Quimperna Village

I really like Quimperna Village. There are lots of little areas to find and explore which make it fun to map. Most of the mobs in this zone aren't aggressive and will allow you to wander around unimpeeded. There are, of course, exceptions. Once you enter the Haunted House or the water under the Well you'll find things very different. Water bourne monsters and spectres will dog your every turn.

The mobs themselves can be handled by characters ranging from Chump all the way through to your mid-Medium levels. At higher Chump levels some of the mobs will be a real challenge but will pay off whilst attacking others will be suicide - pay careful attention to the advice you get from teh 'consider' command.

There's only one locked door in the whole area - the entrance to the Haunted House - and you can find the key on Ruben, the fat man. There is a hidden room behind the mirror. You can open the way to it by pulling the mirror.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 15enenene2n3en3en2en5es3es3ws.

  Map of Quimperna Village

                          Cd   Khmer
                          |     |
                          |     |       
                       Iv-Iv Ph-Iv-Yh          
                       |  |            
                    Ns-Ne Iv-Iv                
                    |  |  |  |          
                    Sb Es Iv-Rh                   
                    |  |                
                 |  |  |                
                 Oh-Iv Iv-Gh-Gb                      
                              Down to Food Storage          
Food Storage
Up to the Village Sf-Ps      
                 \|v |                         
                  |   v
                     Down to Below the Pond                      
Below the Pond
                      Up to Food Storage                       
Up to Inside the Well Wt                       
             \        |
             Dw-Wt-Wt-Wt Up to Inside the Well
                      | /
Inside the Well
                           Id    Up to Quimperna Village       
                           |    /         
                    /   |  |                   
Down to Below the Pond  Ds Id
                       /     \
 Down to Below the Pond       Down to Below the Pond
Down from the Wooden Stair (Ws)
               Up to Food Storage
         |  |
         If Cf                              
Down from the Stone Fireplace (Sf)
                      Up to Food Storage
Up to Hobby Rooms  Rh
               \   |
                Db Sm
                |  |
Hobby Rooms
                    | \                            
Down to Stone Hall  Lr-Mr Up to the Village                         
                       | /
                  Down to below the Fireplace                      
Stone Hall
                       Up to Inside the Well                 
              St Up to Hobby Rooms
              | /                        
Down from The Chorus Corner (Cc)
                 Up to the Haunted Mansion
The Haunted Mansion
                 Down to the Bedrooms                       
The Bedrooms
Up to the Haunted Mansion  Wr Bl    Up to the Main Hall    
                        \  |  |    /
The Main Hall
                         v  |
                           /   |
Down to Inside The Farm (If)   Bm

  Key to the map of Khmer Castle

Ac- Abrupt Change Ba- The Basement
Bb- Big Bubbles Bd- The Black Door
Be- The Bedrooms Hall Bh- The Blue House
Bl- The Black Room Bm- Behind the mirror
Br- The Ballroom By- The Balcony
Cb- Some CHarcoal and Burnt Wood Cc- The Chorus Corner
Cd- Chapel of Dreams Cf- The Corn Field
Co- Costumes, Dresses and Accessories Cp- A Clear Pond
Cm- A Colourful Mosaic Db- Deepest Basement
De- Design Room Dr- Dance Room
Dw- A Deep Water Tunnel Eq- Entrance to Quimperna Village
Es- East Side of Quimperna's Lake Fa- Fresh Air
Fp- The Festival's Plaza Fs- The Food Storage
Ga- The Gallery Gb- The Great Bakery
Gh- The Green House Ha- Hot Air and Burning SMell
Hm- The Haunted Mansion Hu- The Hunted Mansion
Id- Inside the Dark Well If- Inside the Farm
Iv- Inside the Village Lr- Literature Room
Ls- A Luxury Stair Ma- Main Room
Mr- Music Room Ne- North-east Side of Quimperna's Lake
Ns- North Side of Quimperna's Lake Of- An Old Farm
Oh- The Orange House Om- The Oval Mirror
Ph- The Pink House Ps- Potions and Spices
Re- Really Hot! Rh- The Red House
Sb- A Simple Bridge Se- South-east Side of Quimperna's Lake
Sf- The Stone Fireplace Sm- Smoke and More Smoke
So- The Small Orchard Sr- A Small Room
Ss- South Side of QUimperna's Lake St- Stone Hall
Tb- The Ballroom Tf- A Tint and Forgotten Road
Wc- Water's Change Wd- A White Door
Wp- Wheat processing Wr- The White Room
Ws- Wooden Stair Wt- the Water Tunnel
Wv- The Well of the Village Yh- The Yellow House

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