Tethyamar Trail

Down from large hill leads to a cave with a bear in it. Quite a hard kill.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 4s3w.

  Map of Tethyamar Trail

   Cassandran Stronghold     Tt-Tt-Tt-Tt-Tt-Tt-Tt-Tt-Tesh Trail
                    |        |                
                    Eh-Dh    Tt                 
                       |     |                
                       |     |  |  
                       Bh    |  |     Lordaeron
                             |  |     |
                             |  |  |         
                  Daggerdale-Tt-Lh-Oh-Gh-Plains of Shadowdale                 
                             |   v    |        
                             Tt    Fa Pd-Plains of Shadowdale          
                             |     |  |       
                             Sb Ok-Ak-Dh-Dh          
                             |     |     |    
                             Tt    Ks    North Shadowdale Forest       

  Key to the map of the Village of Shadowdale

Ak- An Abandoned Keep Bh- Below the Hills
Bl- Blocked by a Large Hill Ch- Creek Through the Hills
Dh- Dagger Hills Eh- Entering the Hills
Fa- A Forgotten Armory Ft- Flat Top Hills
GD- The Gates of Dagger Falls Gh- Grassy Hills
Hi- Hills Ks- Keep SLeep Quarters
Lh- A large Hill Oh- An Oddity in the Hills
Ok- An Old Kitchen Pd- Path in the Dagger Hills
Sb- The Serpentsbridge Tt- Tethyamar Trail
Wp- Windy Path Through Hills

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