The Lost Glories of Montserrat

Lets get this out of the way from the off. The Lost Glories of Montserrat is not an easy place to be. Unless you're invisible and sneaking you'll be under constant siege from golems, efreets and lizardmen - and that's if you stay in the easy parts of town! I wouldn't recommend you come here unless a tough group of you want a lot of xp fast but, as with everything, it'll be risky.

With that in mind, the only other thing to be wary of above ground is the Sea of Living Fire. If you're flying you can survive above the lake easily but don't think you'll be able to survive inside the unbelievably hot magma. You won't - it's a deathtrap.

All of the locked doors in this zone can be doorbashed or knocked. I looked for keys but could only find one and nearly died getting out of there so I didn't get to see what it was for. Once unlocked, use 'push gate' to open the palace gate and 'push door' to open the doors to the foyer and the armory. To find your way into the sewers you need to 'lift floor' in Centre of the Armory (Ca). Down will take you into the Moldy Sewer Passage (Ms).

If you thought the city was tough you have a real wake-up call entering the sewers. The sewers are populated by Dragonmen. They're tough warriors that breath like dragons!Green dragonmen breath acid, white dragonmen breath cold and blue dragonmen breath electricity. I'd go down there with protection from all the breaths if I were you!

The Centre of the Slimy Sewers (Ce) isn't obvious, but you can move into it from either of Deep Within the Dark Sewers (Dw). I didn't see any dragonmen wandering into the room either so it may be a good place to take a rest. Down ffrom the Center of the Slimy Sewers (Ce) takes you to the Catacombs of the Dragonmen (Ct). The catacombs are chock-a-block with dragonmen and two high priets and two dragonmen generals that are all sanc'd. Take care.

The last area is down from the Catacombs of the Dragonmen (Ct) and it very hard indeed. Two blue dragonmen guards will attack you instantly and did over 200 points of damage to Astaroth through sanc in ONE ROUND. Like I said: tough. I didn't get to look in the Chamber of the Dragonmen Queen but I guarantee it won't be a walk in the park.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 4s2wn4w4n2w3s8w2n2w2n2ene.

  Map of Montserrat

Anauroch Desert-Pd-Pd-Pd-------------------Pd-Pd-Pd                       
                |  |  |                    |  |  |               
                |  |  |                    |  |  |
                |  |  |                    |  |  |                     
                |  |  |  Nw----------------Ba-Ie-Dr-Dr-Ie-------Nm-------Ne 
                |  |  |  |                    |        |        |        |
                |  |  |  |                    |        |        Ra       |
                |  |  |  |                    |        |        |        |
                |  |  |  |                    |        |     Re-Ta-Rd    |
                |  |  |  |                    |        |        |        |
                Pd-Pd-Pd-Sa     Bk Ry Bk      Sa-Na-Na-Wm-Ra-Ta-Am-Ta-Ra-Em
                |     |  |      |  |  |       |        |        |        |
                |     |  |      Ww-Ca-Ew      |        |     Cs-Ta-Ru    |
                |     |  |      |   v |       |        |        |        |
                |     |  |      Ww-Ar-Ew      |        |        Ra       |
                |     |  |         +          |        |        |        |
                |  |  |  |         |          |  |  |  |        |        | 
                Pd-Pd-Pd-Rn        Na         Sh-As-As-Sh       Tt       Rs
                         |         |          |  |v |v |        |        |
                         Rn        Na         Sh-As-As-Sh       Tt       Rs
                         |         |          |  |v |v |        |        |
                         |                    |        |        +        |
                         |                    |        |        Ig       | 
                         |                    |        |        |        |  
                         Bt                   |        |     Ic-Ic-Ic    |
                         |                    |        |     |  |  |     | 
                         |  Ga Mc-Nw-Nw-\     |        |     Ic-Ic-Ic    |
                         |    \         |     |        |        +^       |
                         Bt La-Fc----Rc-Mh-Ts-Ft-Rp-Rp-Np       Pa       Np
                         |              |     |        |        |        |
                         |     Mc-So-So-/     |        |        Eh-Pb    |
                         |                    |        |        |        |
                         |                    |        |     Cf-Eh       |
                         |                    |        |        |        |
                         |                    |        |        Eh-Ki    |
                         |                    |        |        |        |
                         |                    |        |        Tr       |
                         |                    |        |                 |
Upper Floor of the Palace
                   | \                     
The Sewers
         Ds-Ds-Ms Ss-Sl-Sl-Sl                          
         |  ^  |  |        |                
         Ds Ms-Ms Ss Da-Da Da                    
         |        |  |     |               
         Dp-Dp-Dp-Ss Da-Da-Da                        
               |     |            
               |   v |
         Hs-Hs-Hs Sp-Sp-Dn-Dn 
         |     |  |        |
         Dp Dp Hs Sp An-An Dn   
         |  |  |  |  |     |
         Dp-Dp Hs-Sp An-An-Dn    
Catacombs of the Dragonmen
          Sc-Dt       Wr                            
             |        |                            
             Dt-Dt Dt-Dt                               
                |^ |                                 
             |  |v                                  
          Dt-Dt Dt-Dt                                  
          |        |                               
          Wr       Dt-Sa
Queen's Chamber
     Up to the Catacombs

  Key to the Map of Montserrat

Am- Center of the Ancient Marketplace An- Ancient Sewers
Ar- The Armory As- Above the Sea of Living Fire
Ba- Behind the Armory Be- Bedchamber of Eilns the Magnificent
Bk- Barracks Room Bp- Behind the Palace of the Sultan
Bs- Bedchamber of the Sultana Bt- Behind the Temple of Montserrat
Ca- Centre of the Armory Cd- Chamber of the Dragonmen Queen
Ce- Center of the Sewer System Cf- Conference Room
Cs- A Crumbling Shop Ct- Catacombs of the Dragonmen
Cw- A Checkpoint Within the Ruins Da- Dank Sewers
Dk- Dark Sewers Dn- Dank Sewer Passage
Dp- Damp Sewer Passage Dr- A Dark Road at the Edge of Town
Ds- Damp Sewers Dt- Dark, Twisted Corridor
Dw- Deep Within the Dark Sewers Ea- Entrance to the Armory
Eh- Elegant Hallway Em- East of the Marketplace
Ew- East Wing of the Armory Fc- Front of the Chapel
Fd- Foyer of the Dragonmen Queen Fg- Front gate of the Palace of the Sultan
Ft- In front of the Temple of Montserrat Ga- greater Altar of the Sun
Hr- The Harem Room Hs- Humid Sewer Passage
Ic- Inner Courtyard Ie- An Intersection at the Edge of Town
Ig- Inside the Gates In- Intersection in the Sewers
Is- An Intersection Near the Sea of Living Fire Ki- Kitchen
La- Lesser Altar of the Sun Mc- Meditation Chamber
Mh- Magnificent Hallway Ms- Moldy Sewer Passage
Na- A Narrow Road through the Rubble Ne- Northeast Corner of Town
Nm- North of the Marketplace Np- Near the Palace of the Sultan
Nt- Near th Temple of Montserrat Nw- North Wing of the Temple of the Sun
Pa- Palace Foyer Pb- Private Bedroom
Pd- Plains of Dust Ra- Ruins of an Ancient Marketplace
Rc- Rear of the Chapel Rd- A Ruined Shop
Re- Remains of an Old Shop Rn- A Road Near the Wastelands
Rp- Ruins of the Palace Road Rs- A Rubble-Strewn Road
Ru- The Ruins of a Collapsed Shop Ry- rear of the Armory
Sa- The Side of the Armory Sc- Sanctuary
Se- Southeast Corner of Town Sh- The Shores of the Sea of Living Fire
Sl- Slimy Sewers So- South Wing of the Temple of the Sun
Sp- Slimy Sewer Passage Sn- South of the Marketplace
Ss- Slimy Sewer Passage Sw- Southwest Corner of Town
Ta- A Trail Through the Ancient Marketplace Tr- Throne Room
Ts- Temple of the Sun Tt- A Treacherous Trail through the Ruins
Uf- Upper Floor of the Palace Wm- West of the Marketplace
Wr- Dragonmen War Room Ww- West Wing of the Armory

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