Land of the Hill People

The Land of the Hill People is perfectly safe for most people if you're invisible. None of the mobs were aggressive to me without me attacking them first. I think the zone is aimed at groups of Experts and Adepts. Many of the mobs should be easy targets for a well-equipped Expert but there are some mobs that you shouldn't attack at all unless you're in a tough group.

Once you enter the zone you'll find yourself on a path heading north. 'open brambles' opens the wasy west to the quiet campsite (Qc) from the Dark Trail. You must be able to tree walk to rest in the campsite. North from the Dark Trail are the Rolling Hills of the Hill People. If you want to head straight on to the castle, just head north through the hills. If you want to stay around and kill fire horses be wary of Selvan, their protector, who wanders around that part of the zone and will assist any fire horse you attack. If you get lost, just head south and you'll always end up in the room marked '01'.

Further north lies the Hill People fortress. I use 'knock' to unlock and open the doors to the fortess and all of the locked doors in this zone can be unlocked this way.

There are four heroes that are teaching warriors their skills and if you kill any one of Hargon, Boros, Traver or Kronock the other three will come and kill you. I learnt this after I killed Hargon. On their own each is not too hard but together they REALLY deal damage quickly. They'll chase you a fair way so make sure your group can handle all four of them!

Finally is the King of the Hill Giants and the hidden cavern. The king has two other mobs in the room with him so I left them alone and knocked the door to the Pool room. 'lift stone' in the Pool room to open a way down to a Dark Underwater Tunnel. BE CAREFUL, there is a DEATH TRAP down from the King's pool. If you just keep going down you will be Boiled Alive! However, if you only go down to the Really Hot water there is a hidden passage to the north. 'look mineral' and you'll see the faint out line of a dragon. 'push dragon north' opens the way north to a hidden tunnel and finally a Cave. In the Cave Gorkin and Jahgen are discussing where the hill giants can hide in an emergence. I attacked Gorkin and Jahgen didn't help, but I was sneaking at the time. I had onyx shield and idol heart and still needed a few muchrooms to keep me alive. Jahgen was an easier kill, I bashed him, dispelled him and then bashed him until he died.

There are some nice pieces of kit in this zone, but make sure you can heal yourself and escape quickly if you attack the four heroes and its going badly.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 4s2wn4w4n2w3s8wswnwn3wn2ws2ws3w3nw5n2wn7w2nwsws3w2s 3es2en2e2sw4s2w3s3e. You must be flying to use this route.

  Map of the Land of the Hill People

                    /  \                                        
                  Rp    Du                                       
                  +       \                                    
            Tp    Kc    Kp Du          Ec                          
              \   +    /     \        /                          
      Bt       Ut-Th-Uk Hp    Du    Du                             
        \        /     /        \   |                           
         Ub-Th-Et-Th-Bh          Wd Du                                   
               |                   \|                          
            Nw-Nr-No                Rw                           
            |  |  |                   \                         
            Sw-Gh-Se                   DT                           
         Wa Nc-Do-Ne Av                                        
           \|  |  | /                                         
            17 |  17 17 17
            |  |  |  |  |                                         
            |  |  |  |  |
         12 |  |  |  |  9
         |  |  |  |  |                                                    
            |  |  |  |
            4  |  |  |  10 10
               |  |  |  |  |                             
               |  |  |  |  |
               |  1  1  1  1                                   
Reaching Woods-Da                                                            

  Key to the Map of the Hill People

Ae- At the Eastern Wall Ag- Approaching the Gates of the Hill People's Fortress
Ah- Approaching the Hills of the Hill People At- At the Gates
Av- Above the Eastern Wall Bh- Beneath Hargon's Platform
Bt- Boros' Training Platform Da- A Dark Trail
Do- At the Doors to the Inner Fortress Du- A Dark Underwater Tunnel
Ec- An Enormous Cavern Et- Entrance to the Training Halls
Fh- At the Foot of the Hills of the Hill People Gh- The Great Hall of the Hill People
Hp- Hargon's Platform Ig- Inside the gates
Kc- The King's Chambers Kp- Kronock's Platform
Nc- At the Northwest Corner of the Courtyard Ne- At the northeast Corner of the Courtyard
No- Northeast Corner of the Great Hall Nr- The Northern End of the Great Hall
Nw- The Northwest Corner of the Great Hall Qc- A Quiet Campsite
Rh- The Rolling Hills of the Hill People Rp- A Relaxing Pool of Steaming Water
Rw- A Really Quite Warm Underwater Tunnel Se- The Southeast Corner of the Great Hall
Sw- The Southwest Corner of the Great Hall Th- The Training Halls
Tp- Trevas Platform Ub- Underneath Boros' Platform
Uk- Underneath Kronock's Platform Ut- Underneath Traver's Platform
Wd- A Warm Dark Underwater Tunnel We- At the Western Wall
Wv- Above the Western Wall

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