The Jungle of Chult

This map covers two zones: The Jungles's of Chult and the Lower Pyramid, both created by Celestian. Thanks to Aldur, Leon and Vanastha who all helped out a lot.

The Jungle of Chult is noted as being for level 10 to level 25 players. Outside of the pyramid there are one or two hard mobs here but you'll be safe as long as you keep your wits about you. The only aggresive mob I encountered was the Witch Doctor in Inside the Large Hut (Il). He could see invisible and attacked as soon as I entered the room.

As well as the normal north/south/east/west markers I've added n,s,e and w. If it appears by an exit to a room, taking that exit will move you to the corresponding room, not the room you thought you were going to, for example:

Going north from FU will take you south to BA. Going west from BA will in fact take you east to GN.

To get to the village from Edge of the Jungle Path (Ep) use 'open brush'. The exits marked as numbers take you tro specific rooms on this map. 1 takes you to L1. takes you to L2. 3 takes you to L3. 4 takes us to L4 and 5 takes you to L5. To open the way from from the Light Jungle Path use 'open vines'. As you move south you'll find a pair of stone doors. The first is easy to open the second needs the key from the Chief in the Chieftain's Hut (Ch).

To get inside the pyramid you must climb all the way to the top. Once there wait Below the Maw of the Snake (Bm) until the floor cracks and you fall down into a Cracked Floor (Cf) wait for a time and you'll be dropped into Strangers in a Strange Place (Ss) inside the Pyramid.

To find the key to the door in the Grand Entrance (Ge) you need to go into the Lower Pyramid. To open a way down use 'open trapdoor' in the Bottom of the Shaft (Bs). The small snake statue Underwater (Un) is the key to the door, don't explore further unless you can portal, astral or recall as there is no way out of the Sandy Beach (Sb) and the Bottom of the Waterfall (Bw).

Be careful once you unlock the door, as the room is guarded by two Guardian Snakes. They are poisonous and, unless you're immune to poison, just one hit will kill you. The area is swarming with priests and you'll need to have a fireshield or be able to dispel magic to kill all of them.

At the Altar of the Snake (Al) you'll find a Humanoid Snake, guardian of the Snake God. It has fireshield and sanc and is quite tough, especially if you don't clear out the priests first as they'll assist it and cast spells. Once you kill the snake a portal will open. Get the black key from the snake, unlock the altar and take all you find then enter the portal to escape the Pyramid back to Shadwodale. There is no way of walking out of the pyramid if the portal closes unless you can portal, astral or recall.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 9sws3ws2w2s2w3sws5w2sws2w3s6wswsw2s2w2sws2wsw5seses 5e5sw4s2w2s2w2nwn3wswsws2w2n6wn2wsws7ws2w2se2se2se2s 2w2s. You must be either flying or swimming to use this route.

  Map of the Jungle of Chult

                  Ph-Ne Ig Dp     
                     |  |  |      
                  Il-Nc-Ve-Ep-Jp-Jp-Jp-The Lost City      
                     |  |     |     
    Trackless Sea Ch-Se Ig    |                      
                |             |     s          
                                 |  |
                            s    |  |
                          4-L5-1 |  |
                            |    |  |    
                           /n    n  n     
                      2  |
                      1  |
                   |  |  |
                   |  |  |
Inside the Pyramid
                 |              |
                 |     Al       |
                 |     |        |                  
              Co-Dh Wa-Na-Ea    Dh                   
                 |  |  |  |     |                
                 Dh Wa-Ca-Ea    Dh                
                 |     |        |              
                 Dh    Sn Sh-Ss Dh
                 |     + /      |              
 Down to the Lower Pyramid
The Lower Pyramid
           /  \
         Er    Up to Inside the Pyramid
            | \
            |  Un
            | \
            V  Un

  Key to the Map of the Jungle of Chult

Al- Altar of the Snake As- Altar in the Shrine
At- Almost There Bm- Below the Maw of the Snake
Bp- Base of the Pyramid Bs- Bottom of the Shaft
Bw- Bottom of the Waterfall Ca- Center Aisle
Ch- Chief's Hut Co- Common Priest's Rooms
Cv- Climbing In Vines Da- Dark Room
Dd- Dark Damp Tunnel Dh- Dark Hallway
Dm- Damp Hallway Dp- Dark Path
Ea- Eastern Aisle Ec- East Corner of the Shrine
Ej- Edge of the Jungle En- Entryway
Ep- End of Jungle Path Er- Edge of a River
Es- Entrance to the Shrine Ev- End of the Vine
Ge- Grand Entry Ig- Inside a Grass Hut
Il- Inside the Large Hut Jp- Jungle Path
Lp- Lip of the Pyramid Lr- Large Room
L?- Light Jungle Path Na- Near the Alter of the Snake
Nc- Near the Center of the Village Nd- Narrow Damp Shaft
Ne- Northern Edge of Village Nh- Nearing the Hidden Pyramid
Nj- Near the Jungle Ns- The Narrowing of the Snakes Body
Nt- Near the Top of the Pyramid Ot- On a Thick Vine
Pa- Pulled Along by the Current! Pg- Peak of the Great Pyramid
Ph- Princess's Hit Pr- Priest's Room
Py- Prayer Room Sa- Sandy Beach
Sb- The Narrow Snakes Body Sc- Small Curve in the Jungle Path
Se- Southern Edge of Village Sh- Short Hallway
Si- Simple Room Sl- Sloping Shaft
Sn- Shrine Entrance Sr- Short Entryway
Ss- Short Stone Passageway St- Short Tunnel
Sw- Swimming on the River Tb- Twist in the Snakes Body
Tj- Trail in the Jungle Ts- Twisting Snake
Tv- Thining Vines Ub- Along the Snake's Upper Body
Un- Underwater Ve- The Village Entrance
Wa- Western Aisle Wc- West Corner of Shrine
Wt- Waterfall!

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