Way of the Manticore

The Way of the Manticore is part of a larger connecting area that includes the Moonsea Ride, Ancient Road, the Thunderpeaks and other areas I've mapped. The join together all the interesting parts of Shadowdale in a way that represents the Forgotten Realms more accurately than in previous versions of Shadowdale.

Like many of those areas this one is safe for all but the most inept Newbie.

  Map of the Way of the Manticore

                                     Nv-------Ds-Lake Yeven
                                     |        |
                                     |        Dp
                                     |        |
                                     Br    Dk-Dp 
                                     |     | 
                                     Br-Br-+-----Br----Br                   Wm-Wm-Wm-Wm-Wm-Wm
                                           |           |                    |              |
                           Thunderpeaks Dp-Dp          Br-Br-Br-Br-Br    Wm-Wm             Wm-Selgaunt
                                     |  |                          |     |
Moonsea Ride-Wm-Wm-Wm-Wm-Sw-Wm-Wm-Wm-Wm-Wm-Wm-Wm-Wm-Wm-Gh-Wm-Wm-Wm-Wm-Wm-Wm

  Key to the map of the Way of the Manticore

Br- belduuk Road Dk- the Dawnpost by Kulta
Dp- The Dawnpost Ds- the Dawnpost by Saerb
Gh- the Gates of Huddagh Nv- near the Village of Saerb
Sd- Shalaa Road by Daerlun Sh- Shalass Road
Sw- The South Gate of Wheloon Wm- Way of the Manticore

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