Village of Denarma

For an avid Magic: The gathering player, Denarma is a real treat. Many of the monsters and rooms are named for Magic characters and cards from the past. Denarma can be thought of as two, distinct parts. The first part is the Gnome home town. There are Guildmasters for each of the classes a Gnome can be: Goxo, the Mage GM is in the Guild of Magic (Gm). Fouloo the Sorcerer GM can be found in the Guild of Sorcery (Gs). The thief GM, Shylock, is in the Thieves Guild (Tg). The Warrior GM, Murtah, can be found in the Entry to the Combat Den (Ec) and lastly the Cleric GM, Elesti, lives in the Infirmary.

There are plenty of shops in Denarma but I couldn't seem to buy anything from anyone. The only places that did work were the Receptionist in the Grey Fox Inn (Gf) and the message board at the Message Drop (Md).

The second part of Denarma is designed for medium level players (levels 20 to 30). To get there enter the Tinker's Guild and go past the golem 'Nixon' by the Elevator, he's there to keep newbies out of the dangerous areas under the town. Enter the elevator and wait and you'll be transported down to the Metal Bridge (Mb).

Under Denarma you'll find an almost maze of rooms with plenty of tough mobs to fight. I mapped the area with my adept, tri-class Astaroth and didn't take more than 10 damage (I was armored like a Dragon and sanced) the whole time. Mobs range from fairlt easy, 20k ones up to Urza, the Clockwork Behemoth and the giant guardian statue of Denarma at 150K each.

Most of the closed doors are not locked but most of those that are can be opened with a timely doorbash or Knock spell. Four doors cannot be opened this way. The door south of Co must be unlocked with the Cog shaped key from Mishra in Mishra's Workshop (Mw). Urza is beyond the door so be a little careful. Urza has the Key of artifacts which opens the lockd door up to Urza's Artifact Room.

The other two doors that need a key are the door to the Forge (Fo) and the Gear Changer (Ge). You need the Foundary Key from the Initiate in the Office (Of). Pulling the lever in the Office opens an exit up to the Master's Chamber (Ch).

There was one, last thing I really liked in this area: The brooms in the broom cupboard (Bc). There is one broom in there but, as you kill it it splits into two, medium brooms. As you kill those they split into small brooms and whenever they are killed the spawn another broom. You can't clear the room as far as I can make out - even killing them all simultaneously!

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 15enenene2n3en3enene3n3enenenwne.

  Map of the Village of Denarma

              Og       Gf Cr-Ec    Wa                        
              |        |     |v    |                  
Tesh Trail-We-Dm-Ms-Ms-Fc----Ms-In Ms-Ee Mf                                  
              |  |           |     |    /             
              Fs Ma          Ms-Ms-Ms Hf                   
                 |           |  |     |           
              Gm-Sd-Gs       Et Md Dc-Hf                   
                             |        |           
                          Tw-Wt-Em    Hf                Tc 
                          |  |  |     |v               +
                          Ss Go El    Hf+Fr          Tr
                                |     |             /
                                Mb Tl-Gd-Sh-Sc-Cs-Es       
                                | /   |  |     |
                                Co    Mc Mw    At
                               /+^    | 
      Down to Granite Corridors Ag Di-Wi  
Granite Corridors
                        |     |          
                     Ch-Cg    Gp-Wr            
                        |     |          
                        Bl Sg-Gt            
                       /     \
           Up to Denarma     Down to Iron Corridors
Iron Corridors
                    |  |^ |             
                 Fo-Im Sm Im
                    |     |
                    |^ |  |
                    Of Mi Ge

  Key to the map of Denarma

Aa- Ashnod's Altar Ag- Anteroom of the Grandmaster
At- Ashnod's Transmogrant Bc- Broom Closet
Bl- Bottom of Ladder Cg- Corridor of Granite
Ch- Master's Chamber Cm- Chamber of the Matrix
Cr- Combat Ring Cs- Corridor of Strangeness
Dc- Dirt Covered Room Di- Disposal
Dm- Denarma Main Street Ec- Entry to the Combat Den
Ee- Eastern Entrance to Denarma Ei- End of the Iron Corridor
El- The Elevator Em- Entrance to the Master Tinker's Demesne
Es- End of the Strange Corridor Et- Entrance to the Tinkers Guild
Fc- The Fountain in the Center of Denarma Fo- the Foundry
Fr- The Fixit Room Fs- Food Store
Gc- The Great Casino Gd- The Great Divided Passage
Ge- The Gear Chamber Gf- The Grey Fox Inn
Gg- Golem Guardians Gl- Glowing Green Room of Metal
Gm- The Guild of Magic Go- Guildmaster's Office
Gp- Granite Passageway Gr- Granite Corridor
Gs- The Guild of Sorcery Gt- Granite Turn
Gu- Guardian's CHamber Hf- Hall of Failures
Ic- Iron Corridor Im- Iron Mech Corridor
In- The Infirmary Ir- Iron Corner
Ma- The Mystic Arms Mb- The Metal Bridge
Mc- Metal Corridor Md- Mail Drop
Ms- Main Street in Denarma Mw- Mishra's Workshop
Of- Office Og- Oslokick's General Outdoor Outfitters
Pg- Passages in Granite Ru- The Granite Run
Sc- Strange Corridor Sd- Secretaries Den
Sg- Stairway in Granite Sh- Strange Halls
Sm- Stairway of Metal Ss- Master's Specialiyy Store
Tc- Tawnos' Coffin Tg- The Thieves Guild
Tl- Top of Ladder Tr- Trapdoor Room
Tw- Tinker's Workshop Area Vc- The Vast Chamber
Wa- Weaponry and Armor Shop We- Western Entrance to Demarna
Wi- Wrought Iron Hallway Wr- Woodcutters Room
Wt- Withing the Tinkers Guild

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