The Sea of Swords

The Sea of Swords was not fun to map because, like many 'innovative' map making techniques, it makes no sense. I mean, if I row my boat north for three days I'm not going to end up south of where I started! If I can't tell which way is north I can hardly move north in the first place! Anyway, to help I've added a little extra notation as follows. As well as the normal north/south/east/west markers I've added n,s,e and w. If it appears by an exit to a room, taking that exit will move you to the corresponding room, not the room you thought you were going to, for example:

Going north from FU will take you south to BA. Going west from BA will in fact take you east to GN and, finally, going east from GN will take you west to BA. I hope it's not too confusing but you should see the maps without it! I've also made all the room abbreviations capitalized to make the n,s,e and w markers more obvious.

On top of this, three directions move you to completely different parts of the map. '1' takes you to the Sea of Sword (SS) west of the Coastline (CO). '2' takes you to the Sea of Swords (SS) two East of the Three Rivers and '3' takes you to the River Delta (RD).

Any room exit marked with a '*' means going out of that room, in that direction takes you back into the same room.

The area itself was easy to wander around (I was flying) and there were no mobs to even think about attacking me. It's part of a large connecting zone. One final point of note is that the The Delimbiyr Rapids (all marked RA on the map) are a one-way system, as marked by the arrows.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 6s6wn2wn3wn6wn2wnw3sw7s2w2sws2w3s6wswn3ws4wnws4w5nw 5n2wn7w2nwsws3wndn2e4n10w3sw2sw2s3w.

  Map of the Sea of Swords

                                                                                  Troll Moors
                                                                      |       V
                                                                      |    RA<RA
                                                                      |    V     
                       *  *  s                                        |
                     3-CR-SS-SS*                                   RI-SF
                      /|  *  |                                     |
      Down to Aquallia 2   1-SS-CW-CW-SA-SA-Ettersia            RI-RI
                             | \s                               |
                             |  SS-CO                     RI-RI-RI
                             |  |                         |
                            eSS-SS-The Three Rivers RI-RI-RI
                             |  *                   |
                             |                  RI--RI
                       s  *  |                  |
                       |  *  n 
                       |  *  *     
     Trackless Sea(T8)-S1-SS-SSw            
                       n  *  |        
                             |  *
                            eSS-SS-DR-The River Chionthar      
                             |  *
                       s  *  |      
                       |  *  *      
                    *  |            
                   eSS-S2-Trackless Sea(T6)         
                    |  |           
                    SC Trackless Sea(T6)          
             Birch Island               

  Key to the map of the Sea of Swords

CO- The Coastline CR- Coral Reef
CW- Coastal Waters Along the Sea of Swords DR- the Delta of River Chionthar
MR- Mouth of the River Delimbiyr RA- The Delimbiyr Rapids
RD- River Delta RI- The River Delimbiyr
SA- Shallow Coastal Waters Along the Sea of Swords SC- Shallow Coastal Waters
SF- Shining Falls SR- The Shining River Rapids Trail
SS- Sea of Swords

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