Kyrkwell Mansion - Ground Floor

This map was sent to me by KhazModan. Cheers Khaz.
The mansion was designed for lower level players, the biggest thing I found was a 40k kill so I'd not get too involved until you're almost a Chump. There are plenty of easier kills that a Newbie could handle, I'd just be very careful. You can travel from a Path in the Maze (Pm) to An East-West going Path (Ew) but not back again, going east just brings you out in Ew again. You can travel east from the Crossing Paths (Cp) and you'll come out at the Narrow Path (Np). You need to be able to tree walk to go up from By the Eldar Bush (Be). Oh, and look out for the robed men - they steal your gold.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 15e5s3eses2es2e.

  Map of the ground floor of Kyrkwell Mansion

                                       Down to inside the oak
                     |                    |  |
                     Fn                   Bd Se
                     |                    |            ^
                     Fl    Li-Bf          Nf-By Bp-Ew-Be Sc-Np-Ce
                     |     |              |  |  |        | /
Plains of Shadowdale Hd    Nh-Bl-Di-Ki    Ar-Ab Pm-At-Ba-Cp    De
               |     |     |        |     |  |     |           |
               Mi-Lg-Bs-St-Ha-Bt    Sq    Mr-Nh-Me-Tc Pm-Nc    Np
                     |     |    \         |  |     |  |        |
                     |     |  Top floor   Nk-So De Bp-Cp-Ew-Pm-Tc
                     |     |                    |     |        |
                     Fg    Sh-Lr-Lh-Lh-Eh-Ms    Bm-Pm Sf-Bu-Ac-Bp
                     |     |              /     |  |     |  |
                     Ut Dr-Sm Below the mansion Ns Bb Pm-Sc Bp-Ph
                     |                          |     |        |
                     Sw                         Si-Lb-Tc-Hh-Ss Td

  Key to the map of the Mansion

Ab- At The Birdshower Ac- Ash Crossing
Ar- Among The Roses At- Another T Crossing
Ba- Boring Path Bb- The Strange Bush
Bd- Back Door Be- By The Elder Bush
Bf- By The Fire Bl- Brightly Lit Hallway
By- By The Flagpole Bp- Bend In Path
Bs- By the Stairs Bt- Bottom Of The Stairs
Bu- By The Sundial Ce- Corner Dead End
Cp- Crossing Paths De- Dead End
Di- Dining Room Dm- Deep In The Maze
Dr- Display Room Eh- End Of Hallway
Ew- An East-West Going Path Fg- Front Garden
Fl- Front Lawn Fn- Front Lawn Near Corner
Gp- Garden Path Ha- Hall
Hh- Hole In The Edge Ho- Hollow Oak
Ih- Inside the Hollow Oak Is- Inside A Wood Shack
Ki- Kitchen Lb- Little Bridge
Lg- Large Gate Lh- Long Hallway
Li- Library Lr- Living Room
Me- Maze Entrance Mi- Misty Road
Mr- More Roses Nc- Near The Center Of The Maze
Nd- Near Front Door Ne- Northeast Corner Of Garden
Nf- Near Flagpole Nh- Northern Hall
Nk- Near The Kennel Nm- Near The Maze
No- Near Large Oak Np- Narrow Path
Ns- A North-South Going Path Nt- Northwest Corner of the Garden
Ph- Path In The Hill Pm- Path In The Maze
Sc- A Sharpe Curve In The Path Se- South End Of Woodshed
Sf- Soft Curve In Path Sh- Southern Hall
Si- Small Island Sm- Small Museum
So- Southeast Corner Of Garden Sp- Small Pond
Sq- Servants Quarter Ss- Small Square
St- Stairs Sw- South West Corner Of The Garden
Tc- T Crossing Td- Bush Tigers Den
Ub- Under The Belcony Ut- Under The Apple Tree
Uw- Under The Window

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