Infested Tree

There is an exit west from the Feed Room (Fr) but I couldn't fit in there. There's also an exit south from A Curve in the Tube (Cu) but I couldn't fit in there either. The water is not fit to drink at the sleeping roots. North from The Ledge (Le) is The Long Fall (Ff). If you're not flying this is a death trap. If you are flying try to resist the urge to fly down to the Bottomless Pit (Bp) as this is always a death trap.. You can go south from the Sunken corner (Sc) to the Dusty Slide (Ds), you can't go north from the dusty slide to come back. Similary you can go from the Small Room (Sm) to the Air Room (Ai) but not back again.

  Map of Infested Tree

Inside the tree
                                   Down to the Pit 
                          Tn-Sl-Wd       Ep      
                          |              |
                          Hn   Slides    Ns
                          |   /      \   |      
                 Hm-Us-Nw-Ne--     Tw-Rn-Dp           
                       |  |        |  |          
                       Se-So    Tw-Tw Ph                     
                       |        |         
                 Ar-Br Ub-Nt    Nr       Dl-Su           
                 |  |  |  |     |           |
  Infested Tree -Ir-Eh-Th-Ct-Na-Bw-Du-Dt-Id-Db 
                 |  |  |  |  |  |  |   ^
                 Sd-Sr Mp-Tb-Pw-Hk-Fw-Rs
                       |  |        |
                       Cl-Cl       Rp
                       |  |        |
                       Bb-Eb-Pb    Cu-Cu
                       |     |        |
                       Ws-Uf Es-Wp    ??
                       |        |
                       Sc<Sw-Tr-Aa    Up to the Feed Room
                       v        |    / 
                       Ds       Sm>Ai
                          Down to Below the Dusty Slide
The Feed Room (Fr)
              Up to The village in the tree
Below the Dusty Slide (Ds)
                                   Up to the Sunken Corner (Sc) 
                         /      |              
Down to the Ratman fortess (Gh) St-Nc
The Pit (Pi)
                   Up to the Way Down (Wd)
                   Down to The Ledge
The Ledge (Le)
        Down to the bottomless pit (Death trap)
                Lf (Pi)
                | /
                   Down to the ratman fortress
  Key to the map of the Tree

Aa- An Antechamber Ai- The Air Room
Ar- Among the roots Bb- The Beginning of the Blasted Hall
Br- Base of the Roots Bw- A Branching of Ways
Cl- The Charred Limb Ct- Center of the Tree
Cu- A Curve in the tube Db- The Dust Bath
Dd- A Dusty, Disused Room Dl- The Dust Pool
Dp- Dusty Passage Ds- A Dusty Slide
Dt- A Dusty Tunnel Du- A Dusty Split
Eb- An Entrance to the Blasted Hall Eh- Entrance to the hollow
Ep- The End of the Passage Es- Eastern Side of the Blasted Hall
Fr- The Feed Room Fw- A Fork in the Way
Hk- At a Huge Knot Hm- A Hermitage
Hn- A Hall in the Northern Branch Id- In the Drifting Dust
Ir- In the Root Hole Le- The ledge
Lf- The Long fall Mp- Mucky Puddle
Na- The Narrowing Trunk Nc- The Nesting Chamber
Ne- Northeast Corner of the Polished Limb Nr- A Narrow Tunnel
Ns- A North-South Passage Nt- Next to the Tiny Baskets
Nw- Northwest Corner of the Polished Limb Pb- A Pile of Bark
Ph- The Packrat's Horde Pi- The Pit
Pl- A Pile of Little Bodies Pw- By a Powdery Wall
Rn- The Rat Nest Rp- A Round Passage
Rs- A Rough Stairway Sc- Sunken Corner
Sd- Some Decomposing Roots Se- Southwest End of a Polished Limb
Sl- A Sloping Tunnel Sk- A Stinking Chute
Sm- A Small Room So- Southeast Corner of the Polished Limb
Sr- The Sleeping Roots St- A Small Tunnel
Su- A Small, Unstable Tunnel Sw- Shattered Wood
Tb- A Tremendous Braching Th- The Hollow
Tn- A Turn in the Northern Branch Tr- The Bar
Tw- A Twisting Passage Ub- Under the little Balls
Uf- Under the Fallen Ceiling Us- An Upward Sloping Passage
Wd- A Way Down Wp- A Well Preserved Anteroom
Ws- West Side of the Blasted Hall

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