The Town of Essembra

I wouldn't recommend Essembra for Newbies or Chumps, but Medium level characters and above should find a nice challenge, good xp and a little gold to keep them happy.

There are a lot of locked doors and objects in Essembra. I'm reliably informed that the area is not finished and so there are three you cannot unlock. The Gates to the Abbey and Manor can't be knocked, doorbashed or picked and the Small box in the West end of the Laboratory (Wd) will remain a mystery until the zone is finished.

All the other doors (bar one) in the zone can be knocked or doorbashed although most hide a single mobe. The one remaining door that cannot be knocked is the door to the Temple Treasury, that can only be opened by the Small key, carried in a sash by Gulmarin Reldacap.

There are two other keys in the area. The Large Key, carried in a sash by the Gondar High Seeker, unlocks the large box in the Center of the Laboratory (Ce) and the Tiny Green Key, carried by the gnomish Gondar high Seeker, unlocks the invisible safe in the Temple Treasury (Tt).

I wasn't attacked without provocation the whole time I was in this zone. Have fun!

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 5edse2s2e3se3ses2e2nen2e3n2es.

  Map of the Town of Essembra

                                  +Gf-Pu       Rf-Rf-Rf-Ga+
                                      |        |        |
                                      Pu-Pu-Ti-Rf Sp-Sp-Sp
                                            |     |
                             Ir Iw Ib    Sh Av Ig Sp    Is
                             +  +  +     |  |  +  |     +
                             Ps St Sw    Ts-Av If Sr    Fp
                             |  |  |     |  |  |  |     | 
                             |     |     |  |  |     |     |
                             Ec    Pt    In Tr Fo    Ut    Fy  
                             |     |        +  |     +     + 
                             Tc    Nx       Br Io    Iy    Lr
                             |     |                   
                    Lake Yeven  Wa-Nv-Ea
                                |  |  |                      
                                |  |  |               
                                |  |  |               
     Above the West Transept Wt-Ct-Ct-Ct-Et                  
                            \|  |  |  |  |              
          Above the Sacristy Wt-Ws-Ag-Es-Et                     
                            \   |  |  |               
                                |  |  |                
                                |  |  |                
                                Wp Oc Ep
Above The Sacristy
                /      +
Down to the Temple  Tt+Of                        
Above The West Transept
           Wd-Ce-El Li Fr                     
                 |  |  |                  
          /            |                  
Down to the Temple     Do                 

  Key to the map of the Town

Ag- Altar of Gond Av- Avenue in a Small Town
Br- Back Romo of Trading House Ce- Centre of Laboratory
Cl- Choir Loft of Temple of Gond Ct- Crossing of Temple of Gond
Do- Dorter Ea- East Aisel of Temple of Gond
Ec- An Emerging City Ed- East End of Large Hallway
Ee- East End of Narrow Hallway Eh- East Choir Aisle of Temple of Gond
El- East End of Laboratory Em- East Ambulatory of Temple of Gond
En- Eastern End of a Small Town Ep- East Apse of Temple of Gond
Es- East End of Altar Et- East Transept of Temple of Gond
Fr- Frater Fo- Front Yard of a Small, Orange House
Fp- Front Steps of a Small, Purple House Fy- Front Yard of a Small, Green House
Ga- Gate of the Abbey of the Sword Gf- Gate of Fortified Manor House
Ib- Inside a Small, Blue House If- In Front of a Small, Gray House
Ig- Inside a Small, Gray House In- the Watchful Eye Inn
Io- Inside Orange House Ir- Inside a Small, Red House
Is- Inside Small, Purple House Iw- Inside a Small, White House
Iy- Inside Yellow House Lh- Large Hallway
Li- Library Lr- Living Room of a Small, Green House
Nh- Narrow Hallway Ns- Narrow Street in a Small Town
Nv- Nave of Temple of Gond Nx- Narthex of Temple of Gond
Oc- Oghma Chapel in Temple of Gond Of- Office of the High Lord Smith and High Artificer
Pr- Presbetery of temple of Gond Ps- Porch of a Small, red House
Pt- Pathway to Temple Pu- Path Up Hill Toward Manor House
Rf- Road Through Forest Sa- Sacristy of Temple of Gond
Sh- Smithy's home Sp- Small Path through the Forest
Sq- Central Square in a Small Town Sr- Shrine to Tempus
St- Steps in Front of a Small, White House Sw- Sidewalk in Front of a Small, Blue House
Tc- Towards Civilization Ti- T Intersection in a Small Town
Tr- Trading House Ts- Town Smithy
Tt- Temple treasury Ut- under a tree in Front of a Small, Yellow House
Wa- West Aisle of Temple of Gond Wc- West Choir Aisle of Temple of Gond
Wd- West end of Laboratory We- Western End of a Small Town
Wl- West End of Large Hallway Wm- West Ambulatory of Temple of Gond
Wn- West Endof Narrow Hallway Wp- West Apse of the Templf of Gond
Ws- West End of Altar Wt- West Transept of Temple of Gond

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