Heiraktazin is for Experts and Adepts. It's a tough zone with some very tough mobs in. First things first I'd like to thank Ivanushka and Vanastha for helping me map this zone - Astaroth died several times here - once discovering the death trap. There is only one death trap in this zone: The Heart of the Vampiric Mist (marked DT on the map) is to the east of the Deadly Intersection (Di) in the Stalagmite and City section of the map.

The small area just after you enter Heiraktazin isn't too hard. There are plenty of drow wandering around - some of whom are mages - and lots of hidden vampire bats that'll attack you without warning. There is also a small, hidden area to the north of the Rough Tunnel (Rt) use 'push rock' to open the way north to the Natural Cavern (Nv).

As you make your way south past the Lava Stream (Ls) into the deeper tunnels you need to start to be wary. There are a number of wandering mobs that will attack on sight. On the edge of the lake the helpless captive is, in fact, part of an Aboleth.

Entering the lake is safe, unless you travel up to the Santum of the Necromancer. Several tough mobs are in there and they'll attack you on sight.

The real danger starts when you move down into the Cavern and start towards the city. The Chill, Dark Tunnel (Ch) is host to a number of hidden mobs (Shadows) who will try and drain you. You'll also have to watch out that you don't stray into the Death trap here too. The tunnel leads one of two ways really. To the north is the City of Heiraktazin, to the north-east you'll find an ominous Stalagmite. The stalagmite is home to Tlithzareen, a powerful mage. He hits really hard through sanc and will dispel you given the chance.

The path to the City looks like a Death Trap. As you look north from the Collapsed Passage (Co) you see Death Of Altruism (DL) with no exits. It's not actually a death trap but does herald anoth mob to be warey of. To the north of Death of Altruism is the Altar of bones (Ab) where a very powerful mage awaits. Avoid it by going e,n,n,w and then north again to move into the Spiralling Tunnel (Sr). You do need to be flying to pass over here but to the north you'll find yourself safe and on the way to the city. There is a mini-maze here. I've marked all of the rooms in capitals and where their exits go to rooms that already exist, I've marked the exits with the rooms initials in lowercase. Hence travelling west from the Death of Hope (DH) takes you to the Death of Avarice (DV) which is actually 2s2w of Death of Hope (DH)!

Sneaking around the City, invisible meant that I didn't get attacked but the city is riddled with mages (Illithids) and their slaves. They all seemed to die fairly quickly and didn't give much xp but did good reasonable cash.

There are a number of locked doors in the city. The Crystalline key carried by an Illithid in the Phaenerakta unlocks the door to the Cell (Ce). This is useful because you can be captured at random in the City and dragged to the Cell against your will. There's a mad, lizard in there which will attack if you're visible. The rusty iron key carried by the Umberhulk in Below the Norther Balconies opens the door to the Filthy Cell (Fc), inside the cell a Heap of Rags contains a stell key that will unlock to door to Tlithzareen's Private Sanctum (Ps) where a treasure can be found... A worn stone key carried by a fomorian giant slave in the Slave Pens (Sv) opens the door to the breeding room Br.

Finally below Inside the Large Domed Building (Id) is the Sanctuary of the Eldar brain. It has several attendants that will attack you if you join in and is a high-level mage. Be careful if you attack it.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: sw2n2enw3nwnw4nw3nene2n4ed.

  Map of Hieraktazin

                                |  |  |
                    Cu-Hs-Cu    Wp Sw-Se                                 
                    |  |  |     |                          
                    Rt Sn-Bo    Ng Tc-Np-Sc
                    |     |     |  |     |                     
                 Sl Cu-Ns-Ip-Cu Na Tc-Na |                         
                 | \|        |  |     |  |                    
                 Es Ci Le-Lo-Cd-Rt-Tw-Nt |   
                      /            |^    |   
        Down to A Precarious Ledge CTrt    |
                                  /      |
                       Up to the Borders |                     
                    Cu-Sp-Cp             |                   
                    |     |              |                  
                    Cu-Cu Nr Ea<Ea       |                   
                       |  |  v  ^        |                  
    Up to A Ledge   Cu-Cu Ct<Ea>Ea    St-Ls                   
          \         |           ^     |                  
           Pl-Dp-Dr-Di Dk Cu-Cu Et    |                   
          /         |  |  |  |  |     |                  
Down to the City Sf-Su-Rd-Ia>Di-It    |                   
                /            |  |     |                 
    Down to Below the Lake   Ru Df    |                
                             |  |     |                 
                             Sm-Bo    |                      
                                |     |                    
Below The Lake
               Sa      Up to the Surface of the Lake
                 \    /                            
                  Bs-La Rb-Rb                         
                  |       /                            
The Stalagmite and City
                    Is       Cm    Hb                       
                    |          \   |                      
                 Is-Pb-Pz-Cl    Ac-Cb Wb                        
                 |  |  |  |    /      |                        
                 Nw-An-In-Wo-Ot   Pn-Lh                        
                 |     |     |       |                        
                 Nc /--On-\  So      Ph+Ce                        
                 |  |  |  |  |       |                        
                 |  |  |v |  |       |                       
                 Bg \--Os-/  Ne      Ga                          
                 |     |     |                          
                 |     |     |  | /   
                 |  Pe-Sv+Br Uw-Ah*   
                 |           | /*         Sg
                 |           Pr          /
                 |        Lg Lg     Ol-Ba                  
                 |        |  |      | \
                 Gc-Oc-Nu-Nu-Nu     |  Bw-Be
                          |         |  |  |           
                       dv Sr de     Nl-+--Mw    Ds 
                       |  |  |         |        |
                    dv-DH-DY-DN-de     |  Rf Dm-Dm  
                       |  |  |         |  |  |  |   
                    db-DJ-Ab-DB-dj  Ps+Dm Us-Dm Ih-Bo
                       |  |  |         |     |  |  |
                    dn-DE-DL-DV-dh     Dm----Dm-Dm |
                       |  |  |               |     |   
                       dn |  dh              Ds    Ab                  
                          |                        |             
Up to A Precarious Ledge  Co-Di-Ic-Nw--------------Cv                   
                \         ^  |  |                     
                 Bc-Ch-Ch-Di-DT Cy                                 
                          |     |                  

  Key to the Map of Hieraktazin

Ab- Approaching The Base Ac- Ascension
Ah- The Arena of Heiraktazin Al- Altar of Bones
An- Along the Norther Causeway As- Along the Southern Causeway of Heriaktazin
Ba- Base of a Spiraling Staircase Bc- Bottom Of A Canyon
Be- Beginning of a Winding Staircase Bg- The Beginning of the Western Causeway
Bo- The Base Of An Ominous Stalagmite Br- The Breeding Room
Bs- Below The Surface Bt- Branching Tunnel
Bn- Below the northern Balconies Cb- The Chamber of the Heart
Cd- A Choice of Directions Ce- A Cell
Cg- inside the CIty Gates of Heiraktazin Ch- A Chill, Dark Tunnel
Ci- Cave In Cl- A Small Clearing
Cm- Chamber of the Mind Co- A Collapsed Passage
Cp- A Curve In The Passage Ct- Collapsed Tunnel
Cu- A Curving Tunnel Cv- Curve In The Path
Cy- A Chilly, Dark Tunnel Da- A Dangerous Intersection
DB- Death By Betrayal DE- Death For Life
Df- A Debris Filled Passage DH- Death Of Hope
Di- A Deep Intersection DJ- Death For Justice
DL- Death Of Altruism Dk- A Dark And Bloody Cave
Dm- A Dark, Musky Hallway DN- Death Of Innocence
Dp- A Damp Passage Dr- A Dark Pool of Water
Ds- A Dark, Secluded Room DT- Death Trap
DV- Death Of Avarice DY- Death By Mercy
Ea- The Entrance to the Arena Ec- East of the City Gates
En- Entrance To A Communal Cave Es- An Escaped Slave's Hide Out
Et- Earie Tunnel Fc- A Filthy Cell
Ga- A Small gathering Place Gc- A Gentle Curve
Hp- Chamber of the High Priest of Ilsensine Ia- An Ideal Ambush Spot
Ic- Opening into an Immense Cavern Id- Inside the Large Domed Building
Ih- Inside a Hollowed Stalagmite In- An Intersection
Ip- An Intersection of Passages Is- Inside a Commune
It- An Intersection of Tunnels La- Lair of the Aboleth
Lc- A Luxurious Courtyard Le- A Ledge
Lg- A Ledge Overlooking Heiraktazin Lh- A Long Hallway in Phaenerakta
Lo- A Large, Open Cavern Ls- Lava Stream
Mw- Midway Along a Winding Staircase Na- natural Caverns
Nc- A Narrowing of the Causeway Ne- Nearing the Arena of Heiraktazin
Ng- Natural Passage Nh- Northeast Corner
Nl- Nearing a Landing Nn- Northwest Corner
No- Northwestern Edge of Heiraktazin Np- Narrow Passage
Nr- A Narrow Tunnel Ns- A Narrow Space Between Two Columns
Nt- Narrowing Tunnel Nu- A Narrow Tunnel
Nv- Natural Cavern Nw- A Narrow Path
Oc- Opening To A Cavern Oe- Outside the Eastern Face of a Large, Domed Building
Ol- On a Landing On- Outside the Northern Face of a Large, Domed Building
Os- Outside the Southern Face of a Large, Domed Building Ot- The Obsidian Tower of Ilsensine
Ow- Outside the Western Face of a Large, Domed Building Pb- A Path between Communes
Pe- The Pen Ph- Phaenerakta
Pl- A Precarious Ledge Pn- Phaeneraktan Laboratory
Ps- Tlithzareen's Private Sanctum Pu- Poor, Unfortunate Souls
Pz- A Small Plaza Rb- A River Beneathr the Dragonspine Mountains
Rd- Remains of a Desperate Battle Rf- Room of Failed Experiments
Rt- A Rough Tunnel Ru- A Rough, Uneven Passage
Sa- Sanctuary of the Necromancer Sc- Steamy Cavern
Se- Southeast Corner Sf- The Surface of an Underground Lake
Sg- Summinging Chamber Sl- A Small Ledge
Sm- A Smelly Cave Sn- Scorpion's Nest
So- South of an Obsidian Tower Sp- A Sulfurish Passage
Sr- A Spiralling Tunnel St- Steamy Tunnel
Su- Shore Of An Underground Lake Sv- the Slave Pens
Sw- Southwest Corner Tc- Twisting Caverns
Tw- Three Way Intersection in the Caverns Ug- Underground Garden
Us- Under the STalagmite Uw- under the Western Balconies
Vc- Verdant Cave Wb- Wizard's Bedroom
Wo- West of an Obsidian Tower Wp- Wide Passage
Wt- Wide Tunnel

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