Earth Plane

The Earth Plane, as far as I can tell, can only be reached from the Astral Plane, and there doesn't seem to be a way out of it apart from heading back there either. The Earth Plane is aimed at Medium (20-30) level characters. To be honest, a low level Medium would probably havea tough time so I'd wait until the high twenties before exploring here yourself. When you enter the Earth Plane you'll find your self in the Very Narrow Tunnel (Vn).

Like the Astral Plane itself, the Earth Plane is a confusing place to wonder around unless you keep careful notes. Going north or south from one room doesn't mean you'll be able to travel straight back if it's not the way you wanted to go. To help navigation I've used a simple key. Rooms that are part of a maze will be made up of UPPER case letters and numbers. Each exit will then use lower case letters to denote where that exit goes. For example, in part one above you'll see that the room marked 'CH' has several exits marked with lower case letters, the exit up is marked with the letters 'ju' denoting that you will in fact move to the room marked 'JU' on the map.

In part 4 the five rooms C1-5 are all called the same thing so be careful you don't get lost. Diagonal exits from rooms above the room key represent going up. Diagonal exits below the room key, on either side, represent going down. So to move from the entrance to part 3 (from part 2) to the entrance to part 4 you move e,n,2w,d,s,d,e,2u,e,n,e,n,2w,s.

Going north from the Very Narrow Tunnel (Vn) will take you to a room with a locked door. Kill the guardian to get the key. When you step in the Gateway (Ga) you will be transported to the Large Cavern in the Dismal Delve (Lc). Throughout the zone, keys will always be found on guards near the locked doors. When you move onto part 5, you'll find yourself in the Twisting Tunnel (Tt).

There are two death traps in this zone both clearly marked with *DT*.

The mobs in this zone will be a good test of an experience party of Medium level characters. There are mages, clerics and warriors to fight aplenty, ranging from 15K to 150K kills.

The best way to get to this zone is through the earthy brown pool in the Astral Plane.

  Map of the Earth Plane

Part 2
                ct dt
                | /
                | \
                |  \
                |   \ ch
                |    \|
                |  cm-CA-ct
                |     | \
                |     |  ju
                |  dt |     
                |    \|     
                |  ju-JT-Part 3
                |     | \
                |     os ch  
             ju |  cr dt   
               \|    \|
               /|    /| 
             it dp cm |  ju br dp it br cm dp dt it ju cm cr dt               
                      | /   | /   | /   | /   | /   | /   | /     
                      | \   | \   | \   | \   | \   | \   | \    
                      LC br cr ju dp cr it br cm dp dt it ju cm               
Part 3
                os                      |     |
                  \                Part 4  SH-FW-bt 
                   FP-CC-BT                |  |
                  /      |                 |  jt
                 /Part 2-CL                |    
             bt /                 it os    | b2
             | /                    \|     | / 
          ch-J2-cm                cm-D2----C2-ju             
             | \                    /|     | \
             |  os                 / j2    ch ju
          fp |                    /
            \|                   /
          cr-GI-cm       Hg-Ns-Ls
             | \              /
             ct \            /
                 \ ch    os /
                  \|     | /
                  /|     | \
                cm ct    jt dp
Part 4
        Part 3  ca ju d2                           
             | /   | /                      
             | \   | \                      
             gi fw |  cp                        
                   |  fp                   
                   | /                    
          2 i2    /|   
           \|    / b2 
          2 | 1       
          1 | 1      
          1 | 1       
     Part 5 | 1       
          1 1
Part 5
       |     |                           
       Wo    |                            
    Go Tr    |  Gs Gr Gr                         
    +  |     |  |  |  |                                               
    +  |     |  |  |  |                         
    Pv Rk    |  Gs Gr Gr                          
             |  Pa  
             |  |                     
             |  |                           
          Ck-Fo Sq                              
          Un |  Sk Sm                        
          |  |  |  |                        
 |  |     |  |  |  |                                       
 Dd-Dd-Dr Pf |  Sp Sd                                  
      /      |                            
   *DT*      |                             
             So Sc-Cf                       
             +  |  |                     
             Eg Tt Gp-Bt                    
             |   v    |                   

  Key to the Map of the Earth Plane

Au- The Audience Room Bc- Broom Closet
Bg- A Bend in the Grand Hallway BR- Branching Tunnels
B2- Branching Tunnels Bt- A Bend in the Tunnel
CA- A Cavern with Many Tunnels Cb- Chapel
Ce- Center of a Large Cave Cf- A Cavern Full of Rubble
CH- A Choice of Directions Ck- Cloak Room
Cl- A Cavern of Light Cn- Conference Room
CM- A Cavern with Many Offshoots CO- A Cavern with Many Offshoots
CP- Crisscrosing Paths CR- Crisscrossing Tunnels
CT- Converging Tunnels Cv- The Cavern of Mud
Cw- A Clawed-out Tunnel Da- A Diamond Altar
Dd- The Dao Diamond Mines Dh- A Dao Home
D2- A Division of Paths Dl- Dao Living Quarters
DP- A Division of Paths Dr- The Disposal Room
DT- A Division of Tunnels Ea- East Hall
Eb- Eastern Barracks Ed- End of the East Wing
Ee- Eastern End of a Long cave Eg- Entrance to the Grand Hallway
Eh- Enf og the Grand Hallway Er- An Extravagant Room
Fo- The Foyer Fp- A Fork in the Path
Fw- A Four-way Intersection Ga- The Gateway
Gc- The Guardian's Chamber Gh- The Grand Hallway
GI- A Group of Interconnecting Tunnels Go- The Gold Vault
Gp- A Guard Post Gr- A Guest Room
Gs- Guest Suite Gu- A Guard Station
Gv- The Gemstone Vault He- A Hall in the East Wing
Hg- The Home of the Galeb Duhr Hw- A Hall in the West Wing
In- An Intersection of Hallways IT- An Intersection of Tunnels
I2- An Intersection of Tunnels JT- A Joining of Tunnels
JU- A Juncture J2- A Juncture
Ki- Kitchen Lc- Large Cavern in the Dismal Delve
Ls- A Large Shaft Lt- A Large Tunnel
Ma- Map Storage Room Mc- more Choices
Mg- Middle of the Grand Hall Ne- north End of the Grand Hall
Nh- North Hall Ns- A Narrow Squeeze
OS- The Ongoing Series of Decisions Pa- Pantry
Pg- Partially Finished Sleeping Chamber Pr- A Priest's Room
Pv- the Platinum Vault Rk- Room of the Khan's Advisor
Rl- A Rich Looking Home Sc- A Sharp Corner
Sd- The Slave Driver's Barracks Se- South End of the Grand Hall
Sh- A Sharp Turn Sk- The Slave Kitchen
Sl- The SLave Pen Sm- The Slave Master's Room
So- South Hall Sp- The Slave Pantry
Sq- Servant's Quarters Tr- Treasurer's Room
Tt- A Twisting Tunnel Un- Unfinished Sleeping CHamber
Vn- A Very Narrow Tunnel Wb- Western Barracks
We- Western Edge of a Long Cave Wh- West Hall
Wo- Way Out

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