Dino Land

This map was sent to me by Horath. Cheers Horath.
This whole zone is a magic-dead zone, so if you need to use spells to fight tough mobs, I'd leave it alone or cast them before you get here. The two main mobs, a Brontosaurus and a T-Rex and large so you'll need to be a Half Giant to bash them. Quoting Horath: "Some of this zone I would say a Medium could handle, maybe a high level Chump, the big stuff leave to Half Giants and Medium and above groups."

  Map of Dino Land

                         |  |  |			
(Back to clock tower) Sm-Dj-Dj-Dj			
                         |  |  |			
                            |  |

  Key to the map of the Clock Tower

Bc- Bloody clearing Dc- Dark cave
Dj- A Damp Dark Jungle Sm- Shrouded in mist

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