Vodalia is aimed at charaters between levels 5 and 30 and, as such, it has monsters that are tough for a Newbie and some that will give even Experts a run for their money! I didn't find any death traps but there were two rooms that suggested traps: The Palace Entrance (Pc) and the Empty Weapons Shop (We) in Old Vodalia. I didn't stick around to see if I would die...

There is a quest in Vodalia. Old Vodalia was invaded, and destroyed by the Hominids and the Syluvenite priests would like to you cleanse the old Altar. To do that you need to be able to breath under water, get the blue coral key from the rotting sea elf corpse at the South Gate to Old Vodalia (So) and make your way through the palace (opening the door east of The Square (Su) on the way. You have to kill the Aboleth at The Altar (Al). Once you do you can take the pearl key on his corpse and unlock the door to the treasure room. You find yourself surrounded by mist and thanked by the gods and then transported to the Chamber of the High Priest (Cb) in Vodalia. You can pick up the treasure and escape north. You can't go south from Among the Pews (Ap).

Oddly King Rhyndalor in King Rhyndalor's Throne Room (Kr), has a dirty brass key that opens the door to the well furnished cell (Wf). Inside you'll find yourself attacked by a hidden mob, Chillic.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 4e5nen4ese2se2s2e3se2se2s3ese6s3e.

  Map of Vodalia

          Lake Yeven
  Ts          Pa    Da
    \         |    /
     Cs    Sy-Du-Wb 
       \      |
        Re Bg Pt-Ti
          \|  |
     Ah    Ef-Of-Wo
       \      |
              |  |
        Fc-Si-Dp-Sh Ih
           |  |    /
           Cr Sp Bh
          /   |  |
        Rs    Cp-Cl
                 Rf In Gr Aq Lm Bm-Ms-Ne                            
                 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |                  
                 Im-Ms-Ms-Ic-Ms-Mp Ld Ma                               
                 |  |  |  |                          
Lake Yeven-Ns-Nv-St Ch To Cw-La Tt Ks-Rb Rm                                 
                 |        |    /   |  |  |               
                 Sr-Ml-Fo-Ct-Iv    Qs-Kr Pn                 
                 |  |  |  |           |  | 
                 Sd-Dk-Pk-Cy-Bs    Ba-Ht-Dh
                 |           |        |  ^               
                 St-Rh Lp Wg-Cw    Gs-Pf-Sb
                 |     |     |        |
                 St Th-Fa-Tg It----Ta-Tw-Ot-Ie-Oe
                 |     |     |           |
                 St Sm-Cm-Ab Cw    Rm-Ss En
                 |     |     |        |  |
                 St Mi-Ao-Aw Cw    As-Fp-Ap
                 |     |     |     |     *
                 Et-Na-Ca-Hh Sg    Me Cb-Tp
                      /|  |  |
   Down to the Tunnels Be-Be-Be
The Underwater Tunnels
                             Up to Vodalia
                       Ut Ac
                      /  /
Up to Old Vodalia   Uc-St
          \        /
Old Vodalia
   Up to the Upper Halls Ws-Eb-Sv-Sq Up to the Upper Halls
                        \|  |  |  | /
                      |  |  |  |  |
                   Ew-Pl Gu Am-Dh-Ha
                      |  |  |  |  |
             Np    Ag-Pl Bk Tr Ki-Rm 
             |     |       \   
             De-Pp-Wk       \    Fi Ec
                  \          \   |  |
                   Fa         Ed-Ro-Ro
                   |             |  +
                   Up            Cc Wf
             Sm Ri Rn    Ru Lg              
             |  |  |     |  |             
             |  |     | \   |              
             Rd Rt    So \  Rg  
                     Down to the Tunnels          
The Upper Halls and North of the Old Palace
          Se                   Hv    Sm
          |                    |     |
       Me-Ss-Se    Ga    Pl-Al-Fy-Fy-Cf
       |  |  |     |     |       \
    Al-Pe-Md-Rp-Te-Gp-Py-Pl       Fl
   /   |  |        |              |
 Tp    Bd Ha-Tk    Ga          Sq As Mr     Sl-Ls
          |    \               |  |  |      |  |
          Ts    Ce             Uh-Uh-Uh-----Uh-Ra
                              /|  |  |     /   |
           Down to Old Vodalia Sv Op Sn   /    Sc
                       Down to Old Vodalia

  Key to the Map of Vodalia

Aa- Ahab's Apothecary Ab- An Abandoned House
Ag- Abandoned Gencutter's Shop Ah- Ahab's Attic
Al- An Alley Am- Atrium
Ao- Alley, Outside a Warehouse Ap- Among the Pews
Aq- Aqua-holics Anonymous As- The Altar of Syluvena
At- Ahab's Trophy Room Aw- An Abandoned Warehouse
Ba- A Small Ballroom Bd- A Bedroom
Be- the Beach Bg- The Fisherman's Wharf Bar and Grille
Bh- Below the Huge Nest Bk- Barracks
Bm- Bend in Main Street Bp- Bend in the Path
Bs- A Bend in the Street Bw- Beginning of the Wharf
Ca- Crooked Alley Cb- Chamber of the High Priest
Cc- Cramped Cell Ce- Cellar
Cf- Corner of the Flooded Alley Ch- Customs House
Cl- Cliffside Cm- Cramped Alley
Cn- Corner of Main Street and an alley Co- Coastal Pines
Cp- Cliffside Path Cr- Casa de Ramirez
Cs- A Cramped Staircase Ct- Coral Way, Outside a Small Tower
Cw- Coral Way Cy- Coral Way, Next to the Park
Da- Dusty Attic De- A Dead Kelp Stand
Dh- The Dining Hall Dk- A Duck Pond
Dp- Dusty path near the Salting Hut Du- Dusty Path
Eb- East Ballroom Ec- Empty Cell
Ef- the Entrance to the Fisherman's Wharf En- Entrance to the Temple of Syluvena
Ep- End of the Pier Et- Entrance to the Thieves' Quarter
Ew- Empty Weapons shop Fa- Floating in the Air Outside a Window
Fc- Forest Clearing Fi- Filthy Cell
Fl- Floating in the Air Above the Alley Fo- The Fountain
Fp- The Front of the Pews Fy- A Flooded Alley
Ga- Temple Gardens Gr- The Grocer
Gs- Guard Station Gu- Guard Room
Ha- Hall Hh- The Happy Hocker
Hs- Hole in the Street Ht- Hall to the Throne Room
Hv- A Ruined Hovel Ic- Intersection of Main Street and Coral Way
Ie- Inside the East Gate of Vodalia Ih- Inside the Huge Nest
Im- Intersection of Main Street and Shark Tooth Road In- Inside the Northern Gate
It- Intersection of Coral Way and Trident Avenue Iv- Inside the Vodalian Academy
Ki- Kitchen Kr- King Rhyndalor's Throne Room
Ks- The King's Study La- A Lavish Manor
Ld- A large Dwelling Lg- Large House
Lh- Long Hallway Lm- A large Mansion
Lp- A Large Pile of Trash Ls- A Large Study
Ma- Manor Md- Middle of the Pews
Me- Meditation Chamber Mi- Miserable Shack
Ml- Manicured Lawn Mp- Main Street, behind the Palace
Mr- Music Room Ms- Main Street
Mw- Middle of the Wharf Na- A Narrow Alley
Ne- North-east corner of Vodalia Np- North Park Entrance
Ns- Nearing Sembia Nv- Nearing Vodalia
Oe- Outside the East Gate Of- Outside the Fisherman's Wharf
On- Outside the North Gate of Vodalia Op- Opulent Suite
Os- Outside the South Gate of Vodalia Ot- Outside the Temple of Syluvena
Pa- Path to the Village Pb- Palace Battlements
Pc- Palace Entrance Pd- A Passage into the Depths
Pe- Pews, Near the Altar Pf- Palace Foyer
Pk- The Park Pl- Pearl Avenue
Pn- The Palace Kitchen Pp- Park Entrance
Pt- Path through the Fisherman's Village Pv- Path to Voldalia
Py- Path to the Temple of Syluvena Qs- Queen Salina's Sitting Room
Ra- Royal Apartments Rb- Royal Bedroom
Rd- Ruined Tower Re- Reception
Rf- Rogvren's Fine Foods Rg- Ruined Guild Hall
Rh- A Ramshackle House Ri- A Ruined Mansion
Rm- Storage Room Rn- A Ruin
Ro- Cell Row Rs- Ramirez's Stateroom
Rt- A Ruined Tavern Ru- Ruined Smithy
Sb- A Snall Barracks Sc- A Small Closet
Sd- Shark Toor Road, by the Duck Pond Se- A Simple Bedroom
Sg- Inside the South Gate of Vodalia Sh- The Salting Hut
Si- Side Path Sl- A Small Library
Sm- A Small House Sn- Sitting Room
So- South Gate of Old Vodalia Sp- Southern Path
Sq- Servant's Quarters Sr- Shark Tooth Road, by the Park
Ss- A Small Study St- Shark Tooth Road
Su- The Square Sv- Servant's Rooms
Sy- Shanty Ta- Trident Avenue
Te- East temple Entrance Tg- The Thieves' Guild
Th- A Tiny House Ti- A Tiny Hovel
Tk- Temple Kitchen Tn- Throneroom
To- Tax Office Tp- Temple Treasury
Tr- Tea Room Ts- Top of the Staircase
Tt- Top of the Tower Tw- Trident Way, Outside the entrance to the Palace
Ty- South Entrance to the Temple of Syluvena Uh- Upstarirs Hall
Up- Upper Level Wb- Inside a Weather-beaten Shanty
We- The Well Wf- A Well furnished Cell
Wg- Weaver's Guild Wk- A Cracked Walkway
Wo- A Wooden Shack Wp- Winding Path
Ws- West Ballroom

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