Spiderhaunt Forest

Spider haunt is a nice quite area - but only if you want it to be *grin*. There are wolves and goblins which the lower level characters should have no problem dealing with. There are also the Ringwraiths. I wouldn't attack these unless you're sure of keeping them bashed as they can drain your levels. If you wander into The WEB! (Wb) visible and a low level character, be wary of the aggresive, large spider that will attack and poison you.

The map of the goblin village was completed by Lyca. As far as I can tell, it's not too hard an area, but lower levels will have problems with some of the harder mobs. There is a locked door between the Cul-de-sac (Cu) and the Shack entryway (Se).

You'll also find the Archer wandering aronud this area. If you have some money, are over level 20 and have a spare study session or two it's well worth learning how to 'spot', a skill that tells you what mobs are in surreounding rooms.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 6sw.

  Map of Spiderhaunt Forest

                 Se Ig
                 |  |
                    |  |
                    Ib |
                       |  |
                       Cl Wo
                    En-Gv-Ns              /-Ne-\
                    |  |  |              |  |  |
                    Is Bt Is             We-Cc-Ea
                       |                 |  |  |
                    Ss-Gv                Ta-Sp-Ta
                       |                    |
                       Sn                   So
                       |                    |
                       Mt                   Tw
                       |                    |
Desertsmouth Foothills-Wp-Tt Sh-Da-Dt Cs-Si Sw       
                          |     |        |  |        
                          Wi----Si-------Ot-St-Ds-Es-Village of Shadowdale
                          |     |        |           
           Bandits Campsite  Rc-Da    Wb Rb
                             |       /

  Key to the map of Spiderhaunt Forest

Af- Around the fallen tree As- Around the Shack
Bt- Between two shacks Br- Bedroom
Cc- Centre of Clearing Cl- Clump of shacks
Cs- Camp site Cu- Culdesac
Da- Dark trail Dc- Dark Clearing
Dp- A Dark Path Ds- Darkening Spider Haunt Woods
Dt- Dead tree Ea- East end of the mess hall
Ee- Eastern edge of the clearing Em- End of the mess hall
En- Entrance to a shack Es- Edge of the spiderhaunt Forest
Ew- Entrance to webs Gf- Goblin Forge
Gv- Goblin Village Ib- Inside the bunker shack
Ig- Inside the General's shack Ir- Inside a Red Colored Shack
Is- Inside the shack La- Lane
Ms- More Shacks Mt- More Trash
Ne- Northern edge of the clearing Nf- Near a large forge
No- Northside Ns- Near a shack
Ot- On the trail in Spider Haunt Rb- Recent battle
Sb- Supply building Sc- Small campsite
Se- Shack entryway Sh- Smelly hole
Si- Spider Haunt Sn- Sentry Post
So- South of the clearing Sp- South part of the clearing
Sq- Servant quarters Ss- Storage Shack
St- Spider Haunt Trail Sw- Spider Haunt Woods
Ta- Trail around the edge Tc- Towards the centre
Tp- Twist in the path Tr- Throne room
Tt- Twisting trail Tw- Thinning woods
Wb- The WEB! We- Western egde of the clearing
Wi- Wider trail Wo- Wood Pile
Wp- Winding path Wt- Webby trees

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