Ettersia is aimed at groups of characters from Medium to Expert level. I mapped this with a 50/50/50 Adept and didn't really have any problems. Many thanks go to Quess, Tyvern and Ferne for helping me puzzle out the zone. The mobs in this zone range from 30k kills that a medium character would have no trouble with, to groups of 150k kills where you'll need a lot of healing mushrooms or a competant group.

Ettersia used to be a peaceful town but it has been taken over by Garelik Malgrenin, ruler of the Castle to the southeast of the zone. The mayor has been locked up and his children imprisoned. There is a rebellion under way but they need your help to succeed! If you'd like to solve the puzzles yourself I'd stop reading after I give you this one clue: Look on the corpse of the crucified man in the town.

The first clue to the zone is a piece of paper on the corpse of the crucified man, he directs you to find Polomae Two-Blades in the forest to the east of the city. To find him you must go to the northern Forest Clearing (Fc) and 'open branches' to open a trail to the west. Step in and wait, you'll be moved to Meilikki's Vale.

A heart shaped piece of tree bark in a small leather belt pouch can be found on Polomae Two-Blades, the Ranger in Mielikki's Vale. You'll find a pouch on his corpse, inside the pouch is a heart shaped piece of bark that unlocks the stump to the north of Mv. inside is some money and a piece of paper, directing you to look for a seret entrance to the keep on the moat.

If you follow the moat all the way round you'll find yourself trapped at a Sheer Cliff Wall (Sh). It's underwater so you can't recall or read scrolls, shout or gossip. You can be summoned out if you can contact a friend in game somehow... You should stop on the moat before you get to the end in a room that mentions an Iron ring on the wall. Once you open the secret way you'll find yourself in the Rebel's Foothold in the dungeon. You'll find a message to Triss, the mayor's son, on the rebel's corpse. Take it to Triss (in one of the Private Cells) and he'll tell you how to find three keys to the treasure of Ettersia. All the doors in the dungeon can be knocked or opened with the key from the Jailor in the Jailor's Quarters (Jq). There are a lot of spirits in the dungeon that will attack on sight so be careful.

The first key can be found to the northeast of the dungeon and is guarded by a large beast. Kill the beast and 'twist lantern' in the eastern Smoky Cell to open a way south to A Tiny Chamber. Have to pick the lock on the chest to open it and get the keys within. The second key is held by Garelik himself. You can find him in his private chamber below the Audience Chamber (Ac) in the Castle itself.

Once you have the first two keys sit in the second floor of the NW tower and keep looking up. Sonner or later the room above you will change. Go up and unlock the door with the translucent key. 'open trapdoor' to open the way up to get third, rusty key. Then go back to the NW tower and pull the same trick, this time unlocking the trapdoor with the rusty key and going up and waiting. A chest will appear that you can unlock with the key from Garelik and you'll find the treasure of the zone.

All of this and we've yet to mention the rebel stronghold! To get into the stronghold you'll need the small metal rod in the corpse of a small elf in the Bloodstained Trail (Bt). Use 'unlock couch' in the Sitting and 'push couch' to open a way down to the Underground Fotrtress. The centre of the zone is guarded by two Plate of Armor in A Split in the Tunnel (Sp). Once killed you can move, one at a time, into the Conference Room where the three rebel leaders are planning their attack. In the Conference Room use 'twist dagger' to unlock the way west to a secret chamber. Reading the journal will give you more clues to the zone.

Some final notes: Above Yocum's Abode is Yocum's Bedroom where Yocum, the Mayor of Ettersia has been imprisoned. You can knock the door to the SMithy and Amory in the Castle - there is no key for it in the zone. Azul the Elven Thief roams, hidden on the forest trail north of the town. He will steal money from you so keep alert.

Finally a second trap. If you go down into the cellar of the burning Farmhouse (Bf) you will find yourself Buried Alive. You can't escape with spells, nor is there an exit. Like the Sheer Cliff Wall you'll need to be able to tell a friend outside of the game to log in and summon you out!

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 4s2wn4w4n2w3s8wswnwn3wn2ws2ws3w3nw5n2wn7w2nwsws3wnd n2e2n3w2n7w3sw2sw2s4wn3e.

  Map of Ettersia

Down to the Underground Fortress
              De    Ey-It                               
              |     |                              
              Ft       Meilikki's vale                             
              |        ^                           
        Nw-Bs-No-Dt-Ne If<Fc-Fe Bf                      
        |     |     |     |  |  |v                 
        Tc Ba Nm    Rr    Nr Fi-Bb-Fl                 
        |  |  |     |     |        |               
        We-Wm-Ec-Em-Ee-Ot-If       Ed                                
        |   ^ |  |  |     |        |               
        Ca Ya-Sm Et Rc    Fd Ex-Of-Pf-Bm                               
        |     |     |     |  |  |     |              
        Sw-Ro-Ts-Ra-Se    Fc-Ef In Mp-Mp                        
              |                    |  |            
              Tl    Sc          Fa |  Sl              
              |     |           |  |               
              Fo-Ft Om   Castle+Cd-Em                 
                 |  |           |                 
              Rt-Br Om-Dungeon  Om                       
              |     |           |                  
Sea of Swords-Md    Om-Om-Om-Om-Om
Undergound Fortress
        Ki    Cr    Gb                                
        |     |     |                             
     Mh-Tf    Ti    As-Bk                                
        |     |     |                             
        |      ^    |                              
        |  Tt-Eu-Sg St                                   
        |  |     |  |                              
        Ai Nt    Tu | 
        |  |     |  |                                
        Hi-Ch    Tb-Hi                                
Mielikki's Vale
                Ll->back to Ettersia                                  
The castle
             +                 /                   
           To                To                     
          /                 /                      
        Tw                Tw                        
       /                 /                           
     Bt-At Cz    Mh At-Bt                                
        |  |     |  |                             
     Ac Sn-Sn-Sn Nh-Sn                                 
    /|  |  |  |  |                                
  Gp Re Sn La Sn Ha-Cl Gh                           
     |  |     |  |     |                          
     Eo-Sn-Fy Ha-Co-Co-Co-back to Ettersia
                 |     |
  Sn-Sn-Am-Sm    |  Sa Gh                    
  |     |        |  +                             
  Ap Sq-Am----Es-Ha-Sy                            
 +|     |     |     |    +                           
  Bt    Sq    Oq    Ap-Bt     
The dungeons
               |        |                           
To the Moat-Rf+Ag-Du    Tn                                        
            Cc    Du                                 
            +     |                                 
            |     +       
            Ag+Cc Ep
         Pc+Ag-Du-Du Up to the castle
            +     | /
            Jq    Ed                   

  Key to the Map of Ettersia

Ac- The Audience Chamber Ag- Among the Cells
Ai- Approaching an Intersection Am- Amoung the Servants' Quarters
Ap- Approaching the Tower Ar- Amidst the Ruins
As- Another Split in the Tunnel At- Approaching the Tower
Ba- The Bloody Axe Bb- Before the Burning House
Bf- A Burning Farmhouse Bk- The Barracks
Bt- The Bloodstained Trail Bm- Base of a Mountain Path
Br- A Bend in the Road Bs- The Backstreets of Ettersia
Bt- Base of the Tower Ca- Continuing Around Town
Cc- A Cramped Cell Cd- The Castle Drawbridge
Ch- A Change Ahead Cl- A Small Chapel
Co- A Large Courtyard Cr- Conference Room
Ct- A Choice of Three Cu- The Curving Trail
Cz- A Cozy Library De- Dead End
Dh- Deep in Hiding Dt- Devestation in the Town
Du- The Dungeon Hallway Ec- Ettersian Commons
Ed- The Edge of the Countryside Ee- The Eastern Edge of Town
Ef- The Ettersian Fields Em- East of the Marketplace
En- End of a Mountain Path Eo- End of a Stone Corridor
Ep- An Empty Cell Er- The Edge of the Ruins
Es- Entrance to the Servants' Quarters Et- The Ettersian Temple
Eu- Entrance to Underground Fortress Ex- The Expanding Fields
Ey- Entranceway of the Tower Ruins Fa- The Falls
Fc- the Forest Clears Fd- Further Down the Trail
Fe- The Fields of Ettersia Fi- The Fields
Fl- The Fields Continue Fo- The Forest Thins Out
Ft- The Forest Trail Fy- A Filthy Chamber
Gb- Garelik's Private Chamber Gb- the Game Begins
Gh- A Guardhouse Gs- Garelik's Sleeping Chamber
Ha- Hallway Into the Keep Hi- the Hideout
If- Into the Forest In- Inside the Farmhouse
Is- An Intersection It- Inside the Tower Ruins
Jq- The Jailer's Quarters Ki- The Kitchen
La- The Laboratory Ll- A Field of Lilies
Md- Merchant Docks Mh- The Mess Hall
Mp- A Mountain Path Mv- Mielikki's Vale
Ne- Northeast Corner of Town Nh- A Noisy Hallway
Nm- North of the Marketplace No- Norther Edge of Town
Nr- the Northern Trail Nt- A Natural Tunnel
Nw- Northwest Corner of Town Of- Outside a Farmhouse
Om- On a Moat Oq- The Overseer's Quarters
Ot- The Outskirts of Town Pa- A Pillar Among Stones
Pc- A Private Cell Pf- the Path Forks
Ra- The Road Around Town Rc- The Road Continues
Re- The Reception Area Rf- The Rebels' Foothold
Rg- Ruined Grand Hall Ro- The Road Outside of Town
Rr- The Road Continues Aronud Town Rt- The Road Turns
Sa- Teh Smithy and Armory Sc- The Sloping Ceiling
Se- Southeast Corner of Ettersia Sg- the Strange Tunnel
Sh- A Sheer Cliff Wall Sk- Smokey Cell
Sl- The Shore of Lake Faeglyn Sm- South of the Marketplace
Sn- A Stone Corridor Sp- A Split in the Tunnel
Sq- Servants' Quarters Sr- Sitting Room
St- The Sloping Trail Sw- The Southwest Corner of Town
Sy- A Stone Hallway Ta- The Trail Around the Ruins
Tb- The Tunnel Bends Tc- The Trek Continues
Tf- The Tunnel Forks Tg- The Tower Grounds
Th- The Thick Underbrush Ti- A Tight Squeeze
Tl- Town Limits Tn- A Tiny Chamber
To- Tower Third Floor Tp- Top of the Tower
Ts- Ettersian Town Square Tt- The Tunnel Turns
Tu- The Tunnel Continues Tw- Tower Second Floor
We- The Western Edge of Town Wm- West of the Marketplace
Wp- The Winding Path Ya- Yocum's Abode

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