The Clock Tower

This map was sent to me by Horath. Cheers Horath.
The woods before you get to the clock tower itself are for low-level players. There are lots of animals wandering around, and a few harder ones - such as the bear, the panther and the lion. Rick the Ranger Guildmaster lives in the woods. To go up the trees you need to be flying, or to be able to climb, and you need to swim, or have a boat, to go into the mucky swamp.

To get through the brass gate you need the key that is under the mat. Once there you should find the ground floor of the tower relatively easy for Newbie's and easy for Chumps.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 2n.

  Map of the Clock Tower - Ground Floor

              |         ^       |
              |  Kt-Pa Ss    Ws |  Up from Ss goes to the first floor
              |  |     |     |  |
              |  Wh-Wh-Is-Wh-Wh |
              Wa    |  |  |     Ea
              |     Ch Eh Dr    |
              |        |        |
              |     Gp-Eh-Gp    |
              |        |^       |
              |v |  |  |  |  |  |v             
              |  |  |  |  |  |v |            
              |  |  |  |  |  |  |             
              |  |  |  |v |  |  |                
              |  |  |  |     |  |              
              Mw-Me-Iw-Of    Dg-To                  
              |^ |  |  |     |  |^               
              Hu-Me-Wi-Ef    Dg-Wt                  
              Village of Shadowdale                   

  Key to the map of the Clock Tower

Al- Along a Path At- Apple Tree
Bb- Black Berry Bush Bg- Brass gate
Ch- Chapel Cp- Clover Patch
Cy- Courtyard Dg- Dark Glade
Dm- A Deep Mucky Swamp Dr- Dining room
Ea- East wall Ef- Edge of the Forest
Eh- Entrance Hall Ew- Edge of the Woods
Fp- Forest Path Fr- Faerie Ring
Fs- Forest Shrine Gp- Guard post
Hu- Huge White Oak Tree Is- Intersection
Iw- In the Woods Ke- Kelra's Cottage
Kh- Khris's Hut Kt- Kitchen
Lo- Large Oak Tree Me- Meadow
Mk- Mucky Swamp Ms- Muddy Shore
Mt- Some Maple Trees Mw- A meadow
Na- North wall Ne- Northeastern Corner
Nf- Nearing the Forest Nw- Northwestern Corner
Of- On a Forest Path Ol- Olive Tree
Op- On the Path Pa- Pantry
Pg- Peaceful Grove Pi- Path Into the Woods
Pl- Pile of Leaves Rl- Rotting Log
Se- Southeastern Corner Sg- Sunny Glade
Sh- Shadowy Woods Ss- Spiral Staircase
St- Split in the trail Sw- Southwestern Corner
To- Tombstone Ts- Tree Stump
Tw- A Tree Shrouded in Webs Wa- West wall
Wh- East-west Hallway Wi- Wishing Well
Wl- Wildflowers Wr- Where the Red Ferns grow
Ws- Wood shop Wt- Huge Black Walnut Tree
Ww- Weeping Willow Tree

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