Daggerdale is quite a safe area for most levels of players. It seems to be a link area to many other places. The strangest things about it is the Tethyamar Trail, which links the left and right sides of this map in a straight line! The only thing to watch out for are the merchant and gypsy that wander around here as they steal your money.

To travel to the Anauroch Desert you must cross a chasm and so must be flying.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 4sw.

  Map of Daggerdale

                            |  |                  
        Shangri La-Pr       We-Nd-Ne                       
                   |        |  |  |               
                   Pr Ac-Fh-Pl-Up-Ne                         
                   |     |  |  |  |        
                   Pr    Sm-Pl-Pl-Ne-Orshingal       
                   |     |  |  |  |     
                Ne-Em----We-Pl-Pl-Pl-Cv-Tethyamar Trail
                |        |  |  |  |  |  
    Anauroch Desert      Pl-Pl-At-Pl-Dd-Tethyamar Trail
                         |  |  |  |  |  
                   Id    Pl-Pl-Pl-Rc-Ee-Northern SD Forest  
                   |     |  |  |  |  | 
                         |  |  |  |  | 
                     Tethyamar Trail-Sp-Sp-Shadowdale Village 

  Key to the map of Daggerdale

Ac- An Acrid Cave At- Amidst some Thorns
Bb- Beneath a Barren Bluff Cv- A Clear View of Daggerdale
Dd- Descent into Daggerdale Ee- Eastern Edge of Daggerdale
Em- Edge of the Mountains Fd- Foot of Dagger Falls
Fh- Foothills of the Desertmouth Moutains Id- Into the Dark
Nb- Northrn Border of Daggerdale Nd- Nearing the Dagger Falls
Ne- Northeastern Border of Daggerdale Of- Overlooking Dagger Falls
Pl- The Plains of Daggerdale Pr- Perfect Road
Rc- Ruins of Castle Daggerdale Sd- A Steep Decline
Se- The Southeaster Border of Daggerdale Sm- Shadows of the Desertmouth Mountains
So- Southern Edge of Daggerdale Sp- A Small Path
Sw- Sothwestern Border of Daggerdale Tl- Tree Lined Border of Daggerdale
Tt- Tethyamar Trail Up- Upon the Plains of Daggerdale
We- Western Foothills of Daggerdale

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