The Border Forest and the Dragonspine Mountains

This is a connecting area and, as such, is pretty safe for everyone to move around in. There are no aggressive monsters to worry about. I wanted to map this for a while, as I suspected it joined a few areas together that are difficult to get between otherwise (Moonsea and Anauroch for example).

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 15enenene2n3en3enenen2w3n.

  Map of the Border Forest and Dragonspine Mountains

                                 Tesh Trail-No-No-No
                    Tl Up to the City of Angels   |                
                    |                    \        |   
           Th       Ac-Rf-Df-Ht          Ss       No     
           |                 |           |        |   
           Tt          Sb----Lf-Ee-Af-Wt-Wt       |
           |           |              v  |        |   
           Se-Bs       Pa   Heiraktazin  Wt-Ti----Ti-Et-Et-Et   
              |        |                    |     |        | 
  Anauroch-Sa Lc    Ls-Dp-Lordaeron         So----Rc       Moonsea
           |  |     |                       |      
           Wb Mp-Nb-Sg                      So      
           |  |                             |        
           Bm-Tm                            So-So      
                                            |  |   
                                            |  So Rp
                                            |     | 
                                         |  |  |     |  |
                                         Rt-Rt-Rt    Rt-Rt-Rt-Mr-Moonsea
                                         |  |  |     |  |
                                         |  |  |  |
                                         |  |     
                                    Northern Woods            

  Key to the map of the Border Forest and Dragonspine Mountains

Ac- A Forest Path Approaching a Canyon
Af- Apporaching the Border Forest Aw- Approaching Woods
Be- The Beach Bf- Bordering the Forest
Bm- A Bend in the Mudy Path Bo- Borders
Bs- Beneath the Shade Trees Bt- Borers of the Tesh
Df- A Densely Forested Trail Dp- A Dirt Path through the Border Forest
Ee- Eastern Edge of the border Forest Ep- End of the Plain
Et- Eastern Trail through the Dragonspine Fp- Featureless Plains
Ht- A Hunting Trail Nearing the Mountains Lc- A Leaf Covered Trail
Lf- Lightly Forested Path Ls- Lengthening Shadows in the Border Forest
Mp- A Misty Path Through the Border Forest Mr- Mouth of the River Tesh
Nb- near the Base of Dagger Falls No- Northern Trail through the Dragonspine
Ns- near Shadowdale Woods Nt- Plains near the Trail
Pa- A Path Beneath the Tall Trees Pb- Plains Bordering Mountains
Pg- Plains of Green Pl- Plains
Pt- Plains of Tesh Rc- A Rocky Clearing
Rf- A Rocky Forest Path Rp- Rocky Path
Rt- The River Tesh Sa- Sandy Path through the Border Forest
Sb- A Sharp Bend in the Forest Path Se- A Serene Glade
Sg- A Shadowy Grove of Trees So- Southern Trail Through the Dragonspine
Sr- South of the Rock Ss- Shadow of a Spire
Te- Tesh Th- A Thick Clump of Trees an Brambles
Ti- A T-Intersection ni the Dragonspine Tl- A Tree Lined Canyon
Tt- Thickening Trees Tm- A Twisting, Muddy Forest Path
Wb- A Warm, Breezy Forest Path Wt- Western Trail through the Dragonspine

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