The Village of Shadowdale

Shadowdale, the town for which the MUD is named. It's a nice little place, but only if your character is 'good-aligned'. If you're playing a Dark-elf, Goblin, Troll , Orc or Dark-dwarf be very careful as most of the mobs in Shadowdale will attack you on sight (including the guildmasters).

There are guildmasters in Shadowdale for all classes, except the Druid and the Monk. For these you must go to either Spiderhaunt (for the Druid GM), or the Monastary (Monk GM). They will only teach you up to medium level. You can rent out in the Old Skull Inn. Up from the Inkeeper's Foyer (If) is the Hall of Rules. If you're new to Shadowdale I'd have a quick read... it'll stop you from getting into too much trouble. There's also a secret exit from the Storage Closet (Sc) down to the top level of the Catacombs.

Beware of the wandering gypsy woman. She steals your money, and is no easy kill. The other two mobs to be careful of are Burr and Serbon. These two hang around outside the Inn in Shadowdale and steal your money. They are easier kills. Down frmo the Small Wooden Bridge (Sb) is the Ashaba River. You need to be swimming or flying to go there.

  Map of the Village of Shadowdale

                                                                           Rr-Lo-Es  Infested Tree 
                                                                              |        |    
                            Northern Shadowdale Forest                     Gc-Lo-Ec    Wc Under the Well  
                                       |                                      |        | /   
                                       Sc                       Catacombs  Cc-Lo-Gq St-We    Plains of Shadowdale
                                       |                                  \   |        |     |
                   Clock Tower   El-Wt-Sa             Tg                Lu Sg-If-Sd    Wc Nb-Nb
                           |           |              |                 |     |        |  |
                           Sp          Sa    Tw-Wr Bh-Sq-Sm Lb Sh    Ss Mp Gr-Os-Ff Me Nb-Nb          
                           |           |     |        |     |  |     |  |     |     |  |  |    
                           Tc-Nb-Nb-Nb-Ne-Sb-Nb-------Nd----Nc-Nb-Nb-Nb-Nb----Na----Nb-Nb Bs       
                           |            v  |          |     |     |                    |   
Northern Shadowdale Forest-Nb   Catacombs  |       Hb-Sr-Dp Hc    Hh                   So-Wg
                           |               v          |                                |  
                           Nb     Ashaba River        Sr-Sr                            So-Sl-Sl
                           |                             |                             |  |  |
                           Nb                            Ed                            So Hs Bn     
                           |                                                           |
                Daggerdale-Nb                                                          So        
                           |                                                           |        
                           Nb                                                Krilastia-So-Plains of Shadowdale
     Desertmouth Mountains-Nb

  Key to the map of the Village of Shadowdale

Bh- The home of Bronn and leath Selgard Bn- Barn
Bs- Beneath a Shady Tree Cc- Comfortable Chamber
Dp- Deep Pit Ec- Elegant Chamber
Ed- Edge of the Dwarven Sink El- The Entrance to Elminster's Tower
Er- End Room Es- Elegant Suite
Ff- Food and Fire Gc- Guest Chamber
Gq- Guest Quarters Gr- Open Garden Room
Hb- Home of Beregon Hillstar Hc- Hoareb's Curatives
Hh- Hammerhand's Wood Works Hs- The House of Sulcar Reedo
If- Inkeeper's Foyer Lb- Latha's Boarding
Lh- The Lulhannon Home Lo- Long Hallway in the Old Skull
Me- Message post Mp- Meira's Pottery
Na- The North Ride Nb- The North Ride
Nc- The North Ride Nd- The North Ride
Ne- The North Ride Os- The Old Skull Inn
Rr- Romantic Room Sa- Small trail
Sb- A Small Wooden Bridge Sc- Small clearing
Sd- Servant's Dining Hall Sg- Storage Closet
Sh- The Stone House Sl- A Small Path
Sm- the Smithy of Bronn Selgard So- South trail
Sq- Small Square Sr- Southwards Run
Ss- Sticks and Staves St- The Stables
Tc- The Common Tg- Training Ground
Tw- Tulba the Weaver Wc- Well Cut
We- The Well Wg- Weregund Trading
Wr- Work Room Wt- Widening Trail

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