The Shattered Mirror

The Shattered mirror is clearly aimed at higher level players. I wouldn't come here until you're at least Expert or you're with an experienced Expert/Adept group. There are lots of tough mobs that take patience and preparation to kill here. Thanks go to Fuse, Raeth, Kahil and Varda for helping me out with this zone.

Castle Freitstein is spread over four levels. You walk in on the first floor and have to go up some steps to get to level two. From there the North and South stairwells take you to the other three levels and the wine cellar.

To explore the secret area of the Wine Cellar use 'open shelves' in the Storage Room (Sg) to open the door to the Dusty Tunnel (Dt). You'll find a lot of undead in there but most of them are quite easy to deal with apart from Sollers Vesticus in the Tomb (Tb). He also has a rusty key which unlocks the chest in teh Treasury to the north. Use 'lift tapestry' to open the way there.

There are a number of hidden mobs in this zone, so I'd advise having sense-life cast on you as much as you can. Most of the hidden mobs are quite easy to kill but steal your money but be very careful in the Library (Li) as Kharl von Zaard hides in there and he can really cause you trouble if you're not ready for him. He hits hard - through sanc - and managed to kill Astaroth and then Stibbs shen I went back to get my corpse. He also remembers who's attacked him - even if he's killed you!

The only other puzzle in the area is where Nekrul's armor is. Nekrul can be found in the Private Suite (Ps) beating a young servant girl. Kill him to get a key formed of smoke which opens the door to the Secret Armory (Se) on the First Floor. Use 'unlock door west' and 'open door west' to get there.

To open trapdoor on the roof use 'lift trapdoor' if you're in the North Tower, Roof (Rf) and 'push trapdoor' if you're in the Barracks (Ba) below it.

Finally one last warning. Vrinides in Barbazu's Lair (Bl) is guarded by Kazang, a dragon spawn who is HUGE and breathes fire. Make sure you have protection from fire breath of you'll find yourself in a world of hurt...

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 4s2w5n6w3s8wswsw4s4wnwsw2s3wnw2uswsdswdsws2e2n. You must be flying to use this route.

  Map of the Shattered Mirror

                                         |  |
                Up to the Third Floor    Ps |
                                     \      |
                                       v    |
                             Ch    Ce-Gh----Ag       
                             |    /   |     | 
                       Cg-Ae-Eg-Fc Gu-Sh-Cq |            
                       |     |        |     |
                       Rh    Ss       Ba    |  Sr
                       |               ^    |  |
               Sunset Mountains       St-Al-Ha-Li           
                                         Down to the First Floor
First Floor
          |      ^ |
          Cd    No-Ha
          |      v |               
          |      ^ |                
          Po    So-Ha                
          |      v |               
          Sg-Ws Se+Gu-Ac
The Wine Cellar
           Ca         Up to the First Floor
           |         /
           |        |
  Tr Ar Mh-Dc       Sg
  |  |     |
The Third Floor
                 Up to the Fourth Floor
        Ki Sh-No Gb  
        |  |   v |                         
           |   ^ |                        
        Kq+Sh-Su Pv
                 Down to the Second Floor                          
The Fourth Floor
                       /| \             Ob
Down to the Third Floor |  Ba          /
                        |    \       Tt
                        |  Sq \     /
                        |  |   Rf Bl
                        Rc-Sw  | /
                           |   Tv                     
                           Sq /
                           Down to the Third Floor                          

  Key to the Map of the Shattered Mirror

Ab- Avacia's Bedchamber Ac- Alchemical Laboratories
Ae- Archwat Entrance Ag- Avacia's Gallery
Al- Alcoves Ar- Armory
Ba- Barracks Bl- Barbazu's Lair
Ca- Collapsed Area Cd- Castle Dungeon
Ce- Castle Entrance Cg- the Castle Grounds
Ch- Carriage house Cq- Captain's Quarters
Dc- Dusty Corridor Dh- Dining Hall
Dt- Dusty Tunnel Eb- Empty Barracks
Eg- Enchanted Gates Fc- Freitstein Castle
Gb- Guest Bedchamber Gh- great Hall
Gr- Guest Room Gu- Guardroom
Ha- Hallway Ht- Hall of Tapestries
Ki- Kitchen Kq- Kreswisk's Quarters
La- Laboratory Lh- Long Hallway
Li- Library Mh- Meeting Hall
Nf- North Tower, Fourth Floor No- North Tower, First Floor
Nr- North Tower, Third Floor Nt- North Tower, Second Floor
Ob- Observatory Ov- Overlook
Pd- Private Dining Hall Po- Portcullis
Pr- Privies Ps- Private Suite
Pv- Private Study Rf- North Tower, Roof
Rh- Rolling Hillside Sa- Storage
Se- Secret Armory Sf- South Tower, Fourth Floor
Sg- Storage Room Sh- Small Hallway
So- South Tower, First Floor Sq- Servant's Quarters
Sr- Sitting Room Ss- Stables and Smithy
St- South Tower, Second Floor Su- South Tower, Third Floor
Sw- Servant's Wing Tb- Tomb
Tc- Tapestry Chamber Tr- Treasury
Tt- Tower Tier Tv- ower vanguard
Tw- Two Rooms Uh- Unlit Hall
Ws- Wood Storage

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