Port Miramor

Port Miramor is a large, good aligned city. You won't be attacked by mobs here if you're of a good-aligned race unless you do something to upset them, such as attack one of them. If you do, be careful not to upset the Royal guard as they are not easy pickings unless you're well equipped (and over level 15 or so). There are guildmasters here for most of the guilds which will train you up to level 20. You can rent out here in a room above the Entrance to the Dancing Daemon Inn (Ed).

To open the way through to the Harem you need the key to the Sultan's Palace from the Taxcollector that wanders around the city. To open all but one of the doors in the Dungeon you can use the key from the Jailer. The other door can be opened with knock and leads north to the Throne Room (Th). Lastly 'open throne' in the Throne Room (Th) opens a secret way north to a Treasure Room (Tr).

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 6s6wn2wn3wn6wn2wnwsw3n3ws5w.

  A Map of Port Miramor

                 Nr                On                   Tt
                   \               |                   /
                       |  |        |        |        |     
                       Cy Al       Sw    Bf-Gr-Mn    Kr    
                          |        |        |        |     
                          Al       |     Ra |        |     
                           v       |    /   |        |     
                    Ch Ba   Palace-Sw-Ed Wg-Gr-Cg Li-Kr    
                    |  |           |  |     |        |     
                    It-It-Dr       Sw Dd Ta-Gr-Mu Dh-Kr    
                    |  |           |        |  |   ^       
                    Ec Tg Al-Al As Sw Vv    Gr-Mu []-Mc    
                    |  |  |   v |  |  |     |     |  |     
                    Ng Ts Al Bk-Nw-No-Ne-Bu Gr Wb Bh Eg           Dg
                       |  |     |  |  |     |  |  |  |            |
 Anauroch Desert-Ow-Iw-Wm-Wm-Wm-We-Ce-Ea-Em-Em-Em-Em-Ie-----Oe-Or-Or-Desertmouth Foothills
                    |  |  |     |  |  |     |  |            |  
                    Ew Rs Al Gs-Sw-So-Se-Aa |  Mg-Et        Ou 
                    |     |     |  |  |     |     |          v
                    Tw-Tp Al-Al Bs |  Ii    |     Fu
                              v    |        |      v
                                   |        Al-Shadows of the City
                                   |        |          
                                   Me    Yo-Al-Al-Si
                                   |           |                 
                    Wa-Wa Df-Sw    Me Fo Ro-Hl Al Cc Du
                    |  |     |     |  |  |     |  |  |
                             |     |
                             Br    Sb
                             |     | \
                     Ishtar River  Id Ishtar River
The Underground
                   Up to the City (Al)
                Un    Up to the City (Al)                              
                |    /                              
                   Un                Up to the City (Fu)               
                   |                      \         
                   Un                      Sy    Up to the City (Ou)
                   | /                     V       / 
The palace
                           Down to the Dungeon
         Tr>Gu       Ax En Sa                               
         |  |        |  |  |                              
         Th-Ha-------Ha-Ha-Ha Gh                          
         |              |     |   
         Sc Bestiary-Ga-Ha-Ha-Ge-Pg-To the City
         +              |     |                          
         Hr+Ha-------Ha-Ha-Ha Gh                          
         |  |        |  |  |                             
         Gu Gt       Gt Gd-Ki     
The Dungeon
Up to the palace  Cl    Cl Cl                         
              \   +  +  +  +                            
                  +  +  +  +                           
                  Cl Cl Cl Cl                         

  Key to the map of Port Miramor

Aa- Abdul's Armor Ab- Abandoned Shop
Al- Alley As- Ahkeem's Stuff
Ax- Art Exhibit Ba- By the Alter
Bf- The Boyer/Fletcher's Bh- Braheem's Magic Shop
Br- Bend in the road Bs- The Bread Stand
Bk- The Bank Bu- The Butchery
Ca- The Casbah Cc- Casandra's Catch of the Day
Ce- The Center of Market Square Cg- The Craftman's Guild
Ch- Chamber of the High Priest Cl- Cell
Cs- The Common Square Cy- City Hall
Dd- The Dancing Deamon Inn De- Dead End
Df- Drafting Room Dg- Date Grove
Dh- The Dance Hall Dp- Dark Passage
Dr- Donation Room Du- The Dump
Dw- Desolate Wasteland Ea- The Eastern Market Square
Ec- Entrance to the Guild of Clerics Ed- The Entrance to the Dancing Deamon Inn
Eg- Entrance to the Mage's Tower Ei- East Ishtar Drive
Em- East Main Street En- Entrance to the Dungeon
Et- Entrance to the Thief's Guild Ew- Entrance to the Guild of Warriors
Fo- The Forge Fu- The Filthy Unicorn
Gd- Grand Dining Hall Ge- The Grand Entrance
Gh- Guard House Gr- Guildman's Row
Gs- The General Store Gt- Guest Room
Gu- Guard Room Ha- Hall
Hl- The Hay Loft Hr- Harem
Ia- In an Alley Id- Inside the Southern Gate of Port Mir
Ie- Inside the Eastern Gate of Port Mir Ii- Igor's Implement of Destruction
In- Inside the Northern Gate of Port Mir Is- Inside the Temple
Iw- Inside the West Gate of Port Mir Jr- Jailer's Room
Ki- Kitchen Kr- Kali Row
Li- The Library Mc- The Mage's Courtyard
Me- The Medina Mg- The Mercenary's Guild
Mu- The Museum of the Greater Gods Ne- The Northeastern Market Square
Ng- Nectar of the Gods No- The Northern Market Square
Nr- North-West Tower Nw- The Northwestern Market Square
Oe- Outside the Eastern Gate of Port Mir On- Outside the Northern Gate of Port Mir
Or- On a road Op- On the Plains
Os- Outside the Southern Gate of Port Mir Ou- Outside the wall
Ow- Outside the West Gate of Port Mir Pg- The Palace Gate
Ra- The Reception Area Ro- The Royal Stables
Rs- The Repair Shop Sa- Shrine of Allga
Sb- The Southern Bridge Sc- Secreet Room
Se- The Southeastern Market Square Sh- Shipwright
Si- The Suggler's Inn So- The Southern Market Square
St- Secret Cell Sw- The Southwestern Market Square
Sy- The Secret Yard Ta- The Tanner's Guild
Td- Tunnel in the Dungeon Tg- The Temple Gates
Th- Throne Room Tp- Tournament and Practice Yard
Tr- Treasure ROom Ts- The Temple Square
Tt- Twinkle's Tower Tw- The Whet Stone
Un- Underground Vv- Vera's Veggies
Wa- Warehouse Wb- The Witch's Brew
Wc- West Casbah We- The Western Market Square
Wg- The Weaver's Guild Wi- West Ishtar Drive
Wm- West Main Street Yo- Ye Old Leather Shoppe

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