Below Kyrkwell Mansion

This is a straighforward area apart from a few things. The better cess pit is quite deep, I haven't put all the rooms on the map because I didn't want to use up too much space. At the borrom is an empty room. You have to be a little careful in the Meditation Room (Me) because it can change, If you wait it will change back to normal. Another alternative is to transverse it as fast as possible.

  Map of Under the Mansion

Directly under the mansion
Down to the cave   Down to the cess pit

            \     / 
             |  |  |
                   Dh Dh-Me-Hh
                   |  |     |
                Ol-Ma-Wa    Hh-Ro
                Mr-Ga-Mr          Up to the ground floor (Ms)
                   |  |          /
                Mr-Mr-Mr    Dt-Wc
                   |        |
                   Ph       Dt-Dt Sr
                   |           |  |
                Gr-Ph-Cr-Da-Et-Dt Oh Sr
                   |              |  |
                   Ph Lc          Ch Th    Up to a hole in the ground
                   |  |          /   |    /
                   |  |        |     |
                   Cc Tc       Wh    Th
                               |     |
                               Ho    Vr
The cave

         Up to Over the Deep Pit (Op)

The Better Cess Pit

         Up to By the Steps (Bs)

A Hole in the Ground

         Up to the ground floor (Bp)

         Down to the Vine Covered Room (Vr)

  Key to the map of Under the Mansion

Ba- Behind The Altar Be- Better Cess Pit
Bp- Bone Piles Br- Burning Room
Bs- By The Steps Cc- Cramped Cell
Ch- Cool Hallway Cr- Changing Room
Da- Dirty Hallway Dh- Decorated Hallway
Dm- Demon Lair Dr- High Domed Roof
Dt- Dirty Tunnel Et- End Of Dirt Tunnel
Fr- Freezing Hallway Ga- At The Gold Altar
Gr- Guard Room Hg- Hole In The Ground
Hh- Humming Hallway Ho- Hot Hallway
Lc- Little Cell Lh- Long Hallway
Me- Meditation Room Mi- Misty Intersection
Mr- Meeting Room Oh- Cold Hallway
Ol- Occult library Op- Over The Deep Pit
Ph- Purple Hallway Ps- Prison Section
Rh- Raw Hallway Ro- Room Of The High Preist
Sc- Smelly Cave Sm- Small Cell
Sr- Sidways Room St- Stalactite Case
Tc- Tiny Cell Th- Triangular Hallway
Ur- Upside Down Room Vr- Vine Covered Room
Wa- Wardrobe Wc- Wine Cellar
Wh- Warm Hallway

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