The Mists of Nartok

The Mists of Nartok is a tough zone. Astaroth (50/50/50) died a number of times here, with sanc and resist items. Some of the mobs are tough and just take time to kill, some really need a group of Adepts. I didn't get attacked that often but I was sneaking and invisible. In the Chapel (Ch) a hidden mob will try to backstab you and the Bishop in the Bishop's Chamber is aggressive too - both are tough and you'll need help to kill them. The Piano player and local dancer attacked me at the Floor Show (Fs) too, but were easy to deal with.

The oak in the Crystal Clear Pool (Cc) is tough, once dispelled he can be taken by a well equipped Adept but if you leave him alone he'll heal himself back up fiarly quickly. Remember: tree's burn...

The only key I could find in the zone is a silver key shaped like a cats head held by the Big, bald bartender Behind the Bar (Bb). It opens a small box he holds containing 15k in gold!

There is a hidden chamber to the north of the Bishop's Chamber (Bi). 'open wall' to open the way north to the Room of Death. It's reletively safe, from there going north takes you to the Golden Coffin room, wait a second and you'll be portalled to a second room. From there you can enter another portal which will take you to a room with no exits, inhabited by Death himself. The only way out is to recall or astral. Death is very tough... and could murder a curry.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 4s2wn4w4n2w3s8wswnwn3wn2ws2ws3w3nw5n2wn7w2nwsws3w2s 2es2w.

  Map of the Mists of Nartok

               Sy-Hm Bi-Hm-Sy                  
                  |     |                 
               Be-Hm Si-Hm-Be                  
                  |     |               
                  |  |  |  |            
                  |  |     |             
                  To-To    Mh-1             
                     |     |             
               Ph-Sy Eh Sy-C1              
                  |  |  |               
               Be    Eh    Se             
               |     |     |             
               |  |  |  |  |              
               Be Tw Tp Wa Be               
   Pp                Tr                           
   |                 |                            
   Pp Jp             Tr Bc St                     
   |    \            |  |  |            
   Pp Cs-Mj          Tr Vs Ci           
   |  |              |  |  |                                
   Pp-Nc             Tr-Sg-Sg-Sg-Sg                          
   |                 |           |                 
   Pp       Pl       Tr Be Be    Sg                
   |        |        |  |  |     |              
   Cp-Rw-Rw-Rw-Rw-Rw-Ct Ha-Ha    |              
         |                \      |                
         Im             Pa Br-Fs |        
                        |  |  |  |      
                        Ka-Bb Te-Sg     
                           Al He Sg             
                           |  |  |                          
                     Bk    Ra-Ra-Sg                          
                     |           |                          
                  Ob-Fw-Ba Bt-Gu Sg                          
                     |  |     |  |                          
                     Bu Ba Gu-Gf Sg                          
                        |     |  |                          
                                       Nt                      Ov-Mf-Mv
                                       |                       |  |  |
                                       Bm                Ef-Dg-Sp-Cc-Df           
                                       |                 |  |  |  |  |     
                                       Bm             Oc-Pe Sg Tf-De-Df
                                       |              |                
                                       Bm             Dp    Dm-Em-Am-Reaching Woods
                                       |              |     |                  
                                       Bm             Sr-Mm-Md               
                                       |              |                     
                           |  |                             
                        |     |                             
                        Tl    So                             

  Key to the Map of the Mists

Ag- Approaching The Gate Al- Alchemist
Am- Approaching the Mist Aw- Another Wagon
Ba- Back Alley Bb- behind The Bar
Bc- Back Room Bd- Brittle Dry Path
Be- Bedroom Bi- Bishop Chamber
Bk- The Bakery Bm- BloodMist Road
Br- Bar Bt- Bath
Bu- the Butcher Shop C1- Chapel
Ca- Campfire Cc- Crystal Clear Pool
Ch- Chapel Ci- City Stable's
Cp- Corner of Pepper and Rosemary Cs- City Services
Ct- Corner of Temple And Rosemary De- Dense Thicket
Df- Dense Forest Dg- Dense Growth
Dm- Deeper In The Mist Dp- Dirt Path
Ea- Eternal Order's Altar Ef- Entangled Forest
Eh- Eternal Hallway Em- Entering The Mist
Es- End of SageMist Road Fs- Floor Show
Fw- Four-way Intersection Gb- Grassy Brittle Path
Gc- Golden Coffin Gf- Guards Front Room
Gn- Guards of Nartok Gu- Guards Barracks
Gw- Gypsy Wagon Ha- Hallway
He- Herbalist Hm- Hallway of Marble
Im- Iraeghleez Metalworks Iw- Inside A Wagon
Ji- Just Inside The Old Gate Jp- Jeshi's Private Room
Ka- Kitchen Area Md- Misty Dirt Road
Mf- Misty Fungus Growth Mh- Marble Hallway
MjMayor Jeshie's Office- Mj Mm- More Misty Road
Mo- More Muddy Trail Mu- Muddy Dirt Trail
Mv- more Overgrown Path Na- Nartok
Nc- Nartok's City Hall Nt- Nearing Town
Oa- Outside Another Wagon Ob- Open Bazaar
Oc- Outside A Colourful Wagon Ov- Overgrown Path
Ow- Outside A Wagon Pa- Pantry
Pb- Private Bedroom Pe- Path Ends
Ph- Private Chapel Pl- Pleaasant Looking Home
Pn- Path To Nartok Pp- Pepper Place
Pr- Private Room Py- Prayer Room
Ra- Rose Alley Rd- Room of Death
Ri- Rusty Iron Gate Rs- Rotting Sign
Sa- Stairs To The Temple Sc- Small Chapel
Se- Storage Room Sg- Sage Road
Sh- Shaded Glen Si- Scriptorium
Sm- SageMist Road So- Sophea & Rafina's Wagon
Sp- Small Path Sr- Sign In The Road
St- Stable's Sy- Statuary Alcove
Td- Turning Dusty Path Te- Tempest Tavern
Tf- Thick Forest Frowth Tl- tethered Livestock
Tm- Temple Landing To- Temple Floor
Tp- Temple of the Eternal Order Tr- Temple Road
Tt- Twist in the Trail Tw- The Temple's Washroom
Vs- Virile's Smithy Wa- Washroom
Wc- West Of The Campfire Wg- Window Garden

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