The Catacombs

This map was originally sent to me by Raften the mage. Cheers Raften.
The Spirit caves were mapped by Khazmodan, and added to Raften's map. Thanks Khaz.
You enter the Catacombs from the grate in the North Ride of Shadowdale, you find yourself in room Ec. If you go up from Foot of the Ladder (Fl) you'll come out in the Storage Closet, in the Old Skull Inn.

There are no death traps on this level, and most of the mobs can be handled by a lowish level warrior, although Raften got killed by the Beast in the holding cell (Hc) when it repoped. The key to the Holding cell (Hc) is kept by the guard in End of Passage (Ep), the key to The Crypt is held by the guard in Door to the crypt (Dc) and the key to the Spirit caves is held by the Zombie Lord (eastern Lt).

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 4ed.

  Map of the Catacombs

      Up to Shadowdale          Ep
                      \         |
                       Ec       Ic  
                      /|        | 
    Down to the Sewers Dt-Dt-Ic Ic-Ic   
                             |     |
                       Pb-Pb Ic    
                          |  |  
                          Tb-Tc-Tb Hs-Hs-Hs                 Up to Shadowdale
                             |     |  |  |                        /
                             |     |  |  |                 |     |
                          Tb-Tc-Tb Hs-Hs-Hs                Tt-Tt Tt-Tt
                             |                                |     |
                          Tb-En-Tb                         Et-Tt----Tt

  Key to the map of the Catacombs

Bt- Behind the tomb Dc- Door to the Crypt
Dd- Deep in the Dark Dh- Dark Hallway
Dr- Deeper in the Dark Dt- A dark tunnel
Ec- Entrance to the Catacombs En- The End of the Crypt
Ep- End of passage Et- End of Tunnel
Fl- Foor of the Ladder Hc- Holding cell
Ic- In the catacombs Ki- Kitchen
Lt- A large tomb Pb- Priests' Bedroom
Pc- Priests' Quarter Ss- Small Shrine
St- A small tomb Tb- A tomb
Tc- The Crypt Tt- Twisting Tunnel

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