobs to keep you on your toes. The Sea Hags and Basilisks should be fairly easy but be careful of the Red Dragon in the Dragon's lair (Dl) he's the weakest dragon I've found in Shdaowdale but will still kill you if you're not careful!

You enter The Tunnels at the Cave Entrance (Ce) and can leave them by going up back to the Sewers.

Secret Passage Room (Sp) mentions an exit down when there isn't one. West from the Glittering room takes you to the Stair-room (Sa) but you may not move east to go back. Finally to open the door north from the Blind End Room (Be) use 'open sun' and to open the door east of The Circular Hall (Ch) use 'open green'.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 4e;open grate;2ded3wd.

  Map of the Tunnels

             |           | 
             Da Lr-Ch-Dt-Cr-Wt-Br
             |  |        |     |                 
             El-Nt       Lr----Dl                    
             |  |                          
          Nw-No Sl-Sl-Et-Ca-Tc-Tp                  
          |  |  |  |     |  |  |            
          Sw-So Le-Sl Tr Ct Lt Sk                
          |        |  |  |^ |  |             
          Sm       St-Be Ce Tu-Mh                 
          |        |        |               
          Ne-Po    Sc----Sr-Hr
          |  |     |

  Key to the Map of the Tunnels

Be- The bline end room Br- The burned room
Ca- Cave room Ce- Cave Entrance
Ch- The Circular hall Cr- The crossing
Ct- Cave tunnel Da- Dark Tunnel
Dl- Dragons lair Dt- Dusty tunnel
El- Entracen to lair Et- East tunnel
Gl- The glittering room Hr- The hot room
Le- The lair end Lr- The L-shaped room
Lt- The long tunnel Mu- The mud hole
Ne- The northern end of the pool No- North-eastern part of a basilisks cave
Nt- North tunnel Nw- North-western part of a basilisks cave
Po- The pool Sa- Stair-room
Sc- The stalagmite cave Se- The southern end of the pool
Sg- The Spongy Room Sk- The secret room
Sl- The square lair So- South-eastern part of a basilisks cave
Sm- The small cave Sp- The secret passage room
Sr- The small room St- The stalagmite T-cross
Sw- South-western part of a basilisks cave Tc- Cave T-cross
Tn- The Stalagmite tunnel Tp- The Cave turning-point
Tr- The treasure room Tu- Tunnel
Wt- The wind tunnel

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