Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake is aimed at Experts and Adepts. It can be loosely thought of as a zone of two parts: inside and outside the crystal tower. There are no death traps that I could see but there are two tough mobs you need to be wary of.

Outside the tower is the lake itself, upon which a number of low level creatures (ducks, swams) roam from room to room. There are also a number of high level creatures. In the Swampy Ground there are 70k frogmen and a fireshielded frog priestess (150k). in the middle of the lake you can find your way to a Troll's cave where a Troll and his son live. The son is low level but the father is another 150k kill. Finally to the south east is a small, underwater cave. A large creature roams the underwater caves and you'll need to spell up before you head down there to kill him. There is also a 150k Giant Pike and a 150k Evil Treant around the lake. Finally, outside the tower at Outside the Striped Gate (Os) are two Amazon Guards. One has the key to the gate. Both are 120k kills.

Once you enter the tower you'll find yourself in a courtyard. To the east and west are battlements that head north and lead to the Amazon Priestess in the Chamber of Healing (Ch) and a high level witch with fireshield in the Chamber of Magic. Both have pieces of bone on them. The Short piece of bone from the Amazon Priestess unlocks the door south of the Dark Passage (Dp). The long piece of bone unlocks the door into the Loot Room (Lr).

Amazon guards roam the Striped Hallways and there are a number of high-level creatures around here. The Snake Lady lives in the Snake Room with six snakes that can poison you. One high-level chain lightning killed most of them and I easily took her down with my Adept tri-class. There is a ranger and his pets to the west and I took him out the same way. There is also a Sneaky Thief in the Striped Hallway that is hidden and moves around and will steal your cash. I found "bash h" hit him and he wasn't that tough.

From now on the zone gets tougher. In the Underground Barracks (Ub) is the Amazon Battlemaster. He's the second toughest mob in the zone I took him out with the help of an Adept half-giant. South of there is another locked door to the Loot Room that has the Yatta in. It is fireshielded and sanced and casts but isn't HUGE so I could take her out on my own. Up from the Underground Barracks in the tower itself there are some mines on the lower levels where slaves wonder around. They are pitiful specimens and easy kilss but keep an eye out for the overseers as they have whips and hit hard (I think there are two). In the Purple Hole is the toughest mob in the zone, a Demonic Kitten. It is HUGE, casts and hits like a truck. It has a fireshield too and you can't dispel it! It has the key to a purple chest in the same room. I didn't kill it at the time. Up in the tower the last thing of note is the Amazon Princess herself. Her chamber has the Amazon Chief in too but she didn't assist him when I attacked and I had no touble killing either of them.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 9sws3ws2w2s2w3sws5w2sws2w3s6ws3w2s4w2s.

  Map of Crystal Lake

                   The Storm Horns                                         
              |  |  |  |                                     
           |  |  |  |  |                                     
        |  |  |  |  |  |                                     
        |           |  |                                     
        Mi Tc-Cm Cb Oc-Rm                                              
        |  |  |  |  |  |                                     
       *Ss De Rs-Sm Oc-Sa                                                
        |     |     |  |                                      
        |  |  |  |  |                                      
        |     |       \                                       
       *Ss Ww Sj Ew    Uc                                         
        |  |v |  | \   |                                     
  Sg-Sg-Sg Wb Os Eb Ch Uc-Uc                                       
  |        |  +  |     |  |                                    
  Fc       Wc-Ig-Ec    Uc-Uc                                         
           Cs-St-Cs         Ts                                     
           |     |         / |                                 
     Gn-St-St Sn St-Gr    /  |                                     
           |  |  |       /   |                                
           Cs-St-Cs    Ns Gr-Rr-Ap                                          
                \     /                                        
                 Dp Bt                                           
                 + /| \                                        
                 Ub Am-Am
                 +  |  |
                 Lr Am-Di

  Key to the Map of Crystal Lake

Ab- At the Boat Am- Amazon Mine
Ap- Chamber of the Amazon Princess Bt- Base of the Tower
Ca- Chamber of Magic Cb- Circle of Black Trees
Ch- CHamber of Healing Cl- Cliffside
Cm- Cave Mouth Cs- Corner in the Striped Hallway
De- Deep in the Troll Cave Df- Darker Forest Path
Di- Deeper in the Amazon Mine Dp- Dark Passage
Eb- Eastern Battlements Ec- Eastern Courtyard
Ef- Edge of the Forest Ep- End of the Pier
Ew- Eastern Watchtower Fc- Frogman Camp
Gn- Green Room Gr- Guard Room
Ig- Inside the Striped Gate Lf- Light Forest Path
Lr- Loot Room Mi- Misty Rush
Mo- More Water Lilys Mw- Muddy Water
Nc- Near Crystal Lake Ne- Near the Cliffside
Nj- Near the Jetty Nl- Near a Large Tower
No- Near the Old Pier Ns- Narrow Stairway
Oc- On Crystal Lake Os- Outside the Striped Gate
Ph- Purple Hole Rm- River Mouth
Rp- Rickety Pier Rr- reception Room
Rs- Rocky Shore Sa- Sandy Shore
Sg- Swampy Ground Sh- Shallow Waters
Sj- Stone Jetty Sm- Small Hill
Sn- Snake Pit Ss- Strange Smoky Mist
St- Striped Hallway Sw- Swampy Water Front
Tc- Troll Cave Te- Tower Entrance
Th- Thick Rush Ti- Tree in the Water
Tr- Thinning Rush Ts- Top of the Stairs
Tw- Twisting Forest Path Ub- Underground Barracks
Uc- Underwater Cave Wb- Western Battlements
Wc- Western Courtyard Wf- Water Front
Wl- Water Lilys Ww- Western Watchtower

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