Moonsea and the Wastelands of Thar didn't trouble me in the least when I was mapping it. I was hoping to join up a few areas by finishing this map off and I certainly have, but this area connects to a whole bunch more, including Myth Drannor (which used to be by the Quickling Forest).

None of the Mobs seem to be aggressive in these rooms and I'd say that it was pretty safe for most, low- and mid- level players. There are a few creatures to be warey of, such as a big Sea Monster on the sea, but these are few and far between.

Finally A quick warning about a Death Trap. There's a closed door in Deep in Cormanthor (Dc), you can open with with 'push door' to open a passage to the west. You'll find yourself in a small keep. IN the Keep of the Holy Cloth and Rose (Kh) you can 'pull trapdoor' to open a way down to a Death Trap, the Bottomless Pit.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 15enenenes2enese5se3ses.

  Map of Moonsea

                                                    The Vale of Frost
                                              Border Forest Ew Wt-Wt-Wt-Wt-Wt         
                                                         |  |  |  |  |  |  |                
                                                            |  |  |  |  |  |                   
                                                                  |  |  |  |  |       Ruins of Melkier       
                                                   Lycanthropia   Wt-Wt-Wt-Wt-Wt      |     Ct
                                                              \   |  |  |  |          |     | 
                                                     Phlan     \  Wt-Wt-Wt-Wt-Wt      |     Ms-Ne
                                                         |     |     |  |             |     |
                                                         Mp-Ns-Ns-Ns |  Ms------Ms-Ms-Ms-Ms-Es 
                                                         |  |  |  |  |  |       |  |  |  |  |
                                  Border Forest-Mz-Ms-Ms-Ms-Ms-Ms-Ms-Ms-Nc------Ms-Ms-Ms-Ms-Es-Sh 
                                                   |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |       |  |  |     |  |
                                                   Sw-Ms-Ms-Ms-Ms-Bd-Ms-Ms------Ms-Ms-Mm    Mw Sh-Sulphur Winter
                                                            |  |  |  |  |       |      
                                                            Ms-Ss-Ss-Ms-Mm-Rd Rocky Point
                                                            |           |                   
                             Yulash-Bw-Bw-Bw-Bw-Bw-Bw-Bw-Wg-Mh          Rl        
                                                         |                |     
                                                         Mr Elven Forest  Er    Er-Ge 
                                                         |  |             |     |            
                                                   Mr----Mr-Dp            Er-Er-Er     
                                                   |     |                                  
                                                   Mr    Fg                            
                                                   |     |                             
                                                   Mr    |  Fp-Fo
                                                   |     |  |  |
                                          Mr-Mr-Mr-Mr Pc-Pc-Pc Bg-Ff-Ff                   
                                          |        |  |  |           |             
                                          Mr       Df-Fp Pc          Myth Drannor       
                                          |        |     |                          
                           Lt             Mr    Ff-Ff Cg-Cg-Cw-Dr-Fb-Dc                    
                           |              |           |                                
                           Lt             Mr          Dc                                 
                           |              |           |                                
   Tilverton Mtns-Mr-Bs-Mr-Mr-Mr-Mr-Mr-Mr-Mr Ks Mh Hc-Hc                                 
                     |                       | /   |                                  
                     Lake Yeven           Pr-Kh-Ke-Dc
                                             | \
                                             Ka DT 

  Key to the map of Moonsea

Aw- Approaching the Wastelands of Thar Bd- The Bell in the Depths of Moonsea
Bg- Beech Grove Cg- Cormanthor Greenwood
Ct- A Changing Terrain Cw- Cormanthor Wood
Dc- Deep Cormanthor Woods Dp- A dark path
Dr- Down by the River DT- DEATH TRAP
Er- Elua's Ride Ew- The Edge of the Wasteland of Thar
Fb- The Far Bank Ff- Forgotten Forest
Fg- The Forest Gate Fo- Forgotten Path
Fp- Forest Path Ge- The Gates of Elventree
Hc- Heart of Cormanthor Forest Ka- Keep Armory
Ke- Keep Entrance Kh- Keep of the Holy Cloth and Rose
Ks- Keep Sleeping Quarters Lt- The Lost Trail
Me- The Mess Hall Mh- The Moonsea at Hillsfar
Mm- The Mouth of the Moonsea Mp- The Moonsea at Phlan
Mr- The Moonsea Ride Ms- The Moonsea
Mu- The Moonsea at Mulmaster Ms- The mouth of the White River
Mz- The Moonsea at Zhentil Keep Nc- The North Coast of the Moonsea
Ne- the Northeast Shore of the Moonsea Ns- The North Shore of the Moonsea
Pc- Path into Cormanthor Pr- Princess Captain's
Rd- The Mouth of the River Dalton Rl- The Mouth of the River Lis
Sh- The Shore St- Southern Trail
Sw- The Southwestern hore of the Moonsea Wg- The West Gate of Hillsfar
Wt- The Wasteland of Thar

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