Mage Valley Entrance

Mage Valley Entrance is aimed at low level players (Newbies and Chumps). There are plenty of mobs here that will give any Newbie a challenge. One quick warning: There is a timed death trap here. The Icy Pool (Ii) will kill you if you stay in it too long, there's no reason to go there at all so I'd avoid it altogether.

The map jumps around and so I've tried to describe this by using numbers to show where a link goes. '3' would take you to G3, '2' would take you to 'G2', etc. So you should be able to see that travelling N, N, W then E from the Small Pool (Sp) will bring you back to the Small Pool!

If you move down to the Ancient Road where to the south, eventually you'll find a cave in - don't hang around unless you think you can cope with some troglodytes though as you're quickly Ambushed! Once ambushed the door to the west is opened but be careful as if you step through you find yourself in the Troglodyte Tunnels and they lock the door behind you and it's the only way out!

To make your way into the caves you'll need to pass through the Troglodyte caves or be able to fly and take the route off the Ancient Road (Ar). Use 'open rock' Inside The Fissure (If) to open the way east, eventually you'll find yourself In the Air (Ia) above the Enormous Cavern (En).

Wait in the South End of the Enormous Cavern (So) and you'll be transported to the Lair of the Cave Fishers, three fishers will attack (about 7.5k each). You can pick up the long iron rod here then move west to moved back to the Southwest End of the Enromous Cavern (Sw). The iron rod used to open metal plate in the Dry Stream Bed (Ds) but the area it used to link to has been removed form the game so the rod does nothing. You can also find a Grey metal key in the battered desk in the Old River Passage (Or) this too seems to be part of the now missing zone.

Lastly, you can explore the lake if you can breathe underwater, you'll find another way up to the Troglodyte Caves that way too.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 9sws3ws2w2s2w3sws5w2sws2w3s6ws2w11s.

  Map of Mage Valley Entrance

     The Storm Horns
          Tr          Gp----Bc---G3-4
            \         |     |    |   
             Sr       Gp-2  3  5-G4-2
               \      |          |
             Er-Ot-Wt-Ar-2  3    2 
                      |     |
                      |   1-Gs-4    
                      |     |       
                      |     |       
                      Ar----G1---The Storm Horns         
                      |     |                        
                      Ar    1                     
    Cf       Pa-Wp-Wp-Ar                            
    | \         |     |                           
    |  Ao-Ma-Rp |     Ar                              
    |          \|     |                           
    If-Nc       Ct    Troglodyte Caves
    Down to The Enormous Cavern
The Caves
                                       |  |^ |                          
                                 |     |  |  |                         
                                 Or    Sw-So-/                               
                                /      |                              
                  Or-Or-Or-Or-Or       |                                
                 /                     |                              
   Oe-Or-Or-Or-Or                      |                                
   |                                   |                                
   Ob                                  |
   |                                   Av
   Df-Vt                               |
      |                                |
      Vt-Mt Ei-Ii                      |
         |  |  |                       |
         Mt-Es-Fu                      |
         |       \                     Av
         Mt-Mt-Mt Np                   |
               |    \                  |
               Mt    Vs                |
               |       \               |
               Mt-Mt Ds-Ds             |
                  |  |                 |
                  Mt Ds    Ds-------Rb |
                  |    \   |          \|
                  Sp    Ds-Ds          Fr     
                                       Pr-Pr Troglodyte Caves             
                                          | /                            
                Up to Above The Passage   Pr                              
                                      \   |                             
                                       Tp Pr Tf     
                                       |  | /       
Above The Passage
          Rf-Fa-Cs         Up to Below The Lake                        
         /        \        /                      
Down to the Caves  Nr-Nr-Sc-Is                          
Below The Lake
    Troglodyte Caves-Os-Od                     
                  ^   / ^                     
                 |^/  \                       
                 Ab   Down to Above The Passage
                 |^\ ^

  Key to the Mage of Mage Valley Entrance

Ab- At the Bottom of a Dark Lake Am- Ambush!
Ao- An Opening in the Sheer Rock Face Ar- Ancient Road
A5- Ancient Road Av- Ancient Riverroute
Cf- Cramped Fissure Cs- Channel Source
Ct- The Climbing Trail Df- The Dry Ford
Ds- Dry Stream Bed Ee- East End of the Enromous Cavern
Ei- Edge of the Icy Pool En- Enourmous Cavern
Er- End of the Ravine Ex- Extended Cave
Fa- Flying Above a Deep Chasm Fr- Fork in the Riverroute
Fu- The Funnel Gp- A Grassy Plain
G1- A Grassy Plain G2- A Grassy Plain
G3- A Grassy Plain Gs- The Grassy Plains
Ia- In The Air If- Inside The Fissure
Ii- in the Icyu Pool Is- In an Underground Stream
Ma- Mid-Air Mt- Mountain Trail
Nc- Natural Cave No- North End of the Enormous Cavern
Np- Narrow Point Nr- New River Path
Ob- Old River Bed Od- On the Dark Lake
Oe- Old River Exit Or- Old River Passage
Os- On the Shore of the Dark Lake Pa- Path End
Pr- Primary Riverbed Rb- Route Bend
Rf- Rock Face So- South End of the Enormous Cavern
Sp- Snowy Pass Sr- Side of the Ravine
St- Rest Stop Stables Sw- Southwest End of the Enormous Cavern
Tf- Tiny Fissure Tp- Tributary Path
Tr- The Top of the Ravine Uc- An Underwater Cave
Ud- Under the Dark Lake Vs- Vertical Shaft
Vt- Valley Trail We- West End of the Enromous Cavern
Wp- Winding Path Wt- Wide Trail

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