Krilastia is aimed at Experts and Adepts although, with good equipment a well-prepared group of Mediums should be able to cope with most of the mobs in this zone.

The zone starts with the innocuous house of Ma and Pa Portal. They are the last guardians of a terrible secret. You need a key from Pa Portal, then you need to work out how to open the secret door in the Branch Hall, you can do this with "unlock floor" and "open floor" to open the way down to the Cellar. The cellar loks empty but there is a secret hallway to the west.

Off the hallway are five rooms that transport you to other parts of Krilastia: If you wait in the Room of Mist (Rm) and you're transported to the Center of Field (Cf). To get back again, Stand in the Fog (Fo) and you'll be transported back to the Room of Mist (Rm). Waiting in the Room of Colors (Rc) will transported you to the Front of Stage (Fs) in the Theatre. To get back work your way south to the Fog (Fg) and stand there for a bit, you'll be transported back to the Room of Colors (Rc). The Room of Sand (Rs) will transport you to the Ravine (Ra). To get back, stand on the Cacti Path (Cc) for a bit and you'll be transported back to the Room of Sand (Rs). The Room of Paper (Rp) teleports you to the Darkness (Dk) and the Dark Closet (Dc) will bring you back. Last but not least the Room of Grass (Rg) transports you to the Plains. I couldn't work out how to get back from the Plains but Bounces emailed me about it: lift the blanket in the Small Tent (Tn) and you go back to the Room of Grass (Rg).

The Door to the Actor's Wagon is locked, get the key from one of the three actors.

Lastly we come to the Labyrinth. The Labyrith is aptly named - it's a maze. Going north from one room and the south again won't necessarily move you back to the room you started in. We use the following notation:

The name of the room above is 'L3' moving east will take you to the room 'L4', west to 'L1' and north to 'L2'. Undernearth the Labyrinth there is a carousel and, although many of the monsters there are quite easy, the demon in the entre requires preparation... Good Luck.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 15e5s2w.

  Map of Krilastia

                    Pa Bh-St                   
                    |  | \                
                    Ki-Lr Down to cellar                
The Cellar
        Rs-Rg Rc Rm    Up to House
        |     |  |    /
The Field
        Ap-Sc-Lp-Co       Sa-Sa             
       /      |  |           |           
     Fi       Co-Nw-Ne-No-Lp-Le                    
                 |  |  |     |            
                 We-Cf-Ee    Cp                
                 |  |  |                  
              Kt Sb-Pc                     
              |  |  |                    
The Theatre
              |  |                       
              Ra-Ow+Aw Bw                 
                 |     |                 
The Ravine
                    |     |                 
                    |        |     |          
                    Rv    Cc-Cs    |             
                    |        |     |
                       |  |  |     |          
                       Cm Hf Gb    Ce           
The Plains
        Hc-Nh----Mp-Pn Tn                 
        |  |        |  |v                 
        Tu-Gt       |  Bt                           
           |        |  |                          
           Mt    Me-Ga-Np-Go                        
           |        |     |                        
           Mt-Pr-Tr-Fl Da-Go
The Library
        Cz Dc           Dk                    
        |  |            |                    
     Dr-Ts-Ro           Ds                    
         \              |                    
          \ Qr       Md-Sy-Md                         
           \|        |     |                 
         Tk-Gr-Po-Oh Mw    Ms    Nr-Cb              
            |     |  |     |     |            
            Su    |  Wt-Ll-Ea    Ou-Cb
                  |     |        |
            Bk-Nk Nb----Ol    To-Wr-Lo
            |  |  |          /
            Di-Et |        Bo-Of
            |  |  |        |
            |     |
            Lx    |
The Labyrinth
      2        3      4      5             
      |        |      |      |            
    2-L1-Out 1-L2     L3     L4*  6-L5*                           
      |               |      *            
      8               2                   

      *      *      |                      
    7-L6-5  *L7-2   L8     L9                                  
             |      |      | \            
             9      5      3  Down to Below the Labyrinth            
Below the Labyrinth
                |     |     |
                |     Ca    |                    
                |     |     |               
                |     |     |
                |     Ca    |               
                |     |     |                 
                         Up to the Labyrinth                  

  Key to the map of Krilastia

Ab- Atania's Bazaar Ai- Aisle
Ap- Above Pit Aw- Actor's Wagon
Be- Bedroom Bh- Branch Hall
Bk- Back Table Bl- Blackwood Encampment
Bo- Stair Bottom Bt- Behind Large Tree
Bw- back of Wagon Ca- Campfire
Cb- Cubicle Cc- Cacti Path
Cd- South of Carousel Ce- Camp Entrance
Cf- Centre of Field Cl- Carousel
Cm- Collapsed Merchant Tent Cn- Center of Casousel
Co- Camp Outskirts Cp- Chieftain's Pavilion
Cr- Cloak Room Cs- Crosspath
Ct- Cafeteria Entrance Cu- Curve in the Path
Cz- Cozy Room Da- Dance Area
Dc- Dark Closet De- Deeper in the Forest
Df- Dark Forest Di- Stack of Dishes
Dk- Darkness Dr- Dark Room
Ds- Dark Stacks Ea- Eastern Stacks
Ec- East of Carousel Ee- Eastern end of the Field
Ef- Entry Foyer En- End of Field
Es- East of Stage Et- Empty table
Fa- Front of Aisle Fc- Footsoldier Camp
Fg- Fog Fi- Fighter's Pit
Fl- Field Fo- Fog
Fp- Front Porch Fr- Forest
Fs- Front of Stage Ga- Game Area
Gb- Gthar's Body Shop Gc- Guard's Camp
Go- St. Golias Gr- Gathering Room
Gt- Grassy Trail Hc- Hidden Camp
Hf- Hiptata's Fabrics Hh- Hidden Hallway
Hp- Hill Path Ic- Inside Castle Foyer
Ki- Kitchen Kt- King's Tent
Le- Loreman Encampment Li- Serving Line Entrance
Lo- Large Office Ln- Serving Line
Lp- Lookout Post Lr- Living Room
Lx- Serving Line Exit Md- Middle Hallway
Me- Small Merchant Mn- Merchant
Mp- meandering Path Mr- Merchant's Row
Ms- Middle of Eastern Stacks Mt- Muddy Trail
Mw- middle of Western Stacks Nb- Nearing Buildings
Nc- Nearing campfire Ne- Northern End of the Field
Nf- Near Forest Clearing Nh- Near Hidden Camp
Nk- Bear Back table No- Northeast Corner of Field
Np- Near Pavillion Nr- Near Window
Nt- North of Carousel Nw- Northwest Corner of Field
Ob- Outside Bowe Oc- Outside Camp
Of- Small Office Og- Outside Goodnow Hall
Oh- Outside House Ol- Outside Library
Oo- Outside Oak Door Ou- Outside Cubicle
Ow- Outside Wagon Pa- Pantry
Pc- Pirtata Camp Entrance Pi- Path Intersection
Pl- Plaza Pn- Path near Field
Po- Porch Pr- Near Pirate Camp
Qr- Quiet Room Ra- Rehearsal Area
Rc- Room of Colors Rg- Room of Grass
Rm- Room of Mist Ro- Small Room
Rp- Room of Paper Rs- Room of Sand
Rv- Ravine Sa- Sleeping Area
Sb- Stable Sc- Strolgite Camp
Se- Southern end of the Field Sg- Stage
Sl- Steep Climb Sm- Small Clearing
Sn- Seating So- Southeastern Corner of Field
Sp- Small Path Sr- Standing Room
St- Study Su- Sunlit Bedroom
Sw- Southwestern Corner Sy- Study Area
Te- Tent Tf- Tourney Field
Tk- Tiny Kitchen To- Stair Top
Tn- Small tent Tr- Trail
Ts- Top of Stairs Tu- Tall Underbrush
Wc- West of Carousel We- Western end of the Field
Wr- Small Waiting Room Ws- West of Stage
Wt- Western Stacks

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