Anauroch, The Great Desert

Well, I guess the first thing to do is tell you about the death trap on this map. Avoid the Desert Oasis (DO) north of Approaching an Oasis (Ao). You go there and get swallowed by a sand worm! Apart from that one more general warning: This area is tough. You can run into demons that'll do you upwards of 200 hp damage when you're Extremely Well Armored so be a little careful.

North from the Chasm (Ch) takes you to the Cell of the Chasm (Wc). East and west just bring you back to the same room. West from the Shoal of Thirst (So) to '*' just leaves you in the same room, as does going west from the View of a Pyramid (VP) to '*'. East from the Long Route acutally takes you to the Caravan Route (Cr) west of The Throat (Tt). West of the Desert's Edge (De) takes you to the Long Route (Lr). East and west from Lost on the Desert (Ld) just takes you to other lost in the Desert rooms. There're only a few of them and you almost always end up back at this one.

To get to Daggerdale you need to pass Over the Chasm (Oc) and you need to be flying to do that and, finally, you obviously need to be flying, swimming or have a boat to go onto the Ishtar River.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 4s2wn4w4n2w3s8wsw. You must be flying to use this route.

  Map of the Anauroch Desert

                 |  |            |  |     |                     
                 Wo-Op-The Great Eg-Rp    Se                  
                 |  |   Pyramid     |                      
                 Pc-Su              Hm-Sn-Gp-Gp                        
                    |                  |     |                  
                    Rg                 Rc    Sc                    
                    |                  |                       
                    Is              Vd-Bp-Ct                           
                        |  |  |  |
                      *-Vp |  |  |
                        |  |  |  |
                  Ef    Rh |  |  |              No-Lost Glories of Montserrat 
                  |     |  |  |  |              |
      The Marshes-Vu-Ol-Bo-Ov-Sp-Cr-------Tt-Os-Ed
                     |  |  |  |  |        |   v |
                     Jh |  |  Sf Az       |  Lr<De
                     |  |  |  |           |
     Sandstorm Tower-+--+--Lp Sf          Lr>Cr
                     |  |  |  |           |
                     Sk-Yl-El-Wc          |  Ij                    Daggerdale
                     |  |     |           |  |                          |
                     |  |     Hs-Gs-Gs-Cw-We-Ma-Tm-Sa-Border Forest     Oc
                     |  |     |     |     |     |                       |v
                     |  |     So-*  |     |     |                       |
                     |  |     |     |     |     |                       |
                     Mt-Ww-Al-So-Ch>Wc    Be    Bl    Sh Nv Lo Nc       Ed
                     |  |     |     |     |     |     |  |  |  |        |
                    Orofin----St-Rj-Rj    Em    Ta-Lv-Ss-Tw-Ev-Rf-En-Lm-Tp
                              |     |     |     |        |  |
                              Ha    Es----Bw    |        Sv Th
                              |           |     |              
                              Fc          Et----Ca    Fa-Og   
                              |           |           |  |  
                   The Storm Horns     Ar-An       Wg-Or-Or-Port Mir
                                       |  |           |      
                                       Dc Ws-Or-Or-Or-Or      
                                       |   |          |      
                                       Rh  Ishtar River
                                The Storm Horns

  Key to the map of the Anauroch Desert

Al- Alagh's Pass An- Anauroch, the Great Desert
Ar- Ancient Road Az- Azirrhat
Bc- Box Canyon Be- Base of El Rahalat
Bl- East of the Bowl of Loneliness Bo- Bhaerlith Oasis
Bp- Barren Plateau Br- South of a bridge
Bw- The Bitter Wells Ca- Cataract
Ch- The Chasm Cr- Caravan Route
Ct- Crevice in the Tor Cw- Colored Waters
Dc- Three Dead Camels De- Desert's Edge
Ds- A Dry Stream Bed Ea- Eastern Desert
Ed- Edge of a Chasm Ef- Edge of the Frozen Sea
Eg- East of a great Pyramid El- Elah'zad
Em- El Ma'ra En- End of a Valley
Es- East of the Scimitar Spires Et- East of Tel Badir
Eu- Edge of the Dune Sea Ev- Eastern Valley ROad
Ew- Endless Wastes Fa- Field of Artichokes
Gp- Goat Pasture Gs- The Gap of Skulls
Hm- High Mesa Hs- the Hills of Scent
Ij- Inn of the Jewelled Hilt Is- Inside a Small Pyramid
Jh- Jackal Hills Lm- Low Mountain Pass
Lo- Large Open House Lp- Long Path
Lv- Lost Vale Ma- Market of Addas Babar
Mt- Ma'atar Nc- Narrow Canyon
Ne- Northern Edge of a Chasm Ng- North of a Great Pyramid
No- Northeastern Desert Nv- Northern Valley
Oc- Over the Chasm Og- Olive Grove
Ol- Olomaa Op- Outside the Great Pyramid
Or- On a Road Os- On the Surface
Pa- Path Along a Steep Slope Pc- Path Cut into the Cliff
Rc- Rocky Cut Rf- Road Through Forest
Rg- Rocky Ground Rh- Rocky Hills
Rj- The Road of Jackals Ro- Rocky Slope
Rp- Rising Plateau Sa- Sandy Path in the Border Forest
Sb- Switch Back Trail Sc- Seared Cave
Se- Steep Stream Bed Sf- Shifting Sands
Sg- South of a Gorge Sh- Large Stone House
Sk- Skulls in the Sand Sn- Standing Stones
So- Shoal of Thirst Sp- South of the Plain of Standing Stones
Ss- Small Settlement St- Souith of the Shoal of Thirst
Su- South of a Great Pyramid Sv- Southern Valley
Ta- Trail Along the Desert's Edge Th- Tall House
Tm- Trail's Merge Tp- Twisting Path
Tt- The Throat Tw- Town Well
Uc- under the CLiff Vd- View of the Dune Sea
Vp- View of a Pyramid Vu- Vuerthyl
Wc- The Well of the Chasm We- West Edge of Addad Babar
Wg- Walled Goat Pasture Wo- West of a Great Pyramid
Wr- The Well of the Cloven Rock Ws- Water Stop
Ww- West of the Wall of Djinn Yl- Yliyl

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