Merilon is a fairly large zone and really shouldn't be attempted until you're quite experienced with good equipment. The Tall field is the only really easy part of the zone with mobs at around 10k each. After that most mobs range from around 50K to the max.

To start off I'll warn you about the death traps, marked DT on the map either side of the Gargoyle's Perch (GP) in the Balcony. There's nothing near there of consequence anyway so I'd advise you to just stay away!

If you go into the restricted Kaisdottir Hall you will be caught and stuffed into a Small Holding Cell with no exits. You can't use magic, shout or get summoned out. You'll then be sent before Bishop Vanya who will sentence you as a petty criminal and send you to jail. You'll find yourself in the Royal Prison Cell with a petty thief who mumbles on:

"Dead! humma found...oh no! the key! Zupuppa snif dead! He's Dead! must...must no please must stop him...dead! I hid, so much there...they uh no find. so hungry. hid it! dead! Don't tell! Don't tell!!"

he's telling you where to find the first of three keys in Merilon. There are three locked doors in Merilon. The first - the door to the Messy Bedroom (My) can be unlocked with a wooden key that is found under the floor of the Grand Hall. Use "open floor" in the Grand Hall to open a way down to Under the Floor.

A Crystal Key can be found in the small alter in the Hidden Altar. It is to the west of the Warlock Chamber (Wa). Kill the evil warlock and use the strange glass key to 'unlock king' to open the King's painting and go east to the Hidden Altar. The altar contains the crystal key (which is invisible) to open the queen's painting. Behind the queen's painting is a Treasure Room with two boxes in. One has money, the second a strange old coin which is a trap and will corrode you. South from the Prison will take you back to the Guardian's Pavilion (Gp).

Paul the Cleric Guildmaster can be found in the Middle Gallery (Mg).

You can go north through the vent in the End of Terinor Hall (Et) to the Dead End (De). This is one way only. Up from the Sands Near Hill (Sn) takes you to Hill Overlooking beyond (Ho) and visa versa. Finally there are a number of Azurians hidden in the Branch Hall. Sense life spots them.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 4e5nen4ese2se2s2e3se2se2se3nen.

  Map of Merilon

                                       |     |             
                    Up to the Court       Eb               
                        ^     ^           |              
                       Ce-Bt-Ce        Bb-Ba-Bb
                          |^          /|  |  | \           
                        /-Rf-\      Fr-Sw-Tw-Fo-Fi-Si               
                       |  |  |      |  |  |^ |  |            
           Uf Gd-Gd    Wc |  Ea     Sd-Sd-Sn-Sd-Sd               
             \|  |     |  |  |            |              
              Gd-Gd    Wc Le Ea           Ho                
              |  |     |  |  |            |v              
           Sf-Gd-Gd    Wc |  Ea           Ls Ad            
           |  |        |  |  |            |  |           
           St Ge-Of-We-Om-Ma-Om--------Mw-Mw-Ol-De
           |              |                       
           Ah             | Up to the Hidden Dorm
           |              |    \            
           In-Kh-Rk-Nk Gp Sp Gp Du Hp-My+Et-Tb                   
           |     |  |  |  |  |  |  |     |                   
           Ok-Fk Iw Kh Nw-Nc-Nr Tr Dt Sb-Ne-Sm                   
           |  |     |  |     |  |  |     |                   
           Lp-Sk Cr-Kh Ws Je Es Tt-Cd Sa-No-Sa                   
                    |  |  |  |           |                   
                 |  |  |  |  |  |  |                          
           Mb    Fw<Wh-Wh Ob Tf-Tf-Fs                                 
           | \   |  |  |  |  |  |  |
           Sb-Lr-Os*Wh<Wh Se Tf-Tf-Ep
                    n     |                                  
                     Lake Yeven
The Court
                  Hc<Tn-Nl    Dr           
                  |  V  |     | 
                  Fd-Be Ml    Gn    Cn-Ca-Ct
                  |  |  |     |          /
Up to the Balcony Sg-Sg-Li    Sr-Sh-Ss-Sl   
               ^     |     ^  | 
               Lt-Lw-Mn-Rw-Rs Ai-Mp    Bx-Od              
                  |  |  |     |          /    
                  Mr Gr Mr    Ae-As-As-Al                 
                     |        |     |          
                  Wr-Co-Wr    Ti Ta-Ta-Ta                 
                     |v       |                
                     Ts       Ih-Ih-Re-Te            
                       \               |
                        Nt Eh-------To-Ot
                                 Mi To the Library
                                             | \
                            To the Bishops Level On
                                        To Merilon-Bs-To Merilon
The Balcony
        |           |
        Tp          Rb
        |           |
        Lb          Rb
        |           |
        Lb          Rb
          \           \
         Down to the Court
The Library
           Cc-Cc La Cc-Cc
           |  |  |  |  |
           Ic Ha Ch-Oy Tg
           |  |     |  |
           Sj Or-Lv Sy Mh    
           |  |  |  |  |
           Bh Lh Fn Ly Dh   
           |     |     |
           Sc-Bn Pr Bd-Cb    
              |     |
            To the Court  
The Bishop's Level
              To the Court     
              Mr Lf Mr  
              |  |  | 
The Hidden Dormitory
   Down to Merilon       Up to Above the Hidden Dorm
                  \     /
                   Hd Sq-It-Ha-De
                   |     |
                   Oi-Su Bh
                   |     |
                   Oa-Bl Bh    Rr
                   |     |     |
Above the Hidden Dorm
        Down to the Hidden Dorm   
               De Ah Rt-Yr-De       
               |  |  |  |
               Sv Tu-Df Ye       Rm       
               |     |          /|
               Gn Wi Nx-Ds Df-Sz Ha
               |  |  |    \|     |
               Hr-Wm-Lu    Dp Yl-Ro

  Key to the map of Merilon

Ab- At a Bend Ad- Abandoned Building
Ae- Aisle Entrance Ag- Agony
Ah- Access Hall Ai- Aisle End
Al- Aisle at Stairs As- Aisle
At- Along Terinor Hall Av- Above the halfway mark
Ba- Banishment Site Bb- At Borderof the Beyond
Bd- Bend Be- Before the Throne
Bf- Bend in the Field Path Bh- Bright Hall
Bl- Black Bedroom Bn- Bend Near Curve
Br- branch Hall Bs- Base of the Stairs
Bt- Base of Tower Bv- Bishop Vanya's Chambers
Bx- Box Seats Ca- Catwalk
Cb- Corner Near Bend Cc- Corner
Cd- Corner of Dirt Tunnel Ce- Catalyst Entrance
Ch- Connecting Hall Cm- Closer to Merilon
Cn- Catwalk End Co- Court Entrance
Cp- Circle Path Entrance Cr- Cloak Room
Ct- Catwalk Entrance Cu- Curve
Da- Dark Fork De- Dead End
Df- Drafty Hall Dh- Dark Hall
Do- Dorm Hall Dp- Dark Passage
Dr- Dressing Room Ds- Dark Stairwell
Dt- Dirt Tunnel DT- DEATH TRAP
Du- Dusty Room Ea- East Catalyst Walk
Ec- Edge of Creation Ed- End of Foyer
Ef- Easter Field Path Eg- End of Gallery
Eh- Entrance Hall Ek- Entrance to Kaisdottir Hall
Ep- End of Path Es- East Side of Castle
Et- End of Terinor Hall Ew- East Wing
Fa- Further Along Terinor Hall Fd- Food Table
Fe- Fear Fg- Front of Gallery
Fi- Fifth Watcher Fk- First Kitchen
Fn- Front Study Fo- Fourth Watcher
Fr- Frontier Fs- Far Side of Eastern Field
Ft- Further Up Fu- Future
Fw- Far Side of Western Field Ga- Gargoyle's Perch
Gd- Grand Dining Hall Ge- Grand Entrance
Gn- Green Room Gp- Guardian's Pavillion
Gr- Guard Room Ha- Short Hall
Hc- Herald's Corner Hd- Hidden Altar
Hf- At Hole in Floor Hi- Hall Intersection
Hl- Hall Ho- Hill Overlooking beyond
Hp- Hidden Passage Hr- Hall Corner
Hs- Higher Still Hy- Hidden Dormitory
Ic- Ice Hall Ih- Intermission Hall
In- Intersection Is- Inside South Gates of Merilon
It- Second Intersection Iw- Indoor Well
Je- Journey's End Kh- Kaisdottir Hall
La- Large Library Lb- Left Balcony
Le- Lofty Entrance Lf- Long Foyer
Lh- Lecture Hall Li- Line Start
Ll- Lower Level Ln- Level Entrance
Lp- Large Pantry Lr- Living Room
Ls- Long Sandy Path Lt- Left Stairs
Lu- Loud Room Lv- Living Room
Lw- Left Wing Ly- Library
Ma- Mannan Walk Mb- Master Bedroom
Me- Middle of Eastern Field Path Mg- Middle Gallery
Mh- Moaning Hall Ml- Middle of Line
Mn- Main Entrance Mp- Musician's Pit
Mr- Meditation Room Mw- Middle of Western Field Path
My- Messy Bedroom Na- near Small Ladder
Nc- North of Circle Path Ne- Nearing End of Hall
Ng- Nearing Room Nk- Norther Corner of Kaisdottir Hall
Nl- Next in Line No- North-South Run of Terinor
Nr- Northeast Corner Ns- Near the Southern Checkpoint
Nt- Nearing The Top Nx- next to Stairs
Nw- Northwest Corner Oa- Outside Black Door
Ob- On a Busy Path Oc- Outside Chambers
Od- Outside Box Seats Oe- Outside Red Door
Of- Outside Feast Hall Oi- Outside Room
Ok- Outside Kitchens Ol- Old Section
Om- On Mannan Walk On- On the Stairs
Or- Outside Two Rooms Os- Outside a Small House
Ot- Outside Theatre Ou- Outside Ledge
Ow- on The Way Up Oy- Outside Study
Pa- Past Pr- Professor's Room
Qb- Queue Beginning Qu- Queue
Ra- Rest Area Rb- Right Balcony
Re- Refreshments Rf- Royal Foyer
Rk- Restricted Kaisdottir Hall Rm- Shadow Room
Ro- Rounding the Corner Rr- Red Room
Rs- Right Stairs Rt- Right Turn
Rw- Right Wing Sa- Sleeping Area
Sb- Small Bedroom Sc- Strange Corridor
Sd- Sands Se- Southern End of Path
Sf- Small Foyer Sg- Seating
Sh- Stage Right Si- Sixth Watcher
Sj- Spinning Hall Sk- Second Kitchen
Sl- Stage Left Sm- Small Meeting Room
Sn- Sands Near Hill So- Southeast Corner
Sp- Sepaker's Box Sq- Spiral Staircase
Sr- Stage Entrance Ss- Stage
St- Staff Entrance Su- Small Room
Sv- Sun Room Sw- Southwest Corner
Sy- Study Sz- Stairs
Ta- Theatre Seating Tb- Tiny Bedroom
Te- theatre Entrance Tf- Tall Field
Tg- Twisting Hall Th- Terinor Hall
Ti- Ticket Booth Tm- treasure Room
Tn- Throne To- Towards Theatre
Tr- Tiny Room of Skulls Ts- Top of the Stairs
Tt- Tiled Tunnel Tu- Turn
Tw- Third Watcher Uh- Under the halfway mark
Vc- Visitor's Checkpoint Wa- Warlock Chamber
Wc- West Catalyst Trail We- Mannan Walk End
Wf- Western Field Path Wh- A Wheat Field
Wi- White Room Wm- Outside White Room
Wr- Weapons Room Ws- West Side of Circle
Wt- Western Curve Ww- West Wing
Ye- Yellow Room Yl- Yorkel's Lair
Yr- Outside Yellow Room

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