The Ratman Fortress

The ratman fortress is a nice area. There are a mixture of different things to try yourself against, from the lowly miners to the Ratman High Priest. As a rule I'd consider each mob before you try to kill it. The hardest one I came across was the Ratman General in the Office of the General (Og). He was about a 130k kill. There are several keys and locked doors to play with too, but I won't tell you and spoil the fun.

The strangest thing here is the Circular Room (Cr). If you wait long enough it changes to a different circular room with different exits. To return to the original, just wait in the replacement and it'll swap over again.

  Map of the Ratman Fortress

Up to the Ledge    Zb    Sh                 
            \      |     |       
             |     |     |  |          
    Em-Dm Bt-Cp In Pd Ro-La Do Bc-Mh-De Down to the Dungeons
       |  |     |     |  |     |  |    /
       Ms-Om Po-Ba-Py-El Ts    Nw Dp-Du
          |              |     |       
          |     |        |     |     |  |  |  |
          Op    Cs De-Ft-Gh    So    Wg-Bf-Eg Sh-An
          |           |   |    |        |  |     |
          Hc          Ss  |    Oa-Am    Bl Eq    No-Ne
          |               /    |                 |  |
          Wr  Up to Below the  Sh-Py-Pa          Sw-Se
          |     Dusty Slide       |                 |
          Ar                      Sc                Ic
                                  |                 |
                                  Og-Qg             Cr
The Circular Room
        Ao    Pc-Rb
        |     |
  Key to the map of the Fortress

Ac- By the Arches Am- The Armory
An- Antechamber Ao- An Office
Ar- The Arena At- A Tunnel
Ba- The Barracks Bc- A Bend in the Corridor
Bf- The Blood Fountain Bl- The Bleeding Roses
Bp- Branching of Paths Bt- Bend in the Tunnel
Cp- Curving Passage Cr- Circular Room
Cs- Cave of Squalor De- Dead End
Dm- Deep in the Mine Do- The Dormitory
Dp- A Dark Passage Du- Dusty Room
Eg- The Eastern Gardens El- The Equipment Locker
Em- End of the Mine Shaft En- The Entrance
Eq- The Equipment Shed Ew- The East Wing
Fg- Fortress Gates Ft- Filthy Tunnel
Gh- Garbage hole Hc- Hall of Champions
Ic- Impressive Corridor In- The Infirmary
Is- Inner Sanctum Ju- A Junction
La- Large Tunnel Lc- The Lord Chamberlain's Audience Chamber
Lt- A Long Tunnel Mh- Musty Hall
Mi- Market Intersection Ms- The Mine Shaft
Mt- Main Temple Area Nc- A Nearly Clean Hallway
Ne- Northeastern Grand Hall Ng- Next to the Gardens of Horror
No- Northwestern Grand Hall Nw- The North Wing
Oa- Outside the Armory Of- Outside the Fortress Gates
Og- Office of the General Om- Outside a mine
Op- Ornate Passageway Pa- Parade Ground
Pc- Private Chanmbers Pd- The Smith of Piel Dar
Po- The Paymaster's Office Py- Practice Yard
Qg- Quarters of the General Rb- A Royal Bedroom
Ro- The Recruiter's Office Rr- The Royal Reception
Sc- Small Corridor Se- Southeastern Grand Hall
Sh- A Seedy Hangout Sm- Smooth Hallway
So- The South Wing Sr- The Strange Trail
Ss- A Small Stream St- A Small Tunnel
Sw- Southwestern Grand Hall Sy- South Hallway
Ts- Tunnel of Skulls Vw- A View Window
Wa- A Warren Wg- The Western Garden
Wi- The Widening Path Wp- A Widening Passage
Wr- Waiting Room Zb- Zefrek's Butchery

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