Orshingal, I am told, used to be a sparkling city of wonders and dreams. That was before the Enfans moved in. Enfans are evil, childlike beings, most of them aren't too hard but there are a lot of them. Even the hardiest Adept can get bogged down when enfans keep walking into the room and joining in the fight.

The sewers are a bit of a mess (speaking as someone that likes well designed maps). The locked door to the west is unlocked with the old key from the gargoyle guarding the entrance. The door to the east cannot be unlocked or knocked. If you enter the sewer from A Street (St) you can go up to leave it again but down takes you to the sewer room to the west marked 'S1'.

The Jewellery, Armory and and Weaponry each contain locked chests which can be unlocked by the key chain on one of the yellow enfan. A second yellow enfan (there are more than two) has a small, gold key that opens the fireplace in the Deserted Cottage (Dc).

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 4s2wnw5ne.

  Map of Orshingal

              |  |  |  |  |
              Or Sh Ws Sh Or
              |     |^    |  
           Or-Or Je-Cs-Nc Or-Or 
           |     |  |  |     |   ^
           Or-We-Sf |  Mh-Ct St-Se
           |     |  |  |     |  |
        Se Or-Or Ar Ws Sc Or-Or 1
        |     |  |  |  |  |    
        S1    Or-Or-Im-Or-Or   
        |           |          
                    Er       Fi        
                    |        + 
                 Of-Er-Er    Dc
                       |     | 

  Key to the map of Orshingal

Ar- Armoury Cg- City gates
Cs- city square Ct- Clerics sanctum
Dc- Deserted cottage De- Dead end
Er- Ershteep Road Ew- East-West passage
Fi- Fireplace Ht- Hollowed out tree trunk
Im- inside the main gates Je- Jewellery
Mh- Main hall Nc- North Chapel
Nh- Northern end of the hollowed out tree Of- Open field
On- Outside Nw gate of mord Or- on a road
Ow- Outside city wall Pd- A path through a dense forest
Pr- pile of rubble Ra- Ritual Altar
Rd- A road through a dense forest Rj- Road junction
Sc- South chapel Se- Sewer
Sf- Small foyer Sh- Small house
St- A street Tf- Tangled Forest Path
We- Weaponry Ws- Wide street
Wt- A widening trail

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