The Desertmouth mountains

This part of the mountains is quite safe if you're invisible. If you're not there are bandits that will attack you and cause problems for lower level players. Higher level players will be merely inconvenienced as they have to stop walking through the mountains to kill such a low level mob. Apart from that take note of your movement points, as more is used when travelling through mountains if you're not flying.

The only dangerous part of this territory is the Mountain Hideout (Mh) where three raider gaurds and their leader wait for the unwary. They can't see invisible players, but they will assist each other should you attack one of them.

The diagonal (/) links from Dc, Mp and Im up to Rl, Ms and Mp respectively represent going Up, as there are already Northern exits in those rooms.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 9sw.

  Map of the Desertmouth Mountains

                      Desertmouth Foothills             
                                  Ht                            Nr-Village of Shadowdale         
                                  |                             |           
                               Ss-Bc                   Nr-Nr-Nr-Nr            
                               |                       |                    
                               Me                Nr-Nr-Nr                     
                               |                 |                          
                               Df                Jb                           
                               |                 |                          
                               Pd          Bp-Wp-Eg                           
                               |           |                                
                               Rp          Ww Mp-Th Ms-Es-Mh
                               |           | /   | /   |                       
                               Rp          Im    Mp    |                         
                               |           |           |                     
                               Rp       Tp-Jr          Po
                               |        |               v                    
                         St-St-As-Pw-Sn-Rr Rl----Na----Dt      
                         |           |    /                                  
                         St          Se-Dc                          
                         |           |                         
                      St-St          Nr
                      |              |
                St-St-St     Tilverton Mountains
The Storm Horns-St      

  Key to the map of the Desertmouth Mountains

As- Along the Stonebolt Trail Bc- Base of a Cliff
Bp- A Bend in the Pass Dc- Down a Cliff
Df- Desolate Foothills Dt- Descending Thunder Peaks
Eg- Entering the Gap Es- Eastern Summit
Fv- Forested Valley Hm- High Mountain Pass
Ht- Hidden Trail Im- Intersection In the Mountains
Jb- Just below Shadow Gap Jr- Jagged Road
Me- Mountain's Edge Mh- Mountain Hideout
Mp- A Mountain Path Ms- Mountain Summit
Na- Narrow Rock Ledge Nr- The North Ride
Pd- Path Down the Cliff Po- Path Off the Summit
Pw- Path to Wilderness Rp- Rockt Plain
Rl- Rounding the Ledge Rr- Rounding a Balanced Rock
Se- South End of Shadow Gap Sn- Split in the North Ride
Ss- A Steep Slope St- Stonebolt Trail
Th- Thunder Peaks Tp- Twisting Part of North Ride
Tv- Trail Into a Valley Wp- Within the Peaks
Ww- Well Within Shadow Gap

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