The Tesh Trail

The Tesh Trail is a useful shortcut between a few of the more northern parts of Shadowdale's world. Low level players should be a little wary of the wolves in this area that will attack unprovoked, but little else is dangerous if left alone. A few animals and creatures will wonder in and out of this area and none of them should be too hard once you hit level 8 or so.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 15enenene2n3en3enene4n.

  Map of the Tesh Trail

                               Ol-Border Forest         
                               |     |  
                               Tn    Zt-Zt     
                               |        | 
                               Tn       Zt-Zt-Zt-Zt  
                               |                 |
                         Gc    Tn                Zt-Bz
                         |     |                 |
Tethyamar Trail-Tt-Tt-Tt-Tt-Tn-Tn                Br
                         |                       |
                         Br                      Th
                         |                       |
                         |                       |
                         Nr-Bw-Bw                Th
                         |     |                 |
                         Nr    Bw                Th
                         |     |                 |
                         Nr    Bw-Bw-Denarma  Th-Th 
                         |        |           | 
                      Nr-Nr      Yulash-------Th
               Plains of Shadowdale

  Key to the map of the Tesh Trail

Br- Bridge over the River Tesh Bz- The Black Gates of Zhentil Keep
Gc- The Gate of the City of Teshwave Nc- Near the City of Voonlar
Nr- The North Ride Ol- Overlooking the Citadel of the raven
Th- The Throat Tn- Teshnost Trail
Tt- Tesh Trail Zt- Zhentilar Trail

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