Forest of the Quicklings

This area is for high level Newbies and Chumps. The Quicklings that live here are almost always aggressive, so attack them before they attack you and don't rest or go to sleep here.

Up From A rather large and impressive looking tree is a hidden Lookout Point.The Guard in the Stockade has the key to the slave pen. The hardest NPCs (apart from Tephanis) here are the King and Queen. He is quite a fighter, and she a cleric so be warned. The vine covered tunnel (Fv) is a small room and only two players can go in there at a time. The Clearing in the Quickwood (Cq) can be found by lifting the bush in the Path through the Forest (Pa).

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 6s5wsws2w2se.

  Map of the Quickling Forest

     Spider Haunt-Tq                                                      
                  Tw Tu-As    Lp       Tx                            
                  |  |       /        /                        
            Df-Ev-Cf-Bw-Dp-Lt    Qr-Et                                      
                  |              |                           
               Cq Fd    St-Sc    Ap
               |  |     |  |    /|                             
            Fe-Pa-Tp    Sp Ev-Ex Br                                  
                  |        |                                
                  |        |                                
                  Fs       Sg-Gc                                 

  Key to the map of the Quickling Forest

Ap- A pair of Branches As- Ambush site
Br- Branch Room Bw- Break in the Woods
Cf- Choice of Forest Cq- A Clearing in the Quickwoods
Dp- Darkened Path through the Wicked Woods Eg- Entrance to the Grove
El- Evil-Looking Path Et- Entrance to the Trunk
Ev- The Evil Vine Covered Path Ex- An Extremely Large Tree
Fd- Forest of Doom Fe- Forest End
Fo- Forest Fs- Forest That's Strange
Fv- Forest, Vine Covered Tunnel Gc- Gove of Children
Hv- A hovel Lg- Linkage to the Grove
Lp- Lookout Point Lt- A rather large and impressive-loking tree
Pa- Path through the Forest Qr- The Quickling Raider's Barracks
Sc- A strange clear area Sg- Sinister Forest Grove
Sp- Slave Pen St- Stockade
Tp- Twisted Path Tq- Trail through the Quickwood
Tu- Turn Through the Woods Tx- Throne Room of Xephanix
Tw- Trail through the woods

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