Elf Shadow Village

Elf Shadow is made of up two, very different areas. On the one hand there is the Village of Elf Shadow, an Elf home town with shops and guildmasters. On the other hand there are the ruins of the once great Elven city of Treehome. You can't even go into Treehome until you're an Expert or better.

So, the village first. There are low-level guildmasters for each class as follows: Aleena Clericstar the Paladin GM at a Small Chapel (Sc). Kazbleh Arunsun the Mage GM at the Mage School (Ms). Xantavio Minto the Psi GM at A Small Clearing Under A Large Oak (Lo). Sarahela Drakeheart the Sorceror GM at Inside a Large Tre (In). Kymil Nimesin the warrior GM at the Warrior Training Yard (Wt). Myrnna Callahanter the cleric GM at The Small House of Myrnna (Hm). Pax Helthand the monk GM at The home of a Master Monk (Mm). Sammartho Windfeel the druid GM at The House of Nature (Hn). Rafe Silverspur the ranger GM at Ranger's Romp (Rr). Thief GM Svon Falaster in a Small Hide Away (Sm).

If you go west in the Bank (Eb) you find yourself stuck in The Vault. The only exit is up which takes you to the Jail Cell (Jc). Lift floor in Ye Olde Medicine Shop (Yo) to open the door to the Hidden Alcove (Ha). Vvarok in Vvarok's Repair (Vv) will repair weapons or armor, just give them to him and he'll repair them if you have enough money. Up from the Meeting of the Paths (Me) is Nimh's Cozy Inn where you can rent out. To the west of the Inn is a message board.

The last thing of note in the village is a small quest. There are a number of animals around the village, each with a key as follows: A treesnake hidden in the High in the Branches (Hb). A badger in Under the Peach Tree (Up). A panther in the Branch in the Tree (Br). A Saskwach in Home of the Saskwach (Hs) and lastly a salamander in Under the Tree (Ut). When you have the keys you can go to the fountain and 'push fountain' to open a way down.

The keys work as follows: Saskwach key opens the door north of Under the Fountain (Uf), whilst the salamader key opens the South door. The treesnake key opens the door west of the Drier Trail. Finally the panther key opens the door west of The Choice (Tc) and the badger key opens the door to the north. A Queen Water Moccasin is in The Nest (Ne) and an Emerald key is to the north, it unlocks the door to the Dark Mysterious Room (Dm). The odd thing is that there doesn't seem to be anything in there! Let me know if I've missed something please.

The ruined city of Treehome is open to Experts and Adepts only. You can't summon people into the ruins either. There are a lot of 100K plus mobs in the area and you should be very careful at all times. Three mobs of note are the Lich in the Throne Room (Th), Lady Fancy in the Large Ballroom (Lb) and Fristmoth, the red dragon in the Lair of the Red Dragon (Lr) on the top floor. The Lich needs to be kept bashed and when killed has a key. You can use the key to 'unlock statue' and 'open statue' to open the hidden door to the Treasury to the south of the Throne Room. Lady Fancy is hidden in the Ballroom and is aggressive and can see invisible. I was attacked and only barely killed her and the dancing spectres that joined in. The locket on her corpse is a key to the locked cabinet in Gorsh's Shoes (Gs). Last, but by no means least, is the Red Dragon. The Dragon has a high Dexterity and people often fail to bash him. I'd make sure you have resistance to fire at the very least as he will breathe given the chance.

One last note is that at a number of places in the palace you can find yourself in the Grey Room (Gr). If you stay there you'll find that it portals you back to the Great Gate (Gg).

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 9sws3ws2w2s2w3sws5w2sws2w3s6ws3w2s2w2n2wn2wnws4w5nw 5n2wn7w2nwsws3wn7wswnwn10wn7e.

  Map of Elf Shadow

         Up to Treehome
                        He          Br       Hs-Ih 
                        |          /           / 
                        Mo       Go          Mu   
                        |        |           |                  
                       /         |              
                     Ut          Sa                              
               Jc    Eb          Wp                       
               |     |           |                              
               So    Ge Oe Sc Do-Cr-Ms Lo Hm Mm              
               |     |  |  |     |^    |  |  |           
   Troll Moors-Ee-Mp-Mp-Mp-Mp----Me----Ma-Ma-Ma-Rr        
                  |  |  |  |     |v    |  |  |                    
                  Ss Yo Ar Cf Mh-Sp-Hi In Wt Hn                 
                    /   |  |     |    \                   
                  Ha    Vv Bk    St    Sm                  
                        |                 |                    
                     Hb No                Bt                 
                       \|                 |                     
           Cj       Dg                   
           |        |                
        Hl-Hj-Dh Di-Sr-Df                        
           |        |                          
           Oh       |  1st Floor Gr                
           |        | /          |                                 
        |  |        | \                                             
        Hc Ch       Ef Down to Elf Shadow
First Floor
         Sg   2nd Floor Sq Sq Sq
         |    /         |  |  |
      |     | \         |  |  |
      Ba    Oh treehome Sq Sq Sq   
      |     |     
Second Floor
   Et-Lb-Lb         Top Floor Rp    Iw              
   |  |  |                   \|     |              
   Et-Lb-Lb          Gd-Eh-Eh-Si-Eh-Hr                    
      |                 |     | \                   
   Ls-Le-Db-La    Es-Eh-Eh    Rp Down to 1st Floor                     
            |        |        |                   
            La-Oh-Eh-Bn       Rp
            |     |           | 
            Hf    Gs          Fa-Hv  
Top floor
           +    \                
           Tr    Down to 2nd Floor                
Below the Fountain
      Dk          Dt Up to Elf Shadow              
      +           + /               
   Ne+Tc          Uf               
      |           |               
      Dt-Dt    Dt-Dt               
         |     |                 

  Key to the Map of Elf Shadow Village

Aa- Around the Apple Tree Am- Among the Trees
An- An Ancient Orchard Ap- Around the Peach Tree
Ar- Elf Shadow Armory Ba- Balcony
Be- Bend in the Trail Bk- Bakery Kitchen
Bn- A Bend in an Elegant Hallway Br- A Branch in the Tree
Bt- Bright Trail Cf- Caamar's fresh Breads
Ch- Small Chapel Cj- Chief Justice' Office
Cr- A Small City Road Cs- Crystalline Spiral Staircase
Ct- A Large Cyprus Tree Da- A Dark Path
Db- Dining and Ballroom Foyer De- Deeper into the Swamp
Df- The Director of Finances Dg- Director of Agriculture
Dh- Dining Hall and Meeting Room Di- Director of Safety and Security
Dk- Dark Room Dm- Dark Mysterious Room
Dt- Dark Tunnels Do- Donations
Dp- A Darkening Path Ds- Deeper in the Swamp
Dt- Drier Trail Eb- Elf Shadow Bank
Ed- End of a Dark Tunnel Ee- Edge of Elf Shadow
Ef- Emfarnnar's Tavern Eh- Ellegant Hallway
Eo- Edge of the Orchard Es- Uguer's Supplies
Et- Elegant Terrace Fa- Farming Area
Fo- Forest Ga- grain Storage and processing Area
Gd- Grace's Dress Shop Ge- Gold Exchange
Gg- Great Gate to Treehome Go- A Grandfather Oak
Gn- Golden Staricase Gr- Grey Room
Gs- Gorsh's Shoes Ha- Hidden Alcove
Hb- high in the Branches Hc- High Clerist's Office
Hd- Hall of Sound He- Heading into the Swamp
Hf- Horise's Flowers Hi- A Home Inside a Tree
Hj- Hall of Justice Hl- High Lookout
Hm- The Small House of Myrnna Hn- The House of Nature
Hr- Hirem's Winery Hs- Home of the Saskwach
Hv- Harvesting and Storage Area Hw- Hallway of War
Hy- Hallway of Life If- Intersection in the Forest
Ih- Inside the Hut In- Inside a Large Tree
Is- An Island in the Swamp Iw- Indoor Wine Fields
Jc- Jail Cell La- Large Ornate Hallway
Lb- Large Ballroom Le- Large Elegate Dining Hall
Lf- Lost in the Forest Li- A Large Intersection of Hallways
Lo- A Small Clearing Under A Large Oak Lr- Lair of the Red Dragon
Ls- Large Storeroom Lt- A Light Trail
Ma- Master's Way Me- Meeting of the Paths
Mh- Mayor's Houser Mm- The home of a Master Monk
Mo- More Swamplike Trail Mp- Merchant's Path
Mq- High Mage's Quarters Ms- Mage School
Mu- Outside a Mud Hut My- Mysterious Hallway
Ne- the Nest No- Nearing the Orchard
Oe- Odds and Ends by Zannee Oh- Ornate Hallway
Ok- Office of the King's High Councelor Ol- An Odd Looking Trail
Op- Open Harvest Area Os- Out of the Swamp
Pg- Pleasant Glade Rp- Rustic Pathway
Rr- Ranger's Romp Sa- A Small Pasture
Sc- A Small Chapel Se- Secretary's Office
Sf- A Swamp filled Pond Sg- Small Sitting Room
Si- Spiral Staricase Sl- Swamplike Trail
Sm- A Small Hide Away So- The Sheriff's Office
Sp- Southern Path Sq- Sleeping Quarters
Sr- Sitting Room Ss- Elf Shadow Stables
St- Southern Trail Sv- Silver Staircase
Sw- Swamp Trail Tc- The Choice
Th- The Throne Room of Salthrist Tr- The Treasury
Uf- Under the fountain Up- Under the Peach Tree
Ut- Under the Tree Vv- Vvarok's Repair
Wp- Widening Path Wr- War Room
Wt- Warrior Training Yard Ww- A Wizard's Workshop
Yo- Ye Olde Medicine Shoppe

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