Svirfneblin Mining Camp

Svirfneblin Mining Camp is aimed at Newbie characters (levels 1-10). It has lots of wandering mobs, most of whom aren't too much of a problem. There's plenty to explore and plenty for lower level characters to fight.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 4e7ne3n4esen.

  Map of Svirfneblin Mining Camp

                   |        |
                Sr-Go-My-Cu |                       Ci 
                         |  |                       |
                   Ll    |  Or-Wg-Ve    Tg-Mg-Mg-Gt-Lu-Mk-Ld-Ld-Tt
                   |     |        |     |                       |
                Dc-Lc-Gc Nn-Te    Tt-Ve-Gs                      Md
                   |                    |                       |
                   Na                   Gt             Ge-Gw    Sd
                   |                    |              |        |
                   Nc                   Nt       Ca-Ac-Si-Cu-Mt-Mc
                   |                             |  |  |     |
                La-Mw-Oc-Sc                   Lr-La So Ng    Nl
                      |                       |        |     |
                   On-Ai                      Wp       Mt    Vs       
                      |                       |        | 
             Ct-Em-Rc-Cd-Tp                   Lo       Tu-Di-Fp-Fs
             |           |                    |        |
             Ln          Rn             Sm-Mt-Cm       Lv       
             |           |              |              |
             Ln    Do    Mt             St             Ml
             |     |     |              |            
             Ip-Dt-Da-Dd Nr             Mr
             |           |              |            
             Mn          Tn             Nw 
             |           |              |              
             De          Mt             Du
                         |              |           

  Key to the Map of the Mining Camp

Ac- Another Cave Used For Sleeping Ai- Anoither Intersection
Ca- Cave Used For Sleeping Cd- Choice of Directions
Cg- Caves Rich With Gems Ci- Tunnel Cavi-In
Cm- Curving and Moving Deeper Ct- Curved Tunnel
Cu- Curving Tunnel Da- Dark and Dank Passage
Dc- Deep Cavern Dd- Dark, Dead End Cavern
De- Dead End Cavern Di- Dining Room Cavern
Do- Dank and Oderous Cave Dt- Dank Tunnel
Du- Dug or Carved Passage Em- Even More Tunnel
Fp- Food Preparation Cave Fs- Food Stuffs Storage Cave
Gc- Glittering Cavern Ge- Gem Cutters Cavern Home
Gl- Glowing Small Cavern Go- Gem and Ore Streaked Tunnel
Gt- Glistening Tunnel Gw- gem Cutters Working Cave
Ip- Intersection Passage La- Large Cavern
Lc- Large Cavern Intersection Ld- Long Dark Tunnel
Ll- Lizard's Lair Ln- Long Natural Passage
Lo- Levelling Off Lr- Large Open Cavern
Lu- Large Underground Cavern Lv- Living Area
Mc- More Curving Tunnel Md- More Descending Tunnel
Me- More Ore Rich Tunnels Mg- more Glistening Tunnel
Mk- More Long Dark Tunnel Ml- More Living Area
Mm- More Gem Rich Caves Mn- More Natural Passage
Mo- More Natural Tunnel Mr- More Narrow Tunnel
Mt- More Tunnel Mu- More Underground Tunnel
Mv- More Caves Mw- Many Ways to Choose
My- more Gem Layered Caves Na- Narrower Cavern
Nc- Naturally Carved Tunnel Ng- Narrowing Tunnel
Nl- Narrow and Low Tunnel Nn- A Narrow Tunnel
Nr- Newly Revealed Passages Nt- Large Natural Cavern
Nw- Narrow Carved Tunnel Oc- Open Cavern
On- Open Natural Cavern Or- Ore Rich Tunnel
Rc- Rough Natural Cavern Rn- Rough and Natural Passage
Sc- Stinky Cavern Sd- Sloping Downward Tunnel
Si- Small Intersection of Caves Sm- Slowly Moving Deeper Into the Depths
So- Storage Cavern Sr- Storage Cave
St- Slowly Turning Tunnel Te- Tunnel's End
Tg- Twisting Glittering Tunnel Ti- Tunnel Intersection
Tn- Tunnels Deeper Into the Ground To- Tunnel Opening
Tp- Turning Passage Tt- Twisting and Turning Tunnel
Tu- Tunnels Connecting Ut- Underground Tunnel
Ve- Vein Streaked Tunnel Vs- Very Small Cave
Wg- Widening Gem Laced Tunnel Wp- Widening Passage

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