The Wilds of the Underdark

The Wilds of the underdark is aimed at Newbies and, as such, is a picnic for anyone higher than level 10. The toughest mob in the area is a 15K Drider. There are some magic using mobs too (the bane of low level characters) but all of them are small enough to be bashed. If you're worried take a low-level warrior with you!

There's only really one note of warning in this zone: The Bottomless Crypt (Bc) could be a death trap. From the description I didn't want to find out myself, but if any brave traveller wants to find out for me I'll be gratful for the results of your exploration.

There are two closed doors in the area. To open the door in teh Dead-end Cave (Dc) use 'push stone'. To open the door on the Purple Lit Cavern use 'push door'.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 4e7ne3n4es2e2sesese2s6e6swn.

  Map of the Wilds of the Underdark

                                    |     |         
                                    Tr    Sm          
                        Wb          Ad-Rl           
                        |              |           
                     Sa-Ci-Sd          Ch-Di-Us           
                           |           |     |      
                           Og       Wd-Fd    Ul          
                           |        |        |      
                     Dd-Mt-Ct-An-Pl-Mc       Mu                   
                  Nb-Mb       Pc-Da-Ec-Pr                 
                  |              |     |           
               Dr-Dp             Da Fc Bc
                  |              |  |
                  Hm-Ca-Gs    Sr-Da-Lc     
                  |     |        | 
         Dl-Cd-Ac-Oc    Sc-Dc-Ce-Da-Rc              
            |  |                 |
            Wc De                Da 
            |                    |
            Md                   Da-Ll
            |                    |  |
         Wn-Dt                   Op Op
         |                          | 
         Ht                         Ds
         |                          |
     Golothaer                      Cl    

  Key to the map of the Wilds

Ac- Another Choice of Direction Tunnel Ad- A Dead End
An- Another Water Source? Aw- Another Water Source
Bc- Bottomless Crypt Bx- Box Canyon
Ca- Carved Tunnel Cd- Choice of Directions Tunnel
Ce- Crypt Entrance Ch- Choice of Tunnels
Ci- Cave Intersection Cl- Crypt Lair
Ct- Crossing Tunnel Cv- Cactus Vine Garden
Da- Dark Crypt Hallway Dc- Dead-end Cave
Dd- Dead End Tunnel De- Dead-end Tunnel
Df- Desert Foothill Di- Deeper Into the Depths
Dl- Dimly Lit Cavern Dp- Drinkable Pool of Water
Dr- Dark Cave Ds- Destroyed Crypt
Dt- Deeper Tunnel Du- Dusty Red Clay
Dy- Dry Trail Ec- Empty Crypt
En- Eagle Nest Fc- Full Crypt
Fd- Further Down Into the Depths Fl- Desert Floor
Gs- Grimlock's Skull Cave Hi- High Mesa
Hm- hot Misty Cavern Ht- hidden Tunnel
Lc- Littered Crypt Ll- Lloth's Altar
Ls- Large Stone Arch Mb- More Black Tunnel
Mc- Musky Cavern Md- More Deep Tunnel
Me- Mesa Trail Mo- More Desert Path
Ms- Mesa Top Mt- Mining Tunnel
Mu- More Underground Lake Nb- Natural Black Tunnel
Oc- Oxidized cavern Og- Ore and Granite Cave
Op- Open Crypt Pc- Peaceful Crypt
Pl- Purple Lighted Cavern Pr- Preparation Room
Rc- Ransacked Crypt Re- River's End
Ri- River Canyon Rl- Rocky Ledges and Walls
Sa- Sour Acid Alcove Sc- Sacred Cavern
Sd- Smooth Dry Cave Sl- Slimy Cave
Sm- Sand Mounds Sp- Sandy Path
Sr- Storage Room St- Sandy Trail
Sy- Sandy Desert Tr- Desert Trail
Ul- Underground Lake Us- Underground Stream
Wb- Warmer Breezy Cave Wc- Worms Cavern
Wd- Winding Down Into the Depths Wn- Windy Narrow Tunnel
Wo- Way Out of the Darkness Wr- Winding Riverbed

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