Sandstorm Tower

Sandstorm Tower is not for the fainthearted and I wouldn't recommend you come here alone unless you're an Adept. Even then, many Adepts will not be able to kill a lot of mobs in this zone on their own. There is also a Death trap in this zone, marked DT on the map. The zone is easily divided into four, logical sections and so my notes will address each one in turn.

Once you have found yourself through the desert to the door of the tower (n,2w,3n from the Trail through the desert) doorbash or knock will open the door to the tower. When you try and pick up the cloak in the Spacious Cloakroom (Sc) you'll be attacked by a Cloaker so make sure you're ready for a fight with a 150K xp mob. One of the two Iron Golems at the Top of the Staircae (Ts) hold a Glass key which opens the glass cabinet in the Laboratory. A number of useful potions can be found within. The Empty Bedchamber (Eb) isn't really empty, it has a hidden Sand Devil in it. Finally in the tower, if you look carefully you'll see that there's a hidden way up from the Mage's Study! Use 'pull ladder' to open the way up to the Tower Roof (Tr). the two gargoyles on the roof will attack you at times, even when invisible and sneaking. Use the Platinum disk from the Red Mage to unlock the arch. Entering the arch you will be transported to the Barren Wasteland. Be warned: If you travel through the arch you must recall or astral to get back, there's no way to walk out.

The Barren wasteland and Rocky Plateau is a magic dead zone crawling with demons. If you need to cast spells you can do so to the north, east or west once you escape the Wasteland.

To the east of the Wasteland in the new home of the Alnor, once proud owners of the keep to the west and displaced by the vicious demon people, the Bha'rin. The toughest mob amongst the Alnor seems to be the druid princess in the Clearing in the Woods (Cw). The Alnor Home (Ah) is guarded and you cannot pass into it. The guard is in a peaceful room so you can't kill him to proceed. If anyone works out how to pass him please let me know.

To the north of the Wasteland is a path into a frozen glacier. If you wait at Before The Glacier (Bg) you will be transported into the Glacier Corridors (specifically the room marked with a *). To get out of the Glacier head to the Melting corridor and 'push wall' to open the way through to Breaking Through the Ice (Bi), down from there will take you back to the Icy Path (Ip). The Worm in the Melting Corridor can swallow you whole if you doin't keep it bashed and it's HUGE so you'll need a half-giant if you intend to kill it. There's a trap in the Glacial Corridor to the south of Before A Massive Door (Bm). It only goes off once but will freeze you for 100hp and destroy an item that can be scrapped... To the north of there is a Vast Chamber containing two Ice Statues and the Frostmaiden. The statues can be drawn out (bow and arrows did it for me) but that doesn't leave the Frostmaiden an easy target - she's HUGE, and breathes ice. Astaroth died trying to kill her on his own. Shje has a key to unlock a secret door in her room.

The last part of the zone is the Bha'rin keep. To open the Fortress Gates you'll need the black steel key from one of the two guards. 'unlock gates' and 'open gates' wuill then get you inside. Bha'rin Soldiers wander around the Keep and I was attacked a number of times. The Door to the War room (Wr) can be knocked and the General inside has a key to the door to the north. Use 'unlock vault' and 'open vault' to open a way into the Bha'rin Armory. All the doors in the dungeon are unlocked by the key held by the dungeon guard. There are some interesting prisoners but I'd examine the presence you find in one cell to get a fuller story of what has happened. The two guards in the Guard Post (Gp) will attack you on sight, beyond lies the Bha'rin Throne Room and within there Errtan the Balor has an obsidian key that will unlock the obsidian chest in the Throne Room.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 4s2wn4w4n2w3s8w2n6wnwnw. You must be flying to use this route.

  Map of Sandstorm Tower

         Up to the First Floor
      Ss Tc-Cs
      | \|
      |  Tc-Cs
      |     |                           
      Fd    La                              
    2-At-2    DT    
      |       |     
    2-L5-2 1  Ao    
      |    |  |     
      |    |  |  *  
      3    2  Td-Anauroch Desert
The First Floor
               Ki-Sh-Lb    Ap-To the Wasteland                        
                  |       /                   
                  Ts    Tr-Tr                      
                 /|     |  |                 
Down to the Tower Sh    Tr-Tr                   
                  |       /                   
The Wasteland
                  Sm                         Ip-Ip       
                  |                          |                        
                  Bl                      Fp-Fp                       
                  |                       |  |                        
         Ct-Wp-Ap-Ap-Ap             Rp-Bw-Bw-Bw-Bw-Bw             Bh      
               |  |  |              |  |  |  |  |  |              +    
               Ik In Ap    Gl-Gr-Mp-Rp-Bw-Bw-Bw-Bw-Bw-Rp Tp-Tp    Wr Me-Ki Up to Above the Courtyard  
               |  |  |     |           |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |     +  |    /
               Ik Ri Ap-Fi-Gl          Bw-Bw-Bw-Bw-Bw-Rp-Tp Af-Fg+Co-Co-Cy   
                     |     |           |  |  |  |  |  |           |  |    \
         Mw       Mt Ap    Rw          Bw-Bw-Bw-Bw-Bw-Rp          Co-Co    Down to the Bha'rin Dungeons  
           \      |  |                 |  |  |  |  |              |     
            Ep-Ap-Ap-Ap                Bw-Bw-Bw-Bw-Bw             Ba-Ba+Wc    
           /      |                                               |  |
Ah-Ut-Ut-Mo       Ab                                              Lt Ba
      |           |
      Rc          Ab-Oq
Inside the Glacier
                           Gc Gc-Gc                                
                           |* |  |                                
                     Sf-Gc-Gc-Gc Gc-Oc                                  
                     |  |  |                                   
                     Ft-St Gc                                   
                    /   |
Down to the Icy Path    Mc     
The Bha'rin Dungeons
                     Up to the Bha'rin Keep
Above The Courtyard
             | \                                         
             Al Nw Ac-Gp-Tr                                         
             |  |  |                                    
             So Ol-Gh-Bd-Ma                                        
               \|v |                                     
                Sw Rt-Sr                                       

  Key to the Map of the Tower

Ab- Alno Barracks Ac- Advisor's Chamber
Af- Approaching a Fortress Ah- Alnor Home
Al- Atop the Battlements Ao- Approaching an Oasis
Ap- Alnor Perimeter Ar- Altar Room
At- Approaching A Tower Ba- Barracks
Bd- Bedroom Bg- Before the Glacier
Bh- Bha'rin Armory Bi- breaking Through he Ice
Bl- Blacksmith's tent Bm- Before A Massive Door
Bt- Base of a Tower Co- Courtyard
Cs- Cellar Storage Ct- Clearing in the Trees
Cy- Courtyard Stairway Dc- Dungeon Corridor
Dh- Dank Hallway DT- A Desert Oasis (DEATH TRAP)
Du- A Dungeon Cell Eb- Empty Bedchamber
Ed- Entrance to the Dungeon Ep- End of the Path
Fd- Front Doorway Fg- Fortress Gates
Fi- Field Path Fp- rozen Plateau
Fr- Furnace Room Ft- Frozen Tomb
Gl- Gleaming River Gp- Bha'rin Guard Post
Gr- rasy River Bank Ik- Inside the King's Tent
In- Infirmary Ip- Icy Path
Ki- Kitchen L?- Lost in the Desert
La- Library Alcove Lb- Laboratory
Li- Library Lt- Latrine
Ma- Master Bedroom Mb- Master Bedchamber
Mc- Melting Corridor Me- Mess Hall
Mh- Main Hallway of Sandstorm Tower Mo- Mountain Tunnel
Mp- Mountainous Path Ms- Mage's Study
Mt- Makeshift Temple Mw- Mountain Watch Post
Nb- Northwest Battlements Nw- Northwest Guard Tower
Oc- Open Chamber Oq- Officer's Quarters
Rc- Rock Chamber Ri- Rear of the Infirmary
Rp- Rocky Plataeu Rt- Rock Tunnel
Rw- River Waterfall Sb- Small Bedchamber
Sc- A Spacious Closet Sf- Stalagmite Filled Chamber
Sh- Short Hallway Sm- Small Armory
So- Southwest battlements Ss- Spiral Staircase
St- Stalagtite Filled Chamber Su- Summoning Room
Sw- Southwest Guard Tower Tc- Tower Cellar
Td- Trail through the Desert Th- Bha'rin Throne Room
Tp- Twisting Path Among the Rocks Tr- Tower Roof
Ts- Top of the Staircase Ut- Underground Tunnel
Vc- A Vast Chamber in the Glacier Wa- Waste Pit
Wc- Weaponmaster's Chambers Wp- Wooded Path
Wr- War Room

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