Tilverton Mountains

This map was sent to me by Vanashtha, cheers Van.
This part of the mountains is the most up and down part I've ever seen. In a change from the usual maps, the up arrows represent where the path is up/down (with up at the top) and down arrows with up at teh bottom. There don't seem to be many mobs here, and those that are are MUCH too easy for Stibbons - they might be harder for low-level characters so I'd be a little careful. I later added the trail that leads to Moonsea, as the gaps between the maps didn't really justify a map of their own.

  Map of Tilverton Mountains

                                                      |     |
Desertmouth-Nr                                  Wt-Rt-Ig    It-Et-Ri-Mr-Mr-The Moonsea
Mountains   |                                   |
            Nr-Nr                               |   Sc
               |                                |   |
               Nr          Tg-Rt-Ar-Wt    Aw-Oy-Rt  Pt
               |           |        |     |         |     
  Moonsea Ride-Nr-Gs-Mr-Mr-Et       Ig-Gt-Ig    On--St Np-Cp
                                       |        ^   | /   |
                                    Ov-Im-Om As-Hm  Os    El
                                    |     |  ^            |
                        Tt-Hp-To    Vt Dm-Or Hl           Ol
                       /        \   |  |     ^            |
                     Sr          Bs-Iv Hm    Om Waterfall-Ml-Es 
                    /               |  |     ^            |^
                  Ba-Ag-Ab----------Ov Om----Bm           Ol
                                          Down to the Thunderpeaks

  Key to the map of Tilverton Mountains

Ab- At the base of a Teep Trail Ag- Along the Path
Al- Along a Narrow Path An- Across a Narrow Ledge
Ap- At a Narrow Path Ar- Along a Rocky Trail
As- Across a Steep Trail Aw- Along a Winding Trail
Ba- The Base of a Steep Trail Bs- At the Base of Some Stairs
Bh- Before a Huge Cave Entrance Bm- Base of a Mountain
Cp- Cresting the Peak Dm- Deep In the Mountains
El- Edge of the Lost Lake Es- East Shore of the Lake
Et- Entrance to Tilver's Gap Gs- The Gates of Tilverton
Gt- The Gap Hh- Higher in the Mountains
Hi- High in the Mountains Hl- High on a Ledge
Hm- High Mountain Trail Hp- High Platteau
Ic- Inside a Giant Cavern Ig- In the Gap
Im- Into the Mountains It- into Tilver's Gap
Iv- In the Valley Ml- Middle of the Lake
Mr- The Moonsea Ride Np- Nearing the Peak
Nr- The North Ride Rm- On a Rocky Mountain Trail
Rt- Rocky Trail Ol- On the Lake
Om- On a Mountain Trail On- On a Narrow Trail
Op- On a Narrow Path Or- On a Rugged Mountain Trail
Os- On a Steep Mountain Trail Ot- On a Steep Trail
Ov- On a Valley Trail Ow- On a Winding Trail
Oy- On A Rocky Trail Pm- A Peaceful Mountain Lake
Pt- A Perilous Trail Qv- A Quiet Valley
Ri- On the Moonsea Ride Rt- A Rocky Trail
Sc- Sealed Cave Entrance Sr- On a Steep Trail
Ss- Ancient Stone Stairs St- A Split in the Trail
Tg- Tilver's Gap To- At the Top of the Stairs
Ts- Top of the Stone Stairs Tt- Top of Trail
Vt- A Valley Trail Wm- Winding Mountain Trail
Wt- A Winding Trail Wr- A Winding Rocky Trail

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