Frost Mountain

Frost Mountain has one or two aggressive mobs but, on the whole, if you're invisible you're pretty safe. I mapped the area with Stibbs and Azrael when they were both Experts and everything was fairly easy apart from the Frost Dragon in the Frozen Circular Room (Cr), which killed Azrael. The Ice Ogre King and Queen aren't easy if you try to kill them both at the same time but if you can lure one of the two away life becomes much easier.

There are a number of hidden treasure rooms to be found. They are each locked. The secret wall between Unused Frozen Hallway (Uf) and the Secret Treasure Room (St) can be opened with the 'knock' spell. The key to door west from Frozen Storage Room (Fs) is Black Onyx Rose Bracelet from the Sha'az Queen in the Shaaz leaders Private Area (Pa). Finally, the key to door north of Icy & Cold Intersection (Ii) is A Piece of Ice on a Chain from the Ice Ogre Queen in the Kings Sleeping Room (Ks).

The Crystal Tower, to the north of the zone, contains the toughest mobs in the zone, notably a powerful Lich. The Frozen stand of spiderweb from the two heaed ice troll guard opens the way down in Hallways End (He). Use 'unlock trapdoor' and 'lift trapdoor' to open the way down to the Ice Tunnels. 'twist icicle' in the southern most Slippery Corridor (Sl) opens the way to the Hidden Hallway (Hh). North from the Hallway is a hidden door to the Lich's Lair. There is a hidden door to the south in the Storage Area which leads to the Hidden Room (Hr).

Lastly, the Underground Caves can be reached by lifting the rock in the Storage Area (Sa). There doesn't seem to be anything in there though...

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 15enenene2n3en3enene3n3enenen2es12e2nen2e4n3w4ne3ne n5ene9n7en.

  Map of Frost Mountain

        Down to the Tunnels       Ki-Fz                
                  \               |                
                   He    Hi-Ed-Dr-Ki-Pn                         
                   |     |                         
                   Ha    Hi                         
                   |   ^ |                         
                   |     |                         
                Gr-Ha    Hi    Sa-Sa                   
                   |     |     |  |                  
                Gr-Ha    Ga-Wi-Sa Hr                        
                   |     |                         
                Gr-Ha    Et                         
                   |  |  |  |  |  |                   
                   |  |  |  |  |  |                        
                   |  |  |  |  |  |                     
                            Sm Sd                        
                            |  |                       
                            Sm Us                        
                            |  |                       
                      |  |  |                          
 Ff-Ff-Ff-Ff-Ff       Di Sm Di                Pb-Pb           
 |  |  |  |  |           |                    |  |      
 Ff-Ff-Ff-Ff-Ff          Sm                   It-Da         
 |  |  |  |  |           |                    |        
 Ff-Ff-Ff-Ff-Ff          Sm                   Tr         
 |  |  |  |  |           |                    |        
 Ff-Ff-Ff-Ff-Ff          Sm                   Tr         
 |  |  |  |  |           |                    |        
 Ff-Ff-Ff-Ff-Ff          Sh                Fp-If-Ft-Ft-Ft-Ft            
 |  |  |  |  |           |                 |     |  |  |  | 
 Ff-Ff-Ff-Ff-Ff          Sh          Fp    Fp    Ft-Ft-Ft-Ft
             |           |           |     |     |  |  |  |    
             Ff       Sp-Sr-Sp----Sp-Fp-Fp-Fp    Ft-Ft-Ft-Ft
             |        |              |           |  |  |  |   
             En       Sp             Fp-Fp       Ft-Ft-Ft-Ft              
             |        |              |           |  |  |  |         
             Fr-Fr-Fr-Su             Fp-Fp       Ft-Ft-Ft-Ft Tl-Tl-Tn          
                      |                 |        |  |  |  |  |     |  
                      Su                Fp       Ft-Ft-Ft-Ft Tl    Eo-Tw-Sg    
                      |                 |        |  |  |  |  |        |  |
                      Su                Se       Ft-Ft-Ft-Ft-Tl       Sg So Pa 
                      |                 |                                |  |
                      Sm                Ji-Gs                            Sb-Ca
                      |                 |  |                                |
                   Sm-Sm-Ic-Dc-Fa       Wd Cl                               Sa
                   |           |           |                                  \
                   Co          Sc-Aa Cs-Fe-Ju-Fg              Down to the Underground Caves
                   |              |           |
             Vale of Frost        Cd-Sn    Lh-Cm       Lr
                                  |                    +
                                  Fc    De    Fj    Lq-Ii-Lq
                                  |     |     |        |
                               Mc-Cd-Fh-Fi-Fh-Fh       Ih
                                        |     |        |
                                        Mf    Fh       Ih
                                        |     |        |
                                        Mf    Fh-Fh-Fh-Af    Ks 
                                        |     |        |     |
                                        Mh-Cr De       Ar-Gs-Kl
                                                       |  |
                                                 Ht+Fs-Cs Gu-Uf+St
The Ice Tunnels
             |       \                             
       Ll    Sl       Up to the Crystal Tower                 
       |     |                                     
       Ha    Sl                                     
       |     |                                     
Upper Level of the Tower
            Pc    Dl-Ol-Ol                                  
            |     |  |  |                         
         Eh-Sf    Ul Ol-Ol                               
         |        |v |  |                         
         Mo       Mo Ol-Ol
         |        |  |  |                          
         Mo       Mo Ol-Ol                               
         |        |                               
Underground Caves
                |  |                               
                |  |                               
                Uc-Uc Up to the Shaaz Caves                              
                   | /                              

  Key to the map of Frost Mountain

Aa- Another Alcove Af- Another Four Way Intersection
Ar- Armory Room As- Another Snowy Cave
Ba- bathe Chamber Ca- Shaaz Common Shared Area
Cd- Choice of Directions Cl- Common Living Area
Cm- Common Room Co- Colder Mountain Path
Cr- Frozen Circular Room Cs- Cold Storage Room
Da- Dank & Oderous Cave Dc- Moving Deeper Into the Cave
De- Deadend Frozen Hallway Di- Deeper Inside The Cave
Dl- Doorway To The Landing Dr- Dining Room
Ed- Entrance to The Dining Area Ef- Entrance To The Frozen Lake
Eh- End Of The Hallway En- Entrance To Frost Forest
Eo- Entrance To An Open Cave Et- Entrance To The Tower
Fa- Frozen Alcove Fb- Frozen Brick Pathway Leading to A Tower
Fc- Frozen Carved Passageway Fe- Female Living Quarters
Ff- Frost Forest Fg- Frost Giant Males Living Quarters
Fh- Frozen Hallway Fi- Four Way Intersection
Fj- Frozen Junk Room Fl- Frozen Lake
Fp- Frigid Snow Covered Plains Fr- Frost & Snow Covered Path
Fs- Frozen Storage Room Ft- Frozen Tundra
Fw- Four Way Crossing Fz- Frozen Storage Room
Ga- Greeting Area Gi- Gallery of Ice
Gr- Guest Room Gs- Guard Station
Gu- Guard's Sleeping Room Ha- Hallway
He- Hallways End Hh- Hidden Hallway
Hi- Hallway of Ice Hr- A Hidden Room
Ht- Hidden Treasure Room Hu- Hallways Under The Ice
Ic- Ice Covered Cave Entrance If- Intersection In The Frozen Plains
Ih- Icy Hallway Ii- Icy & Cold Intersection
In- Intersection of Hallways Iu- Ice Corridor Under The Lake
Iy- Small Icy Cave Ji- Just Inside The Cave
Ju- Junction Inside The Cave Ki- Kitchen
Kl- Kings Living Area Ks- Kings Sleeping Room
Lh- Frost Giant Leaders Private Home Ll- WOW... Lich's Lair
Lq- Living Quarters Mc- Musky Cavern
Mf- More Frozen Passageway Mh- More Frozen Hallway
Mo- More Hallway Ol- Outside Landing
Pa- Shaaz Leaders Private Area Pb- Polar Bear Lair
Pc- Private Chamber Pn- Pantry
Sa- Storage Area Sb- Shaaz Barracks
Sc- Semi carved Turn Sd- Snow Covered Deadend
Se- Snowy Cave Entrance Sf- Storage Chamber
Sg- Shaaz Guards Sh- Snowy Path Into The Heart Of Frost Mountain
Si- Serene Garden Of Ice Sl- Slippery Corridor
Sm- Snowy Mountain Path Sn- Snow Covered Cave
So- Shaaz Common Room Sp- Snowy Path
Sr- Snowy Crossroads St- Secret Treasure Room
Su- Snowy Path Upwards Into The Mountains Td- Tunnel Down Into The Depths
Ti- Tunnel Of Ice Tl- Trail Leading Into The Cold Snowy Hills
Tn- Trail Narrows Tr- Snowy Trail
Tw- A Three Way Cave Intersection Uc- underground Cave Systems
Uf- Unused Frozen Hallway Ul- Upper Level Hallway
Us- Unused Snowy Trail Wd- Wolves Den
Wi- Walk-in Closet

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