The Tree Village

The tree village is a low/medium level area. One thing to beware of is that there are a few druids and mages wandering about so if you do attack them be careful. There are a few puzzles here too but I'll let you work them out. There are several useful potions for sale in Potions and Notions (Pn). The only way out of here is to die *grin*, get summoned, or to fly up to the treetops, then down to infested tree, so I wouldn't come here if you can't fly or get summoned home.

  Map of the Tree Village

             Dr       Ch    Ps                        
             |        |     |                  
       Op-Df-Br Se-Cl-Tn-Bc-Al-Ph          
          |  |        |     |         
          Cr-Ge-Tc-Gp-Te    Ch                  
             |     |                 
          Fb Lp Ab-Dy                      
          |  |                           
          Ff-Lp Oh-Bg Pb-Pn As-Mb Up to the treetops
             |     |     |  |    /   
          |  |        |     |          
          Mu |        Lf    Ms            
             |        |                
   The Brush Maze     Lf Zw              
                      |  |              
                               Down to the Feed Room (Fd)         

  Key to the map of the tree village

Ab- The Altar Boy's Dormitory Al- Before the Altar
As- An Airy Schoolroom Bc- By the Choir
Bg- The Beautiful Glen Bo- Boardwalk
Br- The Bar Bt- Bellow the Treetops
Cl- The Cloak Room Ch- The Chapel
Cr- A Card Room Df- The Dance Floor
Dr- The Dining Room Dy- A Dusty Yard
Fb- Furron's Bedroom Fc- The Floating Courtyard
Ff- The Furron Family Home Ge- The Grand Entrance
Gp- A Guard Post Gr- A Guard Room
Gy- The Granary Hg- The Hall of the Gatehouse
Lf- Leafy Path Lp- The Level Path
Ki- The Kitchen Mb- A Mystical Bunkroom
Ms- The Master's Study Mu- Muskram's Home
Oh- On the Huge Fallen Tree Op- The Orchestra Pit
Pb- A Peaceful Bedroom Ph- A Priest's Hole
Pn- Potions and Notions Ps- The Priest's Sanctuary
Se- A Strangely Empty Room Sq- The Square
Tc- Temple Courtyard Te- The Temple Entryway
Tl- The Top of the Ladder Tn- The Temple Nave
Yw- Ye Olde Wood Shoppe Zw- Zoker's Watch Post

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