Rocky Point

Rocky Point is designed for high level players. A group of Experts or one ot two Adpets should have no trouble clearing the area with a little care. Varda and Roman helped Stibbons map this area and Varda (an Adpet tri-class) killed most of the mobs on his own! For those who prefer to tree-walk, there is a thorny tangled tree in Rokcy Point.

The top level of Rocky Point is fairly easy. To open the way down to the Hidden Stairwell (Hs) 'pull finger' on the statue Inside the Main temple (Im). Once down there you should be a little careful, there are plenty of tough mobs. The toughest is a Demon Guard in the Hall of Relics (Hr). He's fireshielded and can see sneaking and invisible players. He's aggressive and will attack on site.

The Gold key from stone golem in the Lower Temple (Lt) unlocks the altar in the same room. Use 'open curtain' in the Hesper Chamber (Hc) to open the way through to the Ancient Portal. A quick warning: If you step into the portal you can't go back unless you portal out and start all over again. Once you step through you'll find yourself in a Portal with one exit to the east. Step east and you'll be in the Dense Jungle (Dj).

The jungle contains plenty of mobs but none wander around so clearing a room makes it safe. To open the way north to the Rock Passage 'push rock' in the Dense Jungle. Once inside there are more mobs for you to kill. The Rusted Polearm in the Armory (Am) is the key to the east door, just pick it up and 'unlock door east'.

The crypt is also full of mobs to kill and, at the end, you'll find a one-way portal again. The portal will take you to the last part of Rocky Point: The Tower. Once you step through you can't come back. 'open trap' in the Tower Roof (To) to open a way down.

The tower is five stories high (including the roof) and each of the middle three levels has rooms in all directions, filled with mobs. The bottom floor is a little different. There's a fire elemental in the Kitchen (Ki) who has fireshield but he's a piece of cake compared to the last part of the zone.

If you look into the Throne room you see it empty. Once you step into it you're transported into a copy of the room with a a mad priest and The Lord of Eternal Night in. They are both hard and will attack on sight. You can then get out by going east into a portal. The portal will transport you back to the beginning of Rocky Point, A Sandy Path (Sa) near the Rocky Point Tavern.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 15enenene2n3en3enene3n3enenen2es12e2n5es.

  Map of Rocky Point

             |        |            
             Tr       Te
             |        |              
             |        Im                           
             |        | \ 
             |        Pd Down to Below The Temple            
          Ar Tr-Sa    Moonsea             
          |     |     |             
          |        |               
          Ar       Ss
                   Ss-St-Black Woods Barony
Below The Temple
                    Up to the Temple
              |  |
              Up Nh-Hr-An             
              |  |
              Cp De-Lt-Bc-Hc-Beyond The Portal
Beyond the Portal
              |     |  
           Mo-Pr    Cs 
           |    \     \
           Hf-Hg Sc    Down to The Crypt
The Crypt
              Bu-Sh-Sh-Tf-The tower     
              Th Cy Co-Co Up to Beyond the Portal                
              |  |  |  | /                
              Co-Co-Co Cs                                   
The Tower
        /     \                    
   Ap>Dd    Am \ Sq
            |   \| 
                 | \  |
                 Sq \ Am
                       \  |
                        \ |
                          | \
                          Bd \ Li
                               | \ 
                               Gh \
                                Sm  \
                                |    \ 

  Key to the Map of Rocky Point

Ac- The Anti-Chamber Am- An Armory
An- A Small Antechamber Ap- An Ancient Portal
Ar- A Room in the Rocky Point Tavern Ba- The Barracks
Bc- Burial Chamber Bd- A Bedroom
Bu- The Royal Burial Crypt Ce- The Cellar
Cl- A Closet Co- A Corridor
Cp- A Charnel Pit Cs- A Cold Storage Room
Cy- A Crypt Dd- A Desolate Desert
De- A Downway Hallway Dj- Dense Jungle
Gh- The Great Hall Ha- A Hallway
Hc- The Hesper Chamber Hf- Hall of Frescoes
Hg- The Hall of Gods Hr- The Hall of Relics
Hs- A Hidden Stairwell Ht- A Hidden Trail
Ia- In the Air By a Tower Im- Inside the Main Temple
Ki- The Kitchen Lc- The Lair Of A Carrior Crawler
Lh- A Long Hallway Li- The Library
Lt- The Lower Temple Mg- The MOrgue
Mh- The Main Hall Mo- The Mortuary
Nh- A Narrow Hallway Pa- A Parlor Suite
Pc- The Purifying Chamber Pd- A Pile of Debris
Pr- The Preparation Room Py- The Prayer Room
Rb- The Rocky Point Tavern Bar Ro- A Rock Passage leading into the Dank, Dark Depths
Rp- Rocky Point Rt- The Rokcy Point Tavern
Sa- A Sandy Path Sc- A Storage Chamber
Sh- A Secret Hallway Sk- Smoking Room
Sm- Some Smelly Servants Quarters Sn- A Stone Arch
Sp- Sandy Peninsula Sq- The Servant's Quarters
Ss- The Southern Shore of the Moonsea St- Steep Descent
Tc- A Torture Chamber Te- the Temple Entrance
Tf- The Tomb of The Faceless One Th- The Throne Room
To- The Tower Roof Tr- A Trail along a Desolate Cliff
Up- Some Underground Prison Cells Ut- An Underground Tunnel
Wr- A Wild River

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