Darkspyre Keep

Darkspyre Keep is aimed at Adepts. Even if you are an Adept this zone must not be attempted without preparation. I'd recommend getting both blunt and blade resistant objects and when you're in the zone you'll need to try and keep sanctuary up as much as possible. I mapped the zone with a 50/50/50 tri-class with all of that and blade barrier and I nearly died...

Outside and inside the keep you'll find cloaked figures wandering around. They are werepanthers and will attack on sight. I was invisible and sneaking and they still attacked me. If you travel around the Keep Perimeter (Kp) you'll find yourself in a Dark glade (Dg). It's really a three room maze that leads to the Shreaded Trees and dark druid. On the north-east corner of the perimiter you can go up to a Rooftop Niche (Rn) where there's a locked steel box. The key can be found within the keep.

If you run north you'll find yourself at a Hallway Intersection (Hi) where a wounded guard lies on the floor. This room is quite safe and panthers and dragon men don't wander in. To the west is a werewolf that'll cast, once dead you can 'turn torch' to open a secret way to the west where a small child is hiding from all of the were beasts. The case in the Small Library (Sl) is locked. The key can be found in the desk in the Ransacked Study (Rs) to the west. To the east of the Hallway Intersection (Hi) are a few rooms before the stairs. You'll often find a dragonman here (or just up the stairs). The dragonmen in the keep will breathe fire on you if you don't keep them bashed and can do a couple of hundred damage and scrap equipment. You don't have to be a half-giant to bash them, they're not huge.

In the hallways with tapestries there is a secret way to the west. Use 'pull tapestry' to open the doorway. The way to the dungeon is quite safe until you rach the Short Hallway (Sh) where two hidden werebats await and will attack. One has the Dungeon key. The dungeon's are laregly safe apart from one. A hidden life form 'a shadow' hides in the Dungeon Cell (Dc) to the south as you enter the dungeon, it hits hard and is resistant to slash. There is also a Bright candle in the Bright dungeon. You can't pick it up and I'm guessing you're supposed to do something with it but I couldn't work it out at the time.

Brandon Darkspyre resides on the first floor of the keep. To get to him you have to get past a pair of werepanthers to the End of Hallway (Eh). You can't knock or pick the door, you can only doorbash it but again be careful. The Entry Hall (En) has a weredragon in it and there are more than one of them wandering around. I nearly died when one walked in in the middle of a battle and breathed on me. There are also werepanthers running around. In the Vast Hall (Vh) are many (seven I think) hidden were bats that attack even if you're sneaking.

Brandon Darksypre on the Dragon Throne (Dt). It's possible to kill him on your own but hit hits hard, even with resists, and has a lot of hit points. Brandon has a steel key on him, the key to the steel box found in the Rooftop Niche on the outside of the castle.

'pull arm' on the throne to open a way south to the Dragon Brandon - a HARD ASS Dragon. You'll be transported to a Secret Room (Sr) which has a one-way exit to a Short Hallway (Sh). Brandon Darkspyre sits in the Misty Cavern and is not alone. There are a bunch of werebats in the room too that'll stop you bashing Brandon if you're not careful.

  Map of Darkspyre Keep

                                    Dg      St                   
            *  *                    |       |                    
          3-02-Dg-1           Rn  3-01-2  2-03-Dg                           
            |  |             /      *       |
            1  Kp----------Kp            1
               |           |
               |  The Keep |
               |     |     |
               Co    |                
               |     |                                       
         Fortress of the Black Hills                           
Inside the Keep
                         +       \                          
                         En       \                         
                         |         \                        
                         Vh         \                       
                         |           \                      
                         Ch           \    
                         |             \  
                         Dt Hc-Hd-Hi-As-Bs     
                         v        |                                       
                         Sr       Ha                                       
                         v        |                                       
                         Sh-Pa    Rr
                            |     |
                   Ds-Sh-Ts Pa-Md Ha                                       
                  /      |        |                                       
                Ds       Ss Dp-Dp-Ha                                       
                |          \|     |                                       
       Dc    Dc Ds          Ss Rs-Ha-Sl                                       
       +     +    \               |                                       
 Bd-Dh-Dh-Dh-Dh----Du             Ik                                       
       +     +                    |
       Dc    Dc           Outside the Keep

  Key to the Map of the Spine of Mon Crewyll

As- Approaching the Staircase Bd- Bright Dungeon Cell
Bs- Bottom of the Staircase Ch- Centre of the Hall
Co- Captain's Office Dc- Dungeon Cell
Dg- Dark Glade Dh- Dungeon Hallway
Ds- Dark Stairwell Dt- Dragon Throne
Du- Dungeon Stairs Ed- Entrance to Darkspyre Keep
Eh- End of Hallway En- Entry Hall
Gh- Guard House Ha- Hallway
Hc- Hall Closet Hi- Hallway Intersection
Ik- Inside the Keep Kp- Keep Perimeter
Kr- Keep Road Mc- Misty Cavern
Pa- Passage Rn- Rooftop Niche
Rs- Ransacked Study Se- Secret Hallway
Sh- Short Hallway Sl- Small Library
Sr- Secret Room Ss- Stone Staircase
St- Shattered Trees To- Top of the STaircase
Ts- Turn in the Hallway Vh- Vast Hall

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