Birch Island

Birch Island is aimed at Experts and above. There are plenty of low level mobs here but there are also a lot of capped mobs and rooms with five or more mobs in. A high level mage with Incendiary Cloud and sanc should have a problem with the latter, but some of the shop keepers are still quite tough. I mapped the area when invisible and sneaking and noone attacked me, I can't guarantee you'd be able to walk around safely when visible.

The toughest mobs are to the east of the zone, in the town and the palisades. Once such mob, Jarl Ragnulf has two keys. The heavy steel key opens the door to his Treasury (Jt) and the second opens a steel chest within.

If you wait in the Trackless Sea to the south of the Shallow Coastal Waters (Cw) you will find yourslef attacked by a longship! You'll be moved to the Longship Bow (Lb). The rooms tend to be full of vikings intent on taking your equipment from your still-warm corpse. There are typically 8 vikings per room at about 20k xp each. A few area effect spells should keep them under control. The last room on the boat, The Aft Deck (Ad) is the hom of the longship's captain, Styrbiorn. He has a key to the steel bound chest and some loot!

I had no real problems with this zone and was even able to dispel the High Priest (even though I'm only a level 49 mage). I'd recommend it for a change if you'd like some xp and plenty of cash.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 9sws3ws2w2s2w3sws5w2sws2w3s6wswsw2s2w2sws2wsw5seses 5e5sw4s2w2s2w2nwn3wswsws2w2n6wn2wsws7ws2w2s2ws3wnwn 2e3n. You must be either flying or swimming to use this route.

  Map of Birch Island

                        Wb-So-Eb                                           Ki-Bb-Tc
                        |  |  |                                               |  |
Sea of Swords  Fj-Dd-Fh Bf-Uf-Cf Ba                                        Tk-Tc-Tc
   |           |  |  |  |  |  |  |                                            |
   Be-Sb-Fe-Fj-Df-Df-Ss-Pf-Wf-Tt-St                                     Fs-Ab |              Se-Kt Tv       Bk-Dc
   |        |  |  |  |  |  |  |                                         |     |                 |^ |        |  |
   Cw       Fj-Fj-Ss-Sg-Fv-Fv-Fv-Tw-Tu-Mt-Mt-Mt-Gb-Ot Gb-Te-Tr-Tl-Rd-Rd-Nw----Su-Of-To Gw-Lq Oc-Gh-Li    No-Ny-Ne-Fs-Se-Cq Jt+Ja
   |                 |  |  |                    |     |                 |     |  |     |        |  |     |  |  |     |  |     |
The Trackless Sea Sh-Gp-Ol-Os-Br                Sp-Sl-Sp                |     |  Ty-Bd Fg    Cl-Mf-Si    |  |  |  Cl Ha-Kt Cc-Dy
                        |                                               |     |        |        |        |  |  |  |  |  |     |
                  Cs-Hl-He-Iw-Sq                                     Sy-We----Su-Rd----Rd-------Rd-Th-Tn-Ip-Bt-Oj-Ey-Ha-Gh-Dg-An
                                                                     |  |     |  |     |              |  |  |  |     |
                                                                     Sm Yy-Yw Rd-Oa    Rr-Sr          Ta Sw-Sa-Sw Sc-Ha-Ha-Ha-Tg
                                                                        |     |        |  |           |  |  |  |     |  |  |  |
                                                                     Bc-Dr-Kt |        Lq Ts          |  Ws St Jb Pr-Nv Gc Mr Sv
                                                                              |                       |
                                                                        Tf-Le-Sd                      |
                                                                        |     |                       |
                                                                        Ch    | Wa Ru                Td
                                                                              |  |  |                 |
                                                                     Tb-Ti-Ti-Mq-Mq-Mq                |
                                                                     |  |  |  |  |  |                 |
                                                                              |     |
                                                                           The Trackless Sea
First Floor of the Merchant's Mansion
            Rr Ob Tm
            |  |  |
            |  |v |
            Gu Gu Mb
On the Pirate Ship
The Trackless Sea         The Trackless Sea                     
            |                 |                   
            |                 |
The Trackless Sea         The Trackless Sea

  Key to the Map of Birch Island

Aa- Amongst the Aft Rowers! Ab- Amongst the Beds
Ad- The Aft Deck Af- Amongst the Forward Rowers!
An- Antechamber Ba- Barn
Bc- Bed Chamber Bd- Bedroom
Be- Bay Entrance Bf- Barkley Field
Bk- Barracks Bo- Balcony overlooking the Stairway
Br- Brewery Bt- Battle Circle
Cc- Children's Chamber Cf- Corn Field
Ch- Sittryg's Sleeping Chamber Cl- Closet
Cq- Cook's Quarters Cs- Chieftains Sleeping Area
Cw- Shallow Coastal Waters Dc- Dirt Cellar
Dd- Dry Dock and Quay Df- Deep Fjord
Dg- Dias of the Great Hall Dr- Dining Room
Dy- Dayroom Eb- Eastern Burial Mound
Ey- Entryway Fe- Fjord Entrance
Fg- Finngal's Gold and Jewelry Fh- Fishing Hut
Fj- Fjord Fo- Food Storage
Fs- Freja's Smile Fv- Fjord Valley Trail
Gb- Giant Boulder blocking the Path Gc- Guest CHamber
Gh- Grand Hallway and Stairs Gp- Grassy Patch
Gr- Great Hall Gu- Guestroom
Gw- Gioldsmith's Workshop He- Hearth
Hl- Hall of the log House Ih- Inside the Harbour
Iw- Indoor Workroom Ja- Jarl's Bedchamber
Jb- Jarl's Brewery Jm- Jarl's Mooring Place
Jt- Jarl's Treasury Ki- Tavern Kitchen
Kt- Kitchen Le- Sittryg's Leather
Li- Library Lq- Living Quarters
Ma- Mast! Mb- Master Bedroom
Mf- Merchants Foyer Mi- Military Quay
Mq- Merchant Quay Mr- Moonsdottir's Room
Mt- Mountain Trail Ne- Northeastern Corner of the Yard
No- Northwestern Corner of the Yard Nv- Novices Room
Nw- Northwestern Square Ny- Norther Edge of the Yard
Oa- Open Air Market Ob- Outdoor Balcony
Oc- Office Of- Oversized Foyer
Oh- utside the Harbor Oj- Outside the Jarl's Log House
Ol- Outside the Log house Os- Outdoor Smithy
Ot- On Top of the Boulder Pf- Practice Field
Pr- Priests Chambers Rd- Road
Rr- Restroom Ru- Ruin of a Warehouse
Sa- Southern Edge of the Yard Sb- Small Bay
Sc- Sanctuary Sd- Southern Road
Se- Servant's Quarters Sf- Shipyard
Sg- Stony Ground Sh- Storage House
Si- Sitting Room Sl- South of the Boulder
Sm- Smith's Residence So- Sacrificial Oak
Sp- South of the Path Sq- Sleeping Quarters
Sr- Showroom Ss- Stony Shore
St- Stables Su- Square
Sv- Sverkel's Room Sw- Southwestern Corner of the Yard
Sy- Smithy Ta- Trail along the Palisade
Tb- Timberyar Tc- Tavern Common Room
Td- rail down the Southern Face of the Hill Te- Trail on the Eastern Mountain Slope
Tf- Tannery Tg- Torgard's Room
Th- Trail up the Hill Ti- Trail along the Shore
Tk- Tavern Keeper's Residence Tl- Trail
Tm- Tower Room Tn- Trail on the Hill
To- Trophy Room Tr- Trail up the Slope of the Eastern Edge of the Mountains
Ts- Tool Storage Tt- Timber Toss
Tu- Trail up the Western Slope Tv- Tower Veranda
Tw- Trail on the Western Slope Ty- Training Yard
Uf- Unused Field Wa- Warehouse
Wb- Western Burial Mound We- Well
Wf- Wheat Field Wr- Waiting Room
Ws- Weapong Smithy Yw- Yngve the Youngers Workshop
Yy- Yngve the Youngers Abode

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