The River Chionthar and the Reaching Woods

The Chionthar and Reaching Woods are on the edges of civilisation. Wander far from these trails and you'll find yourself at the mercy of high-level beasts and monsters, eager to skin all but the most hardy alive.

The area is mostly safe, as you head to the north the area gets less safe. The Fields of the Dead, as you'd expect, contain an aggressive ghost but the most dangerous part of this area are the Wyrms. There are Huge or Large Wyrms in the Disappearing Grove (Dg), inSlipper Gulch (Sg) and as you enter Javyen from the north. I mapped the area with Stibbons, and was invisible, but didn't stick around to see if they would breathe on me or if they could see invisible. Let caution be your watchword.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 4s2wn4w4n2w3s8wswnwn3wn2ws2ws3w3nw5n2wn7w2nwsws3w2s 2e. You must be flying to use this route.

  Map of the River Chionthar and the Reaching Woods

                                     The Spires of Sorcery
                                 Sg          Dg                 
                                 |           |               
                     The Marshes-Rf-Rf    Df-Rg-Rg                    
                                 |  |     |     |              
                 Mists of Nartok-Ww Sh-Sh-Sh    Rg            
                                 |     |        |         
                                 Ob-Ob-Sh    Ft-Sl-Ft         
                                    |        |                
                                 Jayven      Da               
                           All that Glitters-Op
                                 Ed-Jayven   |                         
                                 |           |                  
                  Fd-Fd    Ef-Fi    Fl              
                     |        |     |              
                     Fd-Fd    Fl-Fg-Fi                
                        |     |     |              
                        Fd Fi-Fi-Ob Br-Fi-Fi-Land of the Hill People        
                        |  |     |v |                           
                        Fd-Fd-Fd-Fi-Bo                      Rw   
                           |                                |   
                        Ne-Nb-Sf                         Rw-Rw-Sunset Mtns
                        |     |                          |  |   
                     Rc-Rc    Cb-Nd-Ws-Ce-Rc-Rc-Oc    Rw-Cs-Sp   
                     |                          |     |  |      
 Sea of Swords-Bg-Rc-Bc                         Rc    Rw-Eg      
                                                |     |        
                                                   |  |         
                                                      Gf Fh        
                                                      |  |        
                                                      |  |  |    
                                                      |  |  |    
                                                         |  |    
                                             Tethir Forest  Ss   

  Key to the Map of the River and the Woods

Bc- A Bend in the Chionthar Bg- The Chionthar near Baldur's Gate
Bo- Small Bones Br- Break in the Fields of the Dead
Bs- By a small pond Cb- The Chionthar Between the Dead and the Teeth
Ce- The Chionthar Near Elturel Ci- The Chionthar at Iriaebor
Cn- The Chionthar Near the Reaching Woods Cs- A Circle of Stones
Da- Dank Trail Df- Deeper into the Forest of Wyrms
Dg- Disappearing Grove Eb- Eastern Bank by the Reaching Woods
Ed- Edge of the Fields Ef- Entering the Fields
Eg- The Elm Grove Fd- The Fields of the Dead
Fg- The Fields of Gold Fh- A small farm house
Fi- Fields of the Dead Fl- Fields
Ft- Foreboding Trail Gr- Fields of Grass
Hw- The Headwaters of River Chionthar Nb- Northern Bank by the Fields of the Dead
Nd- The Chionthar Near the Fields of the Dead Ne- The Chionthar Near the Fields of the Dead
Nf- Near Green Fields Ng- Near The Green Fields
Ob- Obelisk Oc- on the Chionthar by the Docks of Scornubel
Of- Off the beaten Track Op- An Opening in the Path
Rb- Riber Bank Rc- River Chionthar
Rf- Rocky Floor Rg- Redwood Grove
Rw- The Reaching Woods Sa- Shadows Across the Chionthar
Sb- Southern Bank of the Chionthar Sf- The Chionthar South of the Fields of the Dead
Sg- Slipper Gulch Sh- Shades of Pine
Sl- Split in the Path Sm- A small pen
Sp- Sacred Pond Ss- A small stream
Ub- Under the Bridges of Berdusk Ws- The Chionthar North of the Wood of Sharp Teeth
Ww- A Well Worn Path

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